20 Stylish and Modern Office Chairs: From Casual to Ergonomic
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20 Stylish and Modern Office Chairs: From Casual to Ergonomic

|Feb 25, 2021

After spending uncountable hours working on your office chair, you may be considering that a change wouldn’t be such a bad thing for several reasons. If you are growing weary of your chair’s look or find yourself having some back pains because it’s too uncomfortable, investing in another stylishcontemporary desk chair can have some benefits on your well-being. It would also give your office a needed upscale.

Popular Types of Chairs to Make Your Office Stylish

So, you’re looking for a contemporary desk chair to keep your office as stylish as possible. If you’re having a hard time trying to find the right chair for your preferences, here we have a few trendy office chair types you can take into account to make sure that you’ll decorate your office as you want while keeping yourself comfortable.

1. Armchair

Armchair Contemporary desk chair

Armchairs are probably the most common type of chair you can find. They come in different shapes and sizes, and most of the time, they can be pretty comfortable due to the presence of armrests. You find armchairs designed specifically for certain spaces, such as your living room or a more formal setting. Most office chairs nowadays fall in the armchair category as well.

You will find tons of trendy office chairs with armrests that will allow you to be comfortable as you continue working on your daily responsibilities.

2. Chaise Longue

Chaise Longue Contemporary desk chair

Don’t worry if you mispronounce the name of this contemporary office chair. It’s nothing more but a “long chair,” as it is the direct translation of the term from French to English. Most people call this chair “Chaise Lounge.”

As the mispronounced term says, these chairs are not suitable for a desk and are meant to be a place used for lounging.

These chairs have long seats where people can put their feet up as if they were laying.  This way, you can relax for a while or take a nap. Most individuals place these chairs in the bedroom, but you can also place them in the living room area.

3. Slipper Chair

Slipper chairs were trendy women’s office chairs in the 19th century as they allowed them to put on and take off their shoes and other accessories easily. Its creation is often attributed to John Henry Belter, but Charles Eames "expanded" his line of work.

Slipper chairs often have a Rococo style, which was the trendy art movement during that era.

4. Fighting Chair

Fighting Chair Contemporary desk chair

The “fighting chair” term is more of a metaphor, as they were designed for anglers that try to catch large fish. However, times have changed, and now they can be excellent contemporary desk chairs. They often come with interesting designs, so you're left with more options to decorate your home office.

5. Eames Lounge Chair

Another contemporary home office chair that you can use to bring in more comfort is the Eames Lounge chair. It has been highly popular since it was first seen in 1956. It has curves and leather cushions that make it exceptionally comfortable.

Many stylish office chairs try to mimic the appearance of this chair type, and the results are exceptional.

6. Fiddleback Chair

Fiddleback Chair Contemporary desk chair

Fiddleback chairs are made of wood. The seatback has carvings, similar to fiddles (hence, the name). They were really popular during the first decade of the year 1800. These chairs can be a bit uncomfortable to place at a desk, so it's hard to recommend them as contemporary computer chairs.

Fiddleback chairs are more suitable for dining tables or similar spaces. There are better options that will make sure that you’ll feel comfortable throughout the day.

7. Egg Chair

Egg chairs can be excellent as minimalist office chairs. They were first introduced to the world in 1958 by Arne Jacobsen. They have a curvy design and are completely fabric upholstered. You probably have seen them in hotels.

However, these chairs are also excellent as modern desk chairs due to their construction. In addition, their beautiful appearance can make your workstation look more stylish.

8. Panton Chair

Panton Chair Contemporary desk chair

Panton chairs can be a good addition to your workstation, especially if you’re looking for something durable. They’re made of plastic, and their design has proved to be so functional it has remained timeless since their introduction in 1960.

Although a Panton chair can work as a contemporary computer chair, they don’t have the necessary adjustability and cushioned seats that you need if you work for prolonged periods.

9. Tulip Chair

Tulip chairs have that retro style that has remained so popular over the years. They’re similar to egg chairs, but the bottom area and the seat’s design make them resemble a tulip. Although tulip chairs are made of plastic, they’re pretty popular in offices and other business environments.

