20 of the Best Christmas and New Year Office Desk Deals
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20 of the Best Christmas and New Year Office Desk Deals

Autonomous|Nov 26, 2020

Sitting for an extended length of time is bad for your health. As a remote worker, you should consider a holiday standing desk sale. Standing desks allow you to schedule intervals between sitting down and standing up straight while you work. Is your holiday shopping list full? The good thing is that even if you can’t take advantage of a Christmas office desk deal, you can still find a New Year office desk deal right afterward. 

The holidays are a great time to find affordable rates, especially with ergonomic furniture. Before you do, consider what health benefits you receive once you incorporate standing desks in your work routine. Your overall health is important to your work productivity.

Benefits of Standing Desks

Consider the health benefits of a standing desk before you buy them. Sitting in a chair all day increases the risk of weight gain since you aren’t burning calories. It can also result in a loss of energy, which makes you lose concentration on your projects. Standing desks prevent you from sitting all day by scheduling your own standing sessions. Standing is a healthy alternative to exercise, but you can also perform regular workouts with standing desks. You have plenty of room to move around and get comfortable. 

Another benefit of standing desks is setting up your own personal schedules. Using preset memory settings, you can create work routines that fit your schedule. Use these breaks to stand up and perform basic exercises - moving around is a good way to regain oxygen flow throughout your body. The healthier your body is, the more likely you can regain focus on your projects. By reducing body stress, you limit the number of distractions you would get otherwise. 

benefits of standing desk

Christmas Office Desk Deals

Are you looking for the right Christmas office desk deal? Do you want to keep an eye out for a potential New Year office desk deal? No matter which day you choose to buy standing desks, you can use this guide to find 20 of the top choices. Below you can find a holiday office desk sale that works for you, complete with pros and cons. 

1. SmartDesk 2 - Best Office Desk for Christmas

Autonomous offers a good holiday office desk sale with the SmartDesk 2. This classic standing desk provides all the basics of a good ergonomic design. You can personalize your workspace with customizable settings. As an ongoing holiday standing desk sale, you can get a good price cut from Autonomous. 


  Adjustable height settings with memory presets

  Steel frame keeps the desk stable

  Dual-motor system is silent and can lift 300 lbs

  High-quality metal makes it strong and durable

  Desk raises smoothly and resiliently

  Ongoing sales price right now

  Affordable monthly payments with a five-year warranty


  Normally expensive without sales 

Autonomous SmartDesk 2

2. L-Shaped SmartDesk

Another holiday standing desk sale to think about is the L-Shaped SmartDesk. Autonomous gives it a practical design with space in mind. You can put it in the corners of your room thanks to the smooth edges on the sides.


  Practical design with interchangeable pieces

  Sides have smooth edges, which makes assembly easy

  The triple electric motor system gives it strength and resilience

  Steel frame is durable and maintains a good hold

  Can lift to 300 lbs and remains silent

  Four programmable memory sets for convenience

  Affordable monthly payments with a five-year warranty


  It can be expensive

  Assembly takes some time

L-Shaped Smart Desk

3. SmartDesk 4

Autonomous upgrades the SmartDesk 2 with the SmartDesk 4. The main difference is you can use the Autonomous App to control to adjust height settings. It’s much easier to schedule your sitting and standing sessions with a press of the button.


  Adjustable height settings, along with three memory presets

  Schedule your work intervals with the Autonomous App

  Personalized work intervals through your SmartPhone

  A single press of the button makes controls easier

  Upgraded features from the previous SmartDesk

  Strong, durable, and resilient overall

  Affordable monthly payments


  The Autonomous App takes time to learn 

SmartDesk 4

4. Art Desk

The Art Desk is another Autonomous standing desk. Its desktop shape is particularly designed for artists and graphic designers who work long hours on their projects. It offers a smooth modernistic look for your home office. If you are creatively minded, consider the Art Desk for your basic needs as an artist.


  High-quality MDF wood is considerably strong

  Height adjustable with memory presets

  Curved design with plenty of surface area

  Affordable monthly payments

  30-day free trial with a five-year warranty


  Somewhat expensive

Art Desk

5. Double Desk

Do you work with a partner at home? Autonomous offers the Double Desk at your convenience. With the interchangeable parts, you can easily assemble the desks, however, you like.


  Adjustable height settings

  Dual-motor system

  Great surface area for your workspace

  Affordable monthly payments

  30-day free trial with a seven-year warranty


  One of the more expensive options

Double desk

6. SmartDesk Premium

The SmartDesk Premium is another upgraded SmartDesk from Autonomous. It looks particularly good in-home offices, given the corporate design. The dual-motor systems are powerful, and you get better height control overall. Whether you are looking for a Christmas office desk deal or a New Year office desk deal, the SmartDesk Premium is a great choice if you are willing to spend some money.


  Upgrades both strength and durability

  Fully adjustable settings with better height control

  Silent dual-motor system quickly lifts the desk

  Sides of the desk are smooth, with no rough edges

  30-day free trial with a seven-year warranty

  Affordable monthly payments


  Expensive in comparison to standard SmartDesks

SmartDesk Premium

7. DIY Standing Desk Frame

If you like a hands-on approach to creativity, try the DIY Standing Desk Frame from Autonomous. All the materials are made with strength and durability, which gives you a standing desk that lasts a long time. You can also choose your frame designs.


