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20 Most Modern Desk Chairs for 2021 Trend

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Sep 29, 2021

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A modern desk chair is ergonomically designed to support your spinal column and provide comfort. You can find a contemporary desk chair that suits your height and weight from many online retailers. There is something for everyone so consider your needs when investing in one. 

The pandemic has changed the world allowing more workers to operate from home or via the hybrid office model. These days we spend more time at our desks than ever before. There are many seats on the market, and if you are looking to buy an ergonomic chair, you might find the one for you in this article. 

Spending up to 60% of your life in the office takes a toll on your back and neck, so it is vital to have a comfortable seating arrangement when working long periods. Choosing an ergonomic model can seriously improve your well-being, whether you want a chair with wheels or just a traditional office chair

There have been many studies done that prove the benefit of an ergonomic chair. So why not treat yourself to comfort? 

If you have a workspace and are looking for a modern computer chair, you have come to the right place. We have listed some of the best modern home office chairs for your viewing pleasure.

Top 20 Most Modern Desk Chairs for 2021

1. Autonomous ErgoChair Core

Autonomous ErgoChair Core

It's a modern entry-level office chair that is ideal for someone with back or neck pain. The lumbar support is adjustable, allowing you to have complete control while you sit for long periods working on essential projects. 

It has a backrest made from mesh and is highly breathable to keep you cool on those humid days. It can support up to 250lbs on its comfy foam seat that molds to your bum. Armrests are also adjustable, and there is even a leg rest option. 

When you purchase the ErgoChair Core, you are going to receive a one-year warranty and a lifetime of lumbar support. 

2. Autonomous ErgoChair Pro

Autonomous ErgoChair Pro

Here is another advanced modern desk chair that features a smooth recline with five lockable positions. The armrests, headrest, backrest are all adjustable. It has a fantastic seat tilt feature to provide you with further comfort and support. 

As with other products from the company, the ErgoChair Pro is made from earth-friendly materials. It supports up to 300 lbs, so it is perfect for more significantly sized adults. 

You are going to be hard-pressed to find flexible lumbar support like this anywhere on the market.

3. Autonomous ErgoChair Pro+

Autonomous ErgoChair Pro+

The epitome of excellence is the ErgoChair Pro+. It is built to last, and it's one of the best ergonomic chairs on the market. Being one of Autonomous most dynamic chairs, it is inspired by movement and adapts to how you move. 

Furthermore, the frameless design is earth-friendly and can support up to 300lbs. There is an impressive five-year warranty, but this chair is going to last you for years because of its durable design. 

It goes hand in hand with a standing desk because it has gas height adjustment and can rise higher than most modern desk chair models on the market. Purchase this ergonomic chair to add to your modern office and enjoy its breathable, comfortable seat. 

4. Autonomous AvoChair

Autonomous AvoChair

If you are environmentally conscious, this could be the perfect eco-friendly office chair for you. The AvoChair from Autonomous is a simple ergonomic design that is made entirely from recycled materials. 

It's simplistic yet comfortable, and it is easy to move around because of its lightweight. The backrest and seat are made from an elastomeric mesh that is breathable and durable. 

When purchasing this nature-inspired modern desk chair, you are going to receive a two-year warranty. 

5. Gates Executive Leather Chair

It's a chair that makes you feel like a boss. Made from Italian top grain leather, it oozes class with its modern design. The sturdy metal legs can support up to 250 lbs, and the seat hugs your body when you sit back into it.  

Unfortunately, the armrests are not adjustable as this is a seat for a significantly bigger person. Overall it is an excellent modern desk chair seat for someone looking for comfort and style in one package. 

6. Staples Sorina Office Chair

Staples Sorina modern desk chair

Another executive chair with adjustable armrests, the Staples Sorina, is made from supple bonded leather. The seat is exceptionally comfortable, and it has a high backrest that follows the natural curve of your spine. 

A little pricey, this chair does break the bank, but if you have the cash to splurge, why not treat yourself? 

7. Sihoo Mesh Back Office Chair

The Sihoo mesh back office chair is perfect for someone who is on a budget looking for a robust and sturdy seat. Its design has considered ergonomics and offers excellent lumbar support. 

Its standard gas height adjustment system comes with this modern office chair from Sihoo. There are pivoting armrests, which makes it easy to store it under a desk. Thus, if you are strapped for cash and considering a good ergonomic chair, have a look at this modern desk chair. 

8. Berman Mesh Back Chair

Berman Mesh Back modern desk chair

Here is another modern home office chair. With a fair amount of ergonomics and a comfortable backrest for shorter people, the Berman mesh back chair is another one that won't break the bank. The base is made of plastic with solid wheels that glide smoothly over any floor surface. 

You can't expect much from a chair at this rock bottom price. Its seat cushion is soft and contains foam which wears away pretty quickly. Besides a few small things, this is still a good seat for someone looking to get a modern office chair. 

9. Dumont Reclining Office Chair

It's a fantastic reclining chair with a lockable tilt feature. The Dumont reclining chair includes a footrest for when you want to take a power nap at the office. 

A pneumatic system takes care of all your height adjustment requirements, and it operates smoothly. The seat and cushion are made from high-quality materials that make you feel fancy. 

Extremely high priced, this modern office chair is suited for individuals looking to spoil themselves. 