These chairs have clean designs that work excellently in a minimalistic workstation. So, if that's what you're trying to build, perhaps this chair will be your new best friend.

10. Zig-Zag Chair

Zig-Zag Chair Contemporary desk chair

Zig-Zag chairs were introduced to the market in 1930 thanks to Gerrit Rietveld. Although the design was deemed a "joke" at first, it has remained a classic over the years in certain spaces.

Their design and sturdy construction make them appropriate and stylish for office environments. So, if you’re looking for a contemporary desk chair, adding a zig-zag chair can help you make your room more stylish than it was before.

11. Dining Chair

As their name suggests, dining chairs are meant to be used in dining rooms. There are many shapes, sizes, and designs available. Hence, you can get picky about your selection so you can bring more style to the room while keeping yourself comfortable.

In the past, dining chairs and tables came in the same set. However, now you can find them separately, which means that you can purchase one individually for your home office.

Since dining chairs often have diverse designs, it’s recommendable to choose one that has armrests so you can be comfortable while working at your desk.

12. Drafting Chair

Drafting Contemporary desk chair

Drafting chairs are more appropriate for office environments. So, if you’re looking for a contemporary home office chair, this one can be a good option.

Drafting contemporary desk chairs are tall and contain cushioning throughout the whole surface. Some models include armrests, while in others, this feature is absent. You will find a footrest above the chair's feet.

13. Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic contemporary desk chairs reunite all the features you need to be comfortable throughout your workday. They're adjustable and come with backrests that emphasize the lower back area, allowing you to avoid lower back pain and other ailments. They always include armrests, but other features like footrests and headrests are present in specific models.

What Kind of Office Chair Should You Get?

What Kind of Office Chair

Although there are many things to consider when you’re thinking of the chair you want to get, you should mainly think about what would be best for you and your office. Not everybody has a poor posture while working, so they might favor an office chair that better suits their office’s aesthetic. Other people may prefer to buy an ergonomic chair to rid themselves of their back pains by improving their natural posture. Regardless, one thing that everybody wants is a comfortable and good-looking office chair for their workspace.

For that reason, we made a list of 20 stylish and contemporary computer chairs that can go well with many different office styles and aesthetics. The list includes several of the best budget office chairs and many designs that span from casual-looking chairs to functionally ergonomic chairs:

1. Autonomous ErgoChair Pro

Autonomous ErgoChair 2

The ErgoChair Pro is a contemporary home office chair that looks good wherever you place it and comes with an ergonomic design full of features that can adjust to your measurements. This modern desk chair can support your shoulders, arms, spine, and even your neck, as it’s built to provide as much comfort as possible. Every feature included in it is fully adjustable, such as the flexible lumbar support system, armrests, seat height, backrest, and headrest. The ErgoChair Pro is perfect for you if you need an office chair that fits any office style with the added benefit of improving your productivity and posture.

2. Autonomous ErgoChair Plus

Autonomous Kinn Chair

The ErgoChair Plus has a sleek modern design that fits in many contemporary offices. It has outstanding ergonomic features, including a fish-bone design that provides the perfect balance during use and supports your spine. This lumbar support and seat adjustable height encourages better posture and strengthens your core, improving your well-being. It’s an incredibly comfortable modern desk chair that uses TPE materials for the chair’s backrest and seat; the latter incorporates coil springs that even make you feel as if you were on a mattress.

3. Autonomous ErgoChair Recline


This reclining computer chair is both accessible and highly-adjustable while being considerably easy to control. The ErgoChair Recline has two models available: one with an extendable footrest and a tilting headrest, letting you recline and stretch whenever you need it, and one without these features.  Regardless of the model you choose, the chair features a comfortable mesh cradle that gives you the right amount of support. It’s a great ergonomic trendy office chair with a fashionable design that looks great in modern offices and provides you with top-to-toe comfort along with many adjustable features to help you correct your posture.

