20 Best Standing Desk Converter Options for 2024 (from Manual to Electric)
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20 Best Standing Desk Converter Options for 2024 (from Manual to Electric)

|Dec 25, 2021

It's very unlikely that you have not yet heard about the standing desk revolution. However, you could be forgiven if the idea of a standing desk converter is foreign to you. Of course, the sitting conversation has been reviewed to the point of exhaustion. 

Most people now know that the traditional action of sitting for hours on end can be incredibly damaging to the human body. One of the problems is that it has given rise to the belief that standing at a desk for the same amount of time is the best way to work. 

Unfortunately, that belief doesn't account for the fact that you are going to have some of the same challenges with consistent standing, based on how the body works. What it needs is movement. 

Therefore, top standing desk manufacturers have decided to focus their efforts on creating adjustable desks. These allow people to engage in sit-stand sessions, where they alternate between sitting and standing positions at regular intervals. 

With this, workers can have the best of both worlds, eliminating some of the chronic pains and strains associated with working in undesirable positions for too long. 

Some people already have a desk that they don't necessarily want to replace. That's very much understandable too. If you have a perfectly good office desk, are you expected to replace it for our monitor standing desk? 

If you fall under this category, you can still get the standing desk height and other benefits with a standing desk converter in the mix. These units offer a very simple thing. You put them atop your office desk and put your screens and peripherals atop them.

You can then enjoy the height of a standing desk. The only problem is that if you get a static one, you put yourself in the same position of having to stand consistently. Therefore, you want to ensure that you're getting your hands on an adjustable standing desk riser. 

So, what choices do you have? Well, here are 20 of the best sit-stand desk converter options that you can choose from.

20 Best Standing Desk Converters in 2022

1. Autonomous Mount-It! Electric Standing Desk Converter

Autonomous Mount-It! standing desk converter

Of course, the best standing desk converter had to be saved for last and comes from none other than Autonomous. Why worry about tabletop space when you can mount your screen atop a glide mechanism?  

The Mount-It Standing Desk Converter features ergonomic comfort, screen tilt, 360-degree rotation, cable management, and even a slot for your tablet or smartphone. If all that isn't enough, then you get a 10-year warranty for any fault not caused by you.

2. VIVO Adjustable Desk Riser

This standing desk converter has a respectably large surface area, complete with an arc-shaped keyboard tray. You can tell that it is ergonomically designed, and it can fit very well into a minimalist desk setup

Within its height range, it doesn't make use of predefined stops, so feel free to adjust it anywhere in between to your liking. The price is reasonable, considering the features that you get when you compare it to other potential options. 

3. Halter ED-258 Standing Desk Converter

Halter ED-258 standing desk converter

Halter takes the next spot on the list, and one of its standout features is the extra deep keyboard tray that it provides. Even a larger laptop could theoretically fit on it. It's another budget option, but one that is large enough to comfortably fit two screens. 

Unfortunately, if you're using heavier office equipment than normal, you may want to consider another option, as this stand-up desk converter is known to buckle under the pressure of heavier loads. For a standard user, however, this sit-stand desk converter model should meet your needs perfectly. 

4. Zinus Molly Smart Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

The Zinus Molly is the next stand-up desk converter on the list, and its price tag is incredibly affordable. Note, however, that it's only suited for those who may have a laptop and one extra screen. 

The real estate here is not the best, and you may even have a hard time fitting a standard-sized keyboard atop the converter with your equipment. Provided that you are the target audience, though, then you should have a great time. 

The unit is white, meaning that it can fit in with just about any kind of office aesthetic that you may have. For the price, the durability factor is impressive. 

5. Flexispot Corner Standing Desk Converter

Flexispot Corner Standing Desk Converter

The ergonomic design featured in previous options is nowhere to be found here, as the keyboard tray is static. Nevertheless, the position selected by the manufacturers should be more than adequate for most persons. 

The real standout area of this standing desk attachment is its sheer size and stability. You have a comfortable level of real estate to work with, and you don't have to worry about an inability to deal with heavier workloads. Of course, the price tag is attractive too. 

6. Mount-It! Corner Standing Desk Converter

Here is yet another stand-up desk converter that allows you to make use of your corner space. It has a trapezoid shape, allowing it to fit into crevices very easily. The price, while not as low as the previous option, remains respectable. 

Unfortunately, it's not the most comfortable design in a seated position, thanks to the size of the gap between the keyboard tray and the tabletop being a little too narrow. Additionally, if your monitor falls under the super heavy side of the spectrum, you may want to look elsewhere. 

7. G-pack Pro Electric Standing Desk Converter

G-pack Pro Electric Standing Desk Converter

This button-operated electric standing desk converter is a great addition to your workspace, especially considering its functionality to price ratio. The surface area is quite large, able to fit two screens comfortably.  

The peripheral tray included underneath also has generous proportions, able to fit smaller and larger keyboards and mice very easily. The lifting mechanism used is incredibly quiet, putting the icing on the cake for what is undoubtedly one of the most convenient choices available. 

8. Leband Electric Standing Desk Converter

While not the lowest price tag featured on this list so far, the Leband Electric Standing Desk converter still comes in at a respectable number. The inclusion of USB and wireless charging options is appreciated, as are the child lock and memory preset features. 

It's a minimalist design, but it happens to not be the strongest on the list. The motor is not the most powerful too, meaning that it takes quite some time for the height adjustments to complete. 

