20 Top Chairs for Tall People (2024 Review & Rating)
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20 Top Chairs for Tall People (2024 Review & Rating)

|Jul 30, 2021

Do you need a chair for a tall person? You might run into some issues when looking for a chair or desk for your office. That is why this review is available for you to check out and help you to make an informed decision. 

Tall people need chairs that support their entire lumbar region. Their extra length makes chairs with a high backrest ideal for taller people. They need support so that they don't suffer from ergonomic injuries. 

Something to note is that studies have been done, and the results show that tall people often benefit from using an ergonomic chair and a standing desk for a tall person.  

It gives them the freedom to move around quickly and has little to no pressure or effect on their back. 

Choosing a chair that is comfortable and meets your ergonomic requirements is essential in alleviating back pain. It gives you the confidence that you won't suffer from any injuries or discomfort. 

Keep reading to find out what high back ergonomic office chair can suit your height.

What is the Best Chair for a Tall Person?

1. Autonomous Chair Recline

ergo core

The first option in the computer chair for a tall person list is coming from Autonomous. This computer ergonomic chair for tall people is modern and sophisticated. It has a minimalistic design but does not have minimal features. 

Autonomous is renowned for creating high-quality office equipment that is ergonomic and safe to use for long periods. 

The design incorporates a mesh high backrest to keep you cool while working for long hours. The soft and comfy seating cushion can support up to 250lb and is snugger than sitting on your couch. 

This desk chair for a tall person is fully reclinable so that you can have a nap when it's necessary. 

By investing in an Autonomous Chair Recline, you are investing in your health and wellness. This chair is rated as one of the best tall office chairs.

2. Autonomous Chair Ergo

ergo pro

Another desk chair for a tall person entry by Autonomous is the Autonomous Chair Ergo, an upgraded and advanced ergonomic chair that is the perfect chair for a tall person. 

It has a futuristic design that suits a standing desk for a tall person wonderfully. If you buy an ergonomic chair like Autonomous Chair Ergo, you can earn multiple adjustment options to find your sweet spot. Its head and backrest are made from mesh material to allow for an extraordinary experience. 

You can feel your spine supported by a backrest that fits your lumbar region perfectly. The headrest offers superior stability to the neck, and you can recline pretty far back, too. 

The Autonomous Chair Ergo offers ultimate adjustability and supports up to 300lb. Order one today and receive a 2-year warranty with this earth-friendly design. 

3. Autonomous Chair Ultra

ergo pro+

The Autonomous Chair Ultra is the one of the top chairs that Autonomous offers. It comes meticulously designed from a factory that cares about manufacturing quality. Each chair that comes out of the factory stands a testament to this.  

Included in this package is a five-year warranty on this fantastic chair designed with earth-friendly materials. 

The chair has a futuristic space-age design that fits well into any office or home space. It's the ideal ergonomic chair for a tall person because of all the lumbar support it provides. 

Adaptive spinal support helps to keep the spine's natural curve and thus to keep the pain away.

4. SONGMICS Ergonomic Office Chair


It is fully adjustable from its headrests, armrest, and lumbar support. The high backrest does easy work of supporting your spinal column. It can be assembled in minutes with the detailed instructions provided. 

The high-quality base has five wheels and can support up to 270lb on its super comfortable seating cushion.  

A breathable mesh back and headrest keep you cool while using this ergonomic chair for tall people. 

5. AMILS Office Chair

The mesh back chair is ergonomic and hugs the whole body with its cockpit-type seating arrangement. Its design is minimalistic and modern and includes smooth lines and a well-shaped headrest. 

Everything on this computer chair for a tall person is adjustable, making it great for tall people who want extra stability for their neck, back, shoulders. 

A great feature of this product is that they offer a three-year assurance warranty on an already incredibly manufactured chair.

6. Mfavor Office Chair


The seat has a w-shape which provides ergonomic support unlike any other. It helps to relieve pressure from the legs when sitting for an extended time. The Assembly is a breeze, and the aluminum alloy frame can be quickly snapped together. 

It is a fully adjusted office chair that has six ergonomic adjustability options. Everything from the headrest to the lumbar support can be altered on this desk chair for a tall person. 

Let us not forget the reclining function that this affordable office chair offers. You can't go wrong with the Mfavor Office Chair. Why don't you choose this office chair for a tall person now!

7. Yaheetech Ergonomic Office Chair


It comes with a flip-up armrest that gives you the option to flip them up and out of the way when you don't need them. The height adjustment system is perfect for taller people that need that extra bit of legroom. 

The chair provides superior lumbar support on its high mesh backrest.  

What is great about this desk chair for a tall person is that it has a rock and recline feature. You can use the tension adjustment to increase and decrease the force you need to recline. 

It can then be locked in place with the tilt lock mechanism. That keeps the chair stable and stops you from falling off.

8. RYANGEL Office Chair

It is an executive office chair that is multi-adjustable and can support up to 280lb. The backrest is similar to the shape of the human spine and helps to provide excellent lumbar support throughout the entire back. 

This durable and reliable chair is perfect for a tall person who needs some extra lower back stability. It’s a perfect choice of an ergonomic chair for tall people for your workstation ever.

9. BASETBL Office Chair


This chair provides all-day comfort on the snug memory latex cushion. It has a durable, breathable back mesh to mold to your spine perfectly. It is an excellent choice as a chair for a tall person.

The ergonomic adjustability of the chair makes it suitable for both adults and children. 