4. Autonomous AvoChair


This eco-friendly office chair has a design that takes your health into account. Its clean, minimalistic style inspired by nature uses recycled materials whenever possible, and when it’s broken down into components, nearly all of them are entirely recyclable. With an ergonomic design and an airy elastomeric mesh backrest, it provides gentle support and comfort for your spine. It lets you lock the adjustable features, such as height arm position, and reclining tension, to your preferences. This trendy office chair has a gentle waterfall front-edge seat style and soft ellipsoid armrests, emphasizing the chair’s curvy design.

5. Autonomous ErgoStool


This ergonomic stool is an excellent product that you can use to promote better circulation and strengthen your core while working at your electric standing desk. You can easily lean on it without worry as it has high traction on many surfaces because it has a weighted base covered in rubber. The ErgoStool is the best contemporary office chair you can get for standing desks if you want to improve your posture and well-being. Its range of motion of 30 degrees allows you to frequently change postures while sitting and lets you stay active and focused on your tasks.

6. Leaman Executive Ergonomic Chair

If you want to accent your workspace with a executive trendy office chair, then this chair is an exceptional choice. It has a steel frame featuring a five-star base in polished chrome color, along with double-wheel rolling casters to let you move from task to task quickly. The Leaman contemporary desk chair waterfall seat and padded backrest use foam-filled filling and faux leather for its upholstery.  It also has a neutral finish that gives it a look that complements any office design, regardless of the color palette.

7. Langley Street Felson Office Task Chair

Langley Street Felson Office Task Chair

The Felson Office Task Chair is built for versatility, multitasking, and motion using bi-cast leather, steel base, and solid wood as materials. This contemporary office chair has a fixed armrest, swivel and center-tilt mechanisms, and adjustable seat height. It’s a stylish and comfortable design that takes adequate attention to detail and has multiple seat colors available, making it the perfect addition to your office.

8. Herman Miller Sayl Chair

This contemporary home office chair has one of the most stylish and ergonomic designs on the market. It uses an innovative Y-Tower armature that’s inspired on the Golden Gate Bridge and has a ventilated elastomer back that permits free air circulation while comfortably cradling you. The Sayl Chair has a four-setting tilt limiter that lets you adjust the tension and range to your preferences. You can customize some aspects of this contemporary desk chair before purchase, including some adjustable features to make it better suit your body type and the frame and upholstery color to adapt it to your office’s design.

9. OFM Leather Executive Chair

This contemporary office chair offers plenty of ergonomic solutions such as lumbar support, four-way adjustable armrests, seat height, and back tilt. It has durable bonded leather that gives it a luxurious look, making your workspace feel rather lavish. With a padded backrest and seat with considerably plush cushioning, this chair offers immense support and comfort. This cushioning extends to the armrests, providing you with better support for your arms and shoulders.

10. Muuto x Iskos-Berlin Swivel Base Upholstered Fiber Armchair

Muuto x Iskos-Berlin Swivel Base Upholstered Fiber Armchair

The Fiber Armchair is an environmentally friendly contemporary desk chair that uses recyclable plastics and wood fibers. It provides extended comfort while occupying little to no room in your office, with a minimalistic design that uses innovative materials. The chair has a massive selection of upholstered materials and several base colors to choose from, allowing it to integrate into nearly every office style.

11. Baldwin Mid-Back Faux Leather Chair

The Baldwin mid-back faux leather chair has an attractive gold finish base and arms and features many ergonomic comforts that many contemporary desk chairs have nowadays. This chair has a built-in lumbar support system, a one-touch pneumatic seat height adjustment, adjustable tilt tension, and locking tilt control. It has various colors available to give a proper regal touch to your office.

12. XUER Ergonomics Office Desk Chair

XUER Ergonomics Office Desk Chair

This contemporary desk chair has many adjustable functions, including a free rotating headrest that supports your neck, adjustable arms covered in PU leather, a height-adjustable seat, lumbar support, and a tilt function with a lock position. The contemporary desk chair has a comfortable seat cushion with a waterfall design and a mesh backrest that keeps you fresh. These features reduce the pressure on your spine and thighs during long work sessions. Unfortunately, the chair only comes in a black design, making it mainly suitable for contemporary office designs.