9. TechOrbits Standing Desk Converter

TechOrbits Standing Desk Converter

TechOrbits gives you a 32-inch unit here, which should be able to effectively handle most workloads. To sweeten the pot, the manufacturer decided to include a groove specifically for phone and tablet use. 

The design quality is solid and sturdy, preventing unwanted shaking when you are working. The included tray handles small and full-sized peripherals incredibly well too. 

10. Vivo Ultra-slim Standing Desk Converter

When you see such a slim design, you're tempted to think that you are getting a wobbly and inferior build. However, Vivo managed to go against that trend in a stunning fashion.  

Manual adjustment is required, but the mechanism is so well built that it shouldn't feel like much of a problem. The unit can fit your laptop, a monitor, as well as a keyboard and mouse. You could also get a couple more desk accessories in the mix. but you can't overdo it as you probably could with one of the larger reviewed models. 

11. Flexispot M Series Standing Desk Converter

Flexispot M Series Standing Desk Converter

The Flexispot M Series is another on the list of generously sized standing desk attachment options. Even the keyboard tray is oversized, allowing you to fit peripherals of different sizes atop it very easily. 

The aesthetic is nice and sleek, and it should contribute greatly to a premium feel in your workspace. Raising and lowering the unit is no inconvenience and is built to take place very smoothly. The icing on the cake is the reasonable price tag. 

12. Versadesk Power Pro Plus Standing Desk Converter

Versadesk kicks off the second half of the list with its Power Pro Plus model. You can get it in various sizes and colors, and it boasts a respectable 80-pound lift capacity. It's another electric model, meaning no need to worry about manual adjustment. 

Unfortunately, the lift mechanism is quite noisy and the keyboard tray, while appropriately sized, is a little shaky. 

13. Eureka 46 XL Standing Desk Converter

eureka 46 XL

If the name didn't clue you in, you would be hard-pressed to find a larger standing desk converter than this one from Eureka. It is a 46-inch model, rivaling full desks! 

You can easily fit multiple monitors and peripherals too. If you have a generously sized laptop, it can sit on the keyboard tray with no problem at all. A Z-lift mechanism is present here, and it's well built to allow for quiet adjustment. 

14. Ergotron WorkFit-S Sit-stand Workstation

The standing desk riser is very attractive and remarkably easy to use. It's easy to put together too, meaning no need to hire professional help. As you'd expect with any riser design, the screen is suspended and moves along a central glide. 

Unfortunately, the keyboard tray falls on the flimsier side of the spectrum, but the unit as a whole is quite sturdy. 

15. Ergotron Workfit TX Standing Desk Converter

Ergotron Workfit TX Standing Desk Converter

Ergotron claims the next position on the list too with its corner design. For a manually adjusted converter, it is quite highly-priced when compared to the others. However, it is stable, the transition is smooth, and it's incredibly spacious too! 

The aesthetic compliments it all and should fit in well with most workspace themes. 

16. iMovR Ziplift+ Sit-stand Converter

iMovR has made a name for itself in this ergonomic standing desk world, so it's no surprise that the manufacturer is doing standing desk converters too. The keyboard tray is ergonomically adjustable, and the unit features a quiet and very smooth lifting mechanism. 

Stability is the order of the day and is adequately maintained, regardless of the height. iMovR even throws in a portable standing mat with each purchase. 

17. Varidesk Pro Plus Electric Standing Desk Converter

Varidesk Pro Plus Electric Standing Desk Converter

Not to be confused with the Versadesk model of the same name, the Varidesk Pro Plus is known for its ergonomic design. Note, however, that you are not going to be able to accommodate multiple screens. 

However, you can compensate for this with day inclusion of an optional monitor arm. The only drawback is the adjustment mechanism, which just falls short of the better options listed here. 

18. Fully Cooper Standing Desk Converter

Fully is not new to the office furniture market, having produced the very well-designed Jarvis Adjustable Standing Desk. This converter features a bamboo design, making for immense stability. 

For such an incredible price tag, it's almost hard to believe what you are getting. Note, however, that this is not a dual-screen design, though you could put a monitor and a laptop side by side. 

19. Rocelo Large Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

Rocelo Large Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

Like the previous option, one of the most surprising things here is the value that you are getting, based on the price. It’s only the second converter on the list to hit the 46-inch surface area size, meaning you have all the space you need for your screens and accessories. 

Though the tremendous size is the real attraction of the converter, sturdy build quality and respectable look also add to the package. 

20. Eureka Electric Standing Desk Converter

There is no other way to describe this standing desk riser than exceptional. This is especially true when you consider the unbelievable price tag. It has an electrically adjustable mechanism that is incredibly smooth and quiet. 

Its surface only accommodates a single monitor, though that screen can be as large as you'd like. The expert design hides the electronics underneath, making for a nice-looking office space. 

Final Remarks

Now, you have a much better idea of how this kind of standing desk attachment works with your traditional office desk to give you some amazing benefits. Additionally, you were provided with 20 great standing desk riser options that should be more than enough as you consider how you are going to achieve an optimal setup for your standing desk.  

Just remember it's essential to consider the amount of equipment that you have, as it can indicate whether you would need a single or dual monitor standing desk setup for the best results, for example. It would be terrible for you to invest in one of these units, only to find that something cannot fit.

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