20 Small Prefab Cabins That Can Be Shipped to Your Door
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20 Small Prefab Cabins That Can Be Shipped to Your Door

Autonomous|Oct 2, 2022

Prefab houses are distinctive not only in their appearance but also in the atmosphere they portray. When you want to get away from the bustle of daily life, they might be the ideal escape because they are cozy, welcoming, and calming. 

Sure, looking for a home can be fun, but if you don't know where to begin, it can quickly wear you out. There is no denying that purchasing a home is a big economic decision, and you cannot afford to make a mistake. 

To have your own home office pod, you don't necessarily need a lot of space. As for individuals who prefer to experience nature on a smaller scale or add a prefab ADU to their current property, small prefab cabins are perfect. In order to build a small cabin complex, these prefabricated little homes could be as simple as a single room or as many as two modular cabins placed close to one another.


Some of the top small prefab cabin kits are listed in this article for your consideration. However, before you start your search, take into account the following.

20 Small Prefab Cabins For Your Consideration

Here are a few of the top small prefabricated cabins available right now. 

1. Autonomous StudioPod

The reputed business Autonomous creates an effective StudioPod for the home office by combining clever design and cutting-edge tech. Installing these small prefabricated cabins in the backyard will provide you with a personal workstation.

Aluminum, tempered glass, and quality woods like walnut and oak are used in the construction of the Autonomous pod. Its materials, which are eco-friendly to an extent of about 80%, let you lessen your carbon footprint. Most of these prefab sheds are made of plywood and recyclable industrial steel. 

2. Koto Abodu Small Prefab Cabin

Koto Abodu Small Prefab Cabin

The Koto Abodu prefab shed represents an attempt to combine the coastal influences of California with the award-winning design of Koto. High-end Scandinavian furniture from Wolf and Fisher & Payket is included in the space's minimalist, timelessly elegant interior design. Other features include landscaping, external docking, and curated furniture. 

You can purchase these small prefab cabin kits for less than $200,000 and have them ready in just two weeks, complete with modern furniture and high-quality appliances. Its glass walls connect the interior and exterior spaces by going all the way up to the ceiling. 

3. Ark-Shelter

Essentially, you can coexist with nature thanks to the Ark-basic Shelter's design and construction. It is transportable since it has no set foundations. There is a living room, a bedroom, and a kitchen. It will be accessible to you in two days. 

You can feel the outdoors from the comfort of your living room thanks to the enormous windows, which, in fact, are the only thing standing between you and nature. 

This cabin is perfect if you care about the environment because it is made to use as little energy as possible, and it has no negative environmental effects. Furthermore, it can generate its own electricity and is built of sustainable wood. 

4. Cabin One

Cabin One small prefab cabin

Homes from Cabin One are delivered pre-assembled and in one piece to your chosen location. Nevertheless, you can modify them to suit your particular preferences. They have a kitchen, a bedroom area, a bathroom, clever storage solutions, and built-in appliances. These small prefabricated cabins are built from sustainable materials. 

You will have undisturbed views of the night sky through the skylight above your comfortable bed in the wide, naturally lit daylight bathroom. 

Also, you have the option to include your own furniture ideas. The small prefab cabin's integration of smart controls to accommodate your own tastes is the cherry on top. 

5. Avrame DUO Series

Avrame DUO has an A-frame design and its striking design offers it a unique visual element that is sure to attract attention. There are four different floor plans to choose from (DUO 57, DUO 75, DUO 100, and DUO 120).

From the time the design is chosen until the last day of building, a model will take four months to build. Your living room, kitchen, and bathroom will be on the first floor, and your bedrooms will be in the loft houses. 

Between a regular house and a tiny house, this tiny prefab cabin can be used as a home office, vacation cabin, small office, granny annex, starter home, or coffee shop. 

6. Nodes Trillium Series

Nodes Trillium Series small prefab cabin

Essentially, the goal of Node is to build eco-friendly homes that will ultimately lead to a better planet. The company is known as a passionate advocate of sustainability, and its small, prefabricated cabins are constructed from non-toxic materials. These cabins also have rainwater collection systems and energy-efficient systems. You can now go off-grid while reducing the social cost of carbon thanks to Node's Trillium Series. 

These cutting-edge, ecologically friendly homes are built to last more than a century and are of the highest quality. You can choose from four different room sizes and modify them to suit your family's needs. 

7. Backcountry Hut Company

One of the top small prefab cabin designers in the industry, Backcountry Hut Company, won the Canadian Architect Award of Excellence in 2016 for its home designs. 

These buildings are made with eco-friendly materials and have a straightforward, effective design. You will value the company's zero waste strategy and its dedication to using resources wisely if you care about environmental conservation. 

8. Monocabin

Monocabin small prefab cabin

It follows a simple design and uses sustainable materials like hemp walls to build a working cabin with the least amount of environmental effect possible, much like the Ark-Shelter. An alternative source of clean energy is solar power. 

Furthermore, the outside of the Monocabin is finished in dazzling white. There are four design options available to you, but they won't be ready for three months. Through the big windows and skylights that connect the internal area to the outside, you can have close encounters with the natural world. 

9. Everywhere Shelter Co. Ayfraym Cabin

The Everywhere Shelter Co. Ayfraym homes are not modular, as are some of the other cabin choices on this list. However, they make up for it by offering a wide range of products with various pricing points. 