10. Secret Lab Titan Gaming Chair

Secret Lab Titan Gaming modern desk chair

Even though this is a gaming chair, its style can fit a modern office design. It is made from a robust and durable material that is super comfortable. This contemporary desk chair has some great features, such as adjustable armrests, height, and a recline feature. 

Quality like this doesn't need to cost a lot. That is why the Secret Lab Titan has gained so much popularity. The chair comes in three additions to suit people of all sizes, with the XL model supporting up to 250 lbs.  

If you are a gamer and spend a lot of time at your desk, this office chair for long hours would suit you. 

11. Sidi T50 High Back Chair

Made predominantly from plastic, we found this contemporary desk chair to be exceptionally well designed. The South Korean chair stands out for a couple of reasons. One of these reasons is its unique forward titling ability and highly breathable washable seat. 

The waterfall backrest provides excellent mid-back support and helps to keep circulation in the thighs. Overall, you get a modern desk chair at a fantastic price that gives you superior support and comfort. 

12. Hon Task Chair

Hon modern desk chair

Some of the best ergonomic chairs are in the armless category. The Hon contemporary desk chair features a host of ergonomic options, unlike similar armless models.  

It is excellent for someone working in drafting or who uses a standing desk chair in their office. The back support is unmatched, and it has a Syncro tilting function that adapts to your movement and curvature of the spine. 

A little higher in price than other models, this modern desk chair is worth every penny. 

13. Chairman Drafting Chair

The ultimate chair for a draftsman has a ton of features that help make it extremely ergonomic. It has forward-leaning seating that lets you take short breaks from standing while remaining upright. 

Additionally, the armrests are adjustable, and height is managed pneumatically, which also provides excellent stability. Purchase this modern desk chair to complement the standing desk in your office.

14. Pantoon S-Style Chair

Pantoon S-Style Chair

An eye-catching bright red chair that helps you sit straight up due to its ergonomic shape. It does come in different colors, so if red isn't your favorite, you can choose from white, black, or blue. This is one of the most modern home office chairs.

These chairs fit well in a modern office with multiple staff members. Unfortunately, you won't find any adjustability options because it is an ABC-constructed piece of office equipment. 

Either way, its unique design, and fancy look can fit into an array of office spaces. 

15. Hermon Miller Aeron

A high-priced piece of ergonomic furniture that is the perfect office chair when sitting for long hours. The Herman Miller Aeron has an advanced mesh seat with various pressure zones that support your lumbar region. 

It contains Posture Fit technology and includes a backrest that offers continuous spinal support. The frame is sturdy, and it has five wheels that allow you to move around the office. Sitting in this chair feels unique, and you could easily spend many hours working on a substantial project. 

16. Sidi T80 Chair

Sidi T80 Chair

This modern computer chair has a forward tilting fabric seat that helps to support your knees and thighs. Its high back offers superb neck support and has a tilt function to stretch your back. 

The height is easily adjustable via a lever, and the armrests can be moved out of the way if needs be. Overall, it is an excellent addition to any ergonomic workspace

17. Nouhaus Ergo3D

The fantastic three-tiered adjustable backrest is the main selling point for the Nouhaus Ergo3D. This unique design offers adjustability that fits your spinal curvature while still maintaining lumbar region support. 

If you are a person suffering from back pain, this chair is going to provide some relief. Height adjustment is handled pneumatically, and the armrests can be neatly tucked away. The Nouhaus Ergo3D comes with a one-year warranty, but it is bound to last for years. 

Although it's a bit pricey, this chair still makes this list due to the comfort and support it provides. 

18. Oak Hollow Aloria

Oak Hollow Aloria

The Oak Hollow Aurora is a lovely modern seat and is the best chair for back pain and neck problems. Its backrest is made out of mesh, making it breathable so that you are kept cool on those hot summer days. 

Furthermore, the seat depth can be adjusted by pulling the lever on the right-hand side of the modern computer chair. You also have the option of various lock and tilt angles so that you stretch back and enjoy the support. 

19. Flow Chair

This chair is made from polyurethane and comes in either a natural, bleached, or brown look that can add style to your workplace. It is a simple, minimalistic chair that can fit into any modern office space.  

It has an excellent swivel feature and an ergonomic shell seat with soft inner upholstery. This chair is perfect for a small modern office or cubicle where space is an issue. 

If you are a smaller individual, you can find comfort and support in this miniature seat. 

20. Serta Valetta Upholster Home Office Chair

Serta Valetta Upholster Home Office Chair

This modern computer chair almost looks like a couch with its upholstered seat and low backrest. It has five wheels that allow you to glide on any surface without damaging it. The chrome-finished base is sturdy, durable, and robust.  

Memory foam is used as the seat, and we can confidently say that it is incredibly comfortable. Height can easily be adjusted underneath the chair, and it can support up to 220 lbs. 

This seat could fit in any home or modern office space due to its neutral brown color. Invest in one if you need lower or mid-back support that doesn't cost an arm and leg. 


As we progress further into the future, so do our offices. It is imperative to stay with the times and modernize your workplace. You are going to be providing satisfaction to your staff and boost their well-being. 

Each modern desk chair is an excellent choice if you suffer from lower, middle, and top back pain. The support they provide is unmatched, and you can rid yourself of ergonomic injury while at the workplace. 

Go confidently forward as you work on meaningful projects while comfortably sitting in one of these modern office chairs.

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