It can support up to 330lb making this one for the heavier people at the office. Five silent wheels can rotate this chair 360 degrees, making maneuverability easy.

10. Hbada Executive Ergonomic Office Chair


The Hbada executive office chair for a tall person has a unique function. It can fold back 135 degrees to have a nap on the chair rather than the desk. 

Supporting up to 300lb, it is a good chair for tall people who need adjustable and reliable lumbar support. Height adjustment done pneumatically, which has been air rod certified by SGS.

11. Herman Miller Aeron - Size C

herman miller

One of the pricier chairs on this office chair for a tall person list is the Aeron Size C. It is a fabulous computer chair for a tall person, and the build quality is excellent. It is also considered as one of the best tall office chairs for office.

It is a well-developed chair with a unique seat design that provides ultimate comfort and satisfaction when seated. 

The height can be adjusted via a gas lever, and the chair can support up to 300lb, making it ideal for taller people.

Overall this chair is excellent for tall people, but the height adjustability might be too high for most users.

12. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Chair


The NOUHAUS is the perfect office chair for a tall person to provide ergonomic support for long periods of sitting. If you want something with excellent build quality, the NOUHAUS fits that criteria. 

It comes in at a reasonable price and has many customizable options, allowing you to experience total comfort. 

The Ergo3D provides lower, middle, and upper back support through the adjustability of its backrest. The armrest is adjustable and can be shifted out of the way so that the chair can fit neatly under your desk. 

13. Steelcase Series 1


Supporting up to 300lb, the Steelcase Series 1 is excellent for a tall person or if you are looking for height adjustability. 

Armrests can be lowered to fit your arm length, and the premium soft cushion seat molds to the shape of your buttocks. It is so comfortable you might not want to get off. 

One unfortunate thing about this seat is that it does not contain a headrest, which most taller people would look for in an office chair. It does provide excellent back and lumbar support for people of all ages.

14. XEUR Office Chair

This office chair for a tall person has an adjustable mesh backrest that is beautifully designed and accommodating in every way. The chair is lightweight but sturdy and can support up to 280lb. 

Its design is for a person tall that needs an office chair that supports their lumbar region. The XEUR does it perfectly and comes in at a great price.

15. Steelcase Gesture


Another ergonomic chair for tall people option is from Steelcase. It was designed with the tall person in mind, and this chair is another one from the Steelcase factory. The Gesture supports up to 280lb and has fantastic height adjustability to suit even the tallest person. 

A great feature of this chair is the extra-wide sides that accommodate people with slightly large hips. The seat is ultra-soft and snug, while your lower and middle back is fully supported by the breathable backrest. 

Although a bit on the pricey side, the Steelcase Gesture is a great ergonomic chair for a tall person. 

16.  Ticova High Back Office Chair


Reasonably priced and modern styling is the order of the day for this ergonomic office chair for tall people. 

The Ticova office chair is adjustable and gives the full support you are looking for in an office seat. Everything from the lower back to the headrest is flexible and leaves you feeling satisfied and stabilized. The chairs from Ticova are considered as one of the best ergonomic chairs for tall people.

This chair is best for people who need extra lumbar support, so keep that in mind when making your decision. 

17.  Bowthy Executive Chair

The big and tall reclining office chair from Bowthy is a masterpiece of comfort. It is almost like a couch on wheels and engulfs the sitter from all angles when seated. 

Height adjustability is the main feature here, and it accommodates users of up to 6.5 feet tall. By supporting up to 400lb, this chair is designed with significantly larger people in mind, and it does its job well. 

The extra soft PU leather exterior makes you feel like a boss and is ultra-comfortable. It lacks adjustability in the headrest and arms, but it makes up for that in its snugness. 

Coming in at a super high price, this chair is not for everything, so make sure that this one's for you.

18.  Komen High Back Office Chair

It is a good office chair for tall people with multiple adjustability options to suit anyone's taste. The Komen chair is one of the best tall office chairs.

It can recline back up until 110 degrees with a lock mechanism to keep things in place. 

The Komen office chair has a high mesh backrest that supports the entire lumbar region and gives tall people the support they need. 

19.  MOOJIRS Ergonomic Chair


It is a good chair for tall people as it can seat a person who is up to 6.2 feet tall and above. 

The seat is uniquely designed and works on a gas cylinder to provide seat cushioning. Height is adjustable pneumatically, and the entire backrest can be adjusted to fit your spine. 

The chair is sturdy and has a solid design, suitable for a contemporary office design, and overall is one of the better chairs for tall people. 

20.  Oak Hollow Aloria

The Oak Hollow Aloria is a simple chair with all the features you need as a tall person. The high-density foam is ultra-comfy, and height adjustment is taken care of pneumatically. 

This chair is perfect for someone over 6 feet tall as it can extend to a great height. 

Add this chair for a tall person to your office so that you find the comfort and stability you are after. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, using an ergonomic chair for a tall person is essential if you want to decrease ergonomic injury in the workplace. 

You deserve to be comfortable in the place where you spend most of your time. There are many options out there, but the Autonomous brand of ergonomic chairs for tall people stands out. 

The build quality and construction of these chairs are scrupulous. You have never sat on a chair quite as comfortable as an Autonomous Chair. 

All the computer chairs for a tall person in the above list have a fair reason to be considered for your needs, so look at each one to decide what is best for you. 

Always consider your height, weight, and adjustability requirements before settling to buy an ergonomic chair.

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