2024 Feng Shui Direction for Living Room: Tips & Rules
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2024 Feng Shui Direction for Living Room: Tips & Rules

|Jan 23, 2022

The New Year will bring about many changes, and the 2022 Feng Shui and the aim to attract positive energy, whether it's our bedroom, living room or home office, is the core of our New Year goals. Since Feng Shui is all about bringing balance and positivity to one's life, there is no doubt that the 2022 Feng Shui color and living room office ideas are now a result of both of these things combined.

From working on the furniture placement, choosing the right comfortable furniture to opt for a layout that invites productivity, Feng Shui is all about bringing change into your entire life. This article will discuss the 2022 Feng Shui direction for the living room and the right Feng Shui colors to add harmony and prosperity to your living room.

Start with the Function

Start with the Function 2022 feng shui

Before you get all 'add into the cart,' make sure to know what you expect of your living room setting. This means that one thing that should be clear is your intent with the workplace. Will you be using it for midnight movie watching, a place for early morning reading, and an area to have a chit chat with your friends, some family mealtime or maybe a combination of all above?

By realizing the aim and expectations of a place, you can choose the furniture accordingly and even buy vintage floor lamps for added peace and comfort.

Clean the Space

To create proper feng shui, it's always a good idea to clear off some space. Because it is one of the most public spaces of the house, it is extremely vital to keep the living room space clear. Smudging, diffusing essential oils, or ringing bells are examples of space clearing procedures. A cleaner space gives rise to more clean thoughts, and you get a positive flow of energy rather than an obstructed one.

Avoid any Obstruction

Avoid any Obstruction 2022 feng shui

To make Feng Shui applicable in all parts of your life, make sure your furniture is organized in a flow without any obstruction. The furniture should be organized to match your theme and the entire vibe you wish to represent with the room. This means if you are going for an all urban style theme, then a wood desktop will go well with Solid couches or plain walls that are no less than class and sophistication.

Furniture Placement

No living room is complete without a sofa, regardless of the space's function—and, as it turns out, sofa placement can have a significant impact. It's best to establish a 'commanding position' in whatever room you're applying 2022 Feng Shui direction to. In simple terms, this means that residents sitting on the living room couch have a clear view of who is entering at all times. Arrange your sofa across from the major doorways that you use to enter and exit the room to incorporate the style into your space.

Choose the Right Furniture

Choose the Right Furniture 2022 feng shui

Besides opting for the right furniture placement, it is also important that you choose the right kind of furniture. This means the furniture that does not obstruct the flow of energy or denies the natural harmony in the room. Sharp angles or cuts are not recommended in Feng Shui because they cut energy hence creating obstacles. Rounded furniture is a good way to create an overall positive energy flow.

Placing your Television

Since your couch placement will determine the television placement, you also need to focus on where you will place the screen for maximum visibility. Modern TVs have the advantage of being slim, making them easy to mount on the walls, hence a more commanding position and a clearer angle.

And if your living room has a fireplace, then, by all means, make it a top choice to create the living room seating around it.

Don't Skip the Ventilation

Don't Skip the Ventilation 2022 feng shui

Fresh air is a drug to freshness and better energy levels. Opening all windows for at least nine minutes is a quick and easy approach to clear your living room. In feng shui, the number nine is the most promising.

This permits any old, stagnant energy to dissipate and make way for freshness. Also, clean the windows while you're at it. Use a non-toxic glass cleaner or vinegar and water to clean your windows.

Balance the Feng Shui Elements

Those who have studied Feng Shui direction in detail know the concept revolves around the five distinct elements. These elements include Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire. Balancing these five elements in any living space is the easiest yet the only way to achieve Feng Shui. Make sure your living room has a touch of all these elements.

Adding a good luck plant is also a great way to bring out the wood element and radiates the mood for various people. Secondly, the earthy material can be brought upon by using standing lights or any other illumination source. For Fire, you can add a touch of red, and some dark blue shades of cushion or wavy patterns can represent Water.

Create Enough Space

Create Enough Space 2022 feng shui

Because the living room is a communal space in the house, the furniture should be carefully chosen. Make sure that everyone in the family has a comfy seat. Every member of the household should be made to feel welcome and accommodated.

It's also a good idea to arrange the furnishings to encourage interaction and conversation. This entails having seats facing each other. If possible, avoid having someone sit with their back to the door when sitting.

2022 Feng Shui

Each year has a Feng Shui forecast, and Chinese Philosophers have discovered the year 2022 to be a year of Water-Tiger. This means that the 2022 year will be requiring bold actions and the chance to be daring and take up the challenges in life. The Year 2022 Feng Shui also represents a person daring enough to leap at things that have been planned for a while now.

What is the Color for 2022?

What is the Color for 2022?

As per the Feng Shui principle, the year 2022 is rich with blue, red, mint green and an imperial shade of yellow. These four colors are derived based on the 2022 feng shui forecast, which states the tiger's primary element.

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