  Easy to assemble

  Desk frame is durable

  Height adjustable settings

  30-day free trial with a five-year warranty

  Affordable monthly payments


  Desktop sold separately

  Require more work to put together

DIY Standing Desk Frame

8. Laminate Standing Desk from Jarvis

Jarvis offers a standing desk with eco-friendly materials. Since it is laminated, this standing desk has longevity. It is also relatively cheap, although it means the materials aren’t as strong as it should be overall.


  Modern design works well in-home offices

  Eco-friendly for green-minded workers

  Inexpensive price range


  No conventional cross support

  Stability issues

  Lack of durability

9. Adjustable Standing Desk by Flexispot

Flexispot uses a whole-piece board for the surface of this standing desk. The lift system is electric with smooth transitions.


  Good surface area to work

  Smooth height adjustments

  Affordable monthly payments


  Product is shipped in two different boxes

  You need a drill for assembly

Adjustable Standing desk by Flexipot

10. Electric Standing Desk by TechOrbits

TechOrbits uses engineered wood with their standing desk but mixes it up with electronic metal frames. You also get a strong tabletop as a result. The quiet motor gives you smooth transitions during height adjustment.


  Power lift system with silent transitions

  High-quality desktop materials

  Lifetime warranty


  Assembly takes time

  Instructions need to be more clear

  Slightly expensive

11. Mobile Standing Desk by AIZ

AIZ uses a rolling cart for this mobile desk. You get two completely different surfaces, which adds more room to your workstation. Among any Christmas standing desk deal, it is one of the cheapest on the market.


  Spacious ergonomic design

  Mobility allows you to move it anywhere

  Considerably cheap


  Joint welding could use more work

  Slightly wobbles

Mobile Standing Desk by AIZ

12. Standing Desk by FEZIBO

FEZIBO Store carries its own height adjustable desk. With a sturdy structure and plenty of space to move around, you get a good ergonomic design. It also offers a contemporary look.


  Quick transitions in height adjustment

  Strong desk frame makes it durable

  10-year desk remediation


  Keyboard tray doesn’t move in or out

  Instructions need better directions

13. Electric Standing Desk by SHW Store

SHW Store uses an electric desk with height adjustable controls. The wooden desktop has a nice furnish while the metal frame is strong. You also get preset memory options for heights.


  Electric lift system

  A high-grade steel frame gives it power

  Preset memory heights


  Desk comes in two pieces

  Slight problems with the seam

Electric Standing Desk by SHW store

14. Height Adjustable Desk by AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics gives you a computer desk, which converts to sitting and standing sessions at a push of a button. The surface area is nice and smooth, while the metal frame offers stability. You can adjust heights with a hand-brake lever.


  No room to freely move your legs around

  Desk ships with full assembly

  Slightly expensive


  Product has a limited life expectancy

  You have to use a level for height adjustment

  Slightly wobbles

15. Electric Standing Desk by MONOMI

MONOMI uses an electric lift system for their standing desks. You can use a digital display handset to control the height settings. The package arrives with all the tools you need for assembly, which makes the process much easier.


  Controls with four programmable memory presets

  Strong and durable materials are built to last

  Inexpensive price range



  Assembly takes time

  Prone to scratches

16. Standing Desk by VIVO

VIVO offers a height-adjustable standing desk for dual monitor usage. You have plenty of surface area for your workstation. The active standing is instantaneous, which makes it convenient for you. You can relieve muscle tension as a result.


  Dual monitor with laptop riser

  Perfect for healthy exercise routines

  Spacious surface area


  Keyboard tray is rounded inside

  Keyboard tray is hard to adjust

  Slight wobbles

17. Electric Standing Desk by UNICOO

UNICOO has a standing desk with an electric lift system. This height-adjustable desk has an LED display controller. You can use memory presets for your preferred height. Assembly works as it is advertised.


  Height adjustable with memory presets

  Construction is solid with a strong base

  Easy assembly with clear instructions


  Prone to damage

  Slight issues with durability

18. Height Adjustable Standing Desk by FITUEYES

FITUEYES offers smooth and easy adjustments with their standing desk. Movement goes straight up and down in a precise manner. As a New Year executive desk sale, it is quite cheap.


  Spacious work area with a sturdy foundation

  Smooth adjustments with easy control and movement

  Considerably affordable for a standing desk

  Fully assembled with everything


  Slight wobbles

19. Mobile Laptop Cart by Seville Classics

Seville Classics has a standing desk just for your laptop. While the surface area is small, it can fit your laptop. It has adjustable height controls, which are easy to use. The steel frame is made from heavy-duty metal to give it durability.


  Heavy-duty frame gives it a sturdy foundation

  Mobile and easy to move around

  One of the cheapest on the market


  Considerably surface area

  Small workstation

  Lacks resilience

Mobile Laptop Cart

20. Adjustable Standing Desk by RAINBEAN

RAINBEAN gives you a solid workstation with their height adjustable standing desk. It comes with a movable tray to provide you with extra space for your keyboard. The ergonomic design is a main priority with the desk. Uniquely among standing desks, it offers ventilation holes within the desk for temperature regulation.


  Heat dissipation

  Performs multiple functions as a desk

  Considerably cheap


  Small surface area

  Quality is relatively cheap

  Slightly unstable

Adjustable Standing Desk by RAINBEAN


Whether you want a Christmas office desk deal or a New Year office desk deal, you have plenty of options to choose from with these 20 desks. You should take advantage of these limited-time offers for a good deal on standing desks. As a remote worker, long hours can lead to uncomfortable sitting positions. Avoid building up stress in your body with a standing desk that allows you to take break intervals. Sitting and standing goes a long way to staying healthy with Autonomous Christmas Sale 2020  right away.

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