13. Serta Valetta Home Office Chair

The Valetta Home Office Chair proves that you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics to improve functionality. This height-adjustable, mid-back modern desk chair has a 360° swivel and roller casters for easy movement. Its seat’s memory foam and the armrests with the pocket coils give you a comfortable sitting experience. The chair’s neutral design makes it fit for any home or office use, so if you want to add a soft elegance to your workspace, this chair is a good pick.

14. Modway Edge Office Chair

Modway Edge

This contemporary office chair has an old charm chic with advanced ergonomics that deliver a fantastic seating experience. The chair has a breathable mesh backrest with lumbar support and a padded waterfall seat that’s comfortable and provides reliable support. It also features flip-up armrests, seat tilt and tension controls, and a one-touch height adjustment. The Modway Edge chair is an irresistible stylish choice for your office.

15. Flash Furniture Task Office Chair

The Flash Furniture contemporary desk chair exceeds your comfort and style necessities, with a significant number of mesh colors and frames available and a ventilated mesh backrest that offers vast airflow. Its curved backrest with lumbar support, along with a couple of customizable features, provides you with all the help you need to correct your posture. Among these features, we have fixed but flippable armrests that let you either rest your elbow or create more space for your arms movement, a pneumatic lever to adjust the seat’s height, a tilt lock mechanism, and a tilt tension adjustment knob.

16. Anika Desk Chair

Anika Desk Chair

This curvaceous modern desk chair adds a flair to your workspace, with its durable gold finish metal legs and its button-tufted dotting details on the back of the chair for a tinge of texture to go along with the premium velvet fabric upholstery. It has a durable frame and smooth-rolling casters that can move in all directions and work well on carpets. The Anita desk chair offers exceptional comfort because of its ergonomic shape and high-density foam filling with a solid wood frame, making it a splendid addition to any workspace.

17. Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller Embody chairs are one of the best contemporary computer chairs available, with a design that minimizes the adverse effects of sitting like no other. Its pixelated support conforms perfectly to your movements, distributing weight evenly and reducing the pressure on your backside. The chair’s seat has four distinct layers, each having its properties working together to provide you with the best airflow and comfort as they shape themselves to your form. It’s a great chair that gives health benefits due to its many adjustable features and matches any modern office aesthetic.

18. Steelcase Amia Chair

This stylish contemporary desk chair has a versatile design that fits any work environment, whether it’s your home, a conference room, or a personal workstation. Its LiveLumbar patent technology provides consistent and dynamic support for your back as you work throughout your day with a system of flexors. Among the Amia chair’s other features, there are adjustable parts such as the four-way armrests, seat’s depth and height, and a flexible front seat edge. These features let you create a custom sitting position that’s ideal for you, allowing you to handle long hours of working with more ease.

19. Kar Desk Chair

Kar Desk Chair

This curated contemporary desk chair fits perfectly in many workspaces and home offices, providing them with an air of elegance, especially with its gleaming nailhead trim. The Kar modern desk chair design offers superb comfort because of its ergonomic shape and soft polyester fillings. It also has a durable gold finish five-pronged base and many bright and colorful color palettes, letting you pick the color that best suits your workspace. The chair has a height-adjustable seat that you can tailor to your desk and high-performance caster-wheels that can move in any direction on any carpet.

20. La-Z-Boy Bellamy Office Chair

This contemporary desk chair combines both a traditional style with a contemporary ergonomic performance to provide you with one of the most comfortable and supportive seats for your office. With its soft bonded-leather upholstery and hand-sculpted wood arms, the La-Z-Boy ergonomic chair complements any office décor with its distinguished look. The contemporary desk chair has shaped lumbar cushions that support your back when you shift and memory foam cushions that adapt to your body and keep you comfortable. It has an adjustable height, recline, and tilt settings that you can adequately tailor to your body, along with plenty of wood finishes and available colors to accommodate your workspace in the best way.

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