Essentially, the 1,943 square foot A-frame cabin is a common feature of the Ayfraym. Two bathrooms, two bedrooms, three sizable walkout decks, vaulted ceilings, and sizable custom windows are some of its features. You can relax in the top loft on a peaceful afternoon while admiring the scenery outside through the lookout windows. 

Furthermore, the Ayfraym plus model adds a second two-car garage in addition to more room upstairs. A couch and a TV can fit upstairs as well. 

10. M.A.DI. Home Flatpack

M.A.DI. Home Flatpack small prefab cabin

Are you looking for a quick modular home installation? After 8 to 15 days on-site, M.A.DI. Home would have quickly installed a luxury modular home for you. 

These homes will fit your vision and price range and they are cozy and flexible. You are free to build a beautiful home wherever you like, whether it be in a metropolis or a rural setting, in the woods or by the sea. 

11. Indigo by Woonpioniers

With the Woonpioniers small prefab cabin, you have more customization options than ever before when building your unique prefab cottage. The prefabricated components have a "moment-fixed" bend, giving floor plan division choices. 

As for further strength, the elements are made of laminated timber beams that have been filled with cellulose. The good news is that, based on your demands, you can create a wide range of design options, from a little studio to a big family house. Numerous finishing options are available for the façade, interior, and roof. 

12. Cabinspacey Cabin One

Cabinspacey Cabin One

One is an exposed-wood offering that aims to give locals a flexible place to unwind and rest. In our fast-paced world, the company's goal of providing those who want it with a static living space is admirable, and with unique features like a premium wooden body, a fully integrated daylight bathroom, a lofted sleeping area, and panoramic windows, it might be challenging to find a more appealing tiny home for the price. 

However, the house has more to offer than just its basic features. Inside, you'll discover a fully functional Spruce kitchen, one-of-a-kind designer furniture, and hidden, modular storage options that will give your tiny house the ideal appearance. 

13. Gohome

The two-story farmhouse-style building has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen/socializing area, so you may host guests in any way you choose. There are many built-in features inside that can be tailored to your personal preferences, such as furnishings, storage spaces, outcrops, wood stoves, and even an exterior awning to cover a deck adorned with wood, so you can spend an afternoon in nature. 

14. Lake Flato Porch House

Lake Flato Porch House

Lake Flato's Porch House offers a unique image that is customized to each individual client's preference because it was constructed with modularity in mind. These modular homes use either an entirely prefabricated structure or individual pre-fabricated pieces that are assembled on-site. This enables them to take on unique characteristics that you might not find in other prefab dwellings. 

It also features a variety of custom-designed rooms and dog runs formulated to deal with site restrictions and conditions. Throughout the year, efficiency is maintained by using sustainable materials and textiles, which also encourages a thoughtful attitude toward conventional building techniques. 

15. Node Eco

Prefabricated Eco houses from NODE were constructed with an emphasis on adaptability, sustainability, and accessibility. Each environmentally conscious home is built with energy-efficient technologies, low-impact foundations, and a distinctive building envelope that has been hailed as one of the most cutting-edge in the sector. 

You can tailor the small prefab cabin to your needs or the needs of your family by choosing from a range of floor plans and sizes, while also easily and naturally understanding pricing. 

Depending on the design you like, you can have access to a variety of covered walks, peaceful sleeping places, roomy living rooms, and warm reading nooks. 

16. Key Studio

Key Studio small prefab cabin

Essentially, for those searching for a low-cost outdoor office pod, the Key Studio is a perfect option. As for a modern office area, the thermo-wood contrasts with the mono pitch roofline, creating a modern effect. 

You can set up your small backyard shed any way you'd like thanks to its selection of windows and doors. The Key Studio has the same build quality, insulation, strength, and rigidity you'd anticipate from more elaborate designs. 

17. Evolve Garden Pod

Essentially, the Evolve is a little more expensive, but it is still a cheap garden pod. This garden pod stands out from the crowd due to its classic proportions and powerful, simple lines. 

Furthermore, the Evolve garden pod is everything but modest with painted vertical paneling that is available in 16 different colors and a front overhanging canopy. It is one of our most well-liked modern garden sheds, and it will be the newest member of the SMART family. 

18. Belle Garden Pod

The Belle is effortlessly stylish and provides one of the widest choices for garden pod customization. This modern line, which is nonetheless affordable, has a certain charm. It's the ideal spot to be creative because it was specifically created to be a calm and welcoming space. 

There are various colors available for the hand-painted exterior paneling. The Midnight Black, 2.1 m x 2.1 m Belle garden pod is one of our favorites. This little studio shed is not only useful, but it also oozes modern charm. 

19. Affinity Small Prefab Cabin

The Affinity is an excellent small modular cabin that is a little more expensive but still affordable given the materials used (larch cladding and a beautiful front porch). This modest garden office can't be hidden because of the striking contrast between the warm oak tones and the black frame. 

20. Ultra Prefab Cabin

In the Ultra garden pod, you'll always feel most productive if you're going for something extraordinary. The spacious black frame and floating cedar panels will catch anyone's eye right away and give the impression of space. 

This Ultra garden pod, despite its diminutive size, is no wimp. It takes the center stage and does so without apology. 


To meet the demand for affordable, adaptable cabins, numerous companies have stepped in and are developing innovative designs, cost-effective building techniques, and high-quality materials. Small prefab cabins are currently offered in a variety of sizes, pricing points, and styles.

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