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21 Productivity Hacks for Students in 2024

21 Productivity Hacks for Students in 2024

|Oct 5, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a truly challenging set of circumstances for people all around the world. Almost all of us have had to change the way we work or study to limit the spread of the virus. One of the groups that have been most impacted by the pandemic is students. For now, conventional teaching is impossible or unsafe in many countries, where case levels are too high, and community transmission is still a problem. As a result, many students are now studying at home and receiving tuition online. While not everyone gets the same out of studying at home as they might on campus or at school, it can be a fantastic opportunity to limit your distractions and boost your productivity with productivity hacks, if you make the most of it. 

Some people get easily sidetracked working at home, but there are plenty of ways that you can keep yourself on track. In addition, you have far more freedom and opportunity to optimize and customize your workspace at home. There are also lots of productivity hacks and boosters you can use at home that you can’t at school or at a library, for example. By hacking your productivity while you study at home, you can get more out of your studies than ever before.

But How Exactly Do You Define a Productivity Hack?

You might be wondering what a productivity hack is, and how you can implement them while you work. A good productivity hack definition would be thinking of productivity hacks as strategies or tools that you can use to boost your productivity while you work or study. It might be a studying system or method, a way of planning your home office. Some of the best productivity hacks at work can be scheduling your day based on productivity peaks and taking breaks when you need them.  

How to hack productivity

Another productivity hack definition is a long-term strategy that you can use to increase or maintain your workload while avoiding burnout or excessive stress. This productivity hack definition is important because lots of us tend to neglect our mental health when we work, especially during hectic periods. It’s important that you keep this productivity hack definition in mind because burnout and stress are real problems that you should try to avoid wherever possible. 

What Are Some of the Ways I Can Hack My Productivity?

If you’re wondering how to hack your productivity, there are plenty of great strategies you can use. As mentioned above, some of the best productivity hacks are time management strategies. You can also try using apps to help you keep on top of your workload and plan your day. In addition, you can implement ergonomic technology or furniture to help boost your productivity. Standing desks, for example, have been found to boost productivity and concentration for many people, and are very easy to set up and use at home. 

How to hack your productivity

Technology can either be a help or a hindrance when it comes to studying from home. Video conferencing and meetings have become much more commonplace as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, as people have been forced to stay home to work or study. This can be a great opportunity to work closely with your fellow students without needing to meet up. Video conferencing is really helpful for boosting productivity, both in offices and also for students.  

However, technology can also be a distraction for many of us. One potential disadvantage of studying at home is that it can require more discipline to stay on track and remove distractions. If you get distracted easily by technology, then there are some strategies you can use to limit the impact that technology has on your ability to concentrate. For example, you can turn off your notifications, or try using do not disturb mode. 

Why Should I Use Productivity Hacks at Work or When Studying?

You should always think about how to hack your productivity because it helps you to get the most out of your work without burning out. One productivity hack definition is something that uses the same amount of energy from you to produce a more substantial result. Productivity hacks at work or home can help you to complete your tasks faster than before, giving you more time to yourself and the things you love. 

Some of the best productivity hacks are free and easy to implement. Their results speak for themselves. 

21 of the Best Productivity Hacks for Students 

There are also lots of tools and items that you can use as part of your home office to truly boost your productivity while you study at home. Many of these productivity hacks work to make studying and working more comfortable, allowing you to concentrate for longer periods and get the most out of your studies.

There are also lots of tools and items that you can use as part of your home office to truly boost your productivity while you study at home. Many of these productivity hacks work to make studying and working more comfortable, allowing you to concentrate for longer periods and get the most out of your studies. 

1. Make Yourself Comfortable 

Creating a comfortable workspace is one of the best productivity hacks there is. If you don’t feel comfortable where you work or study, it can be much easier for you to get distracted or lose focus. Try to ensure that the room is at a comfortable temperature, that you have enough natural light, and that background noise is limited.

Make yourself comfortable

2. Try a Standing Desk

If you’re wondering how to hack your productivity, a standing desk like Autonomous SmartDesk 2 can make a big difference. Standing desks are better for your health, and they make it much easier for you to concentrate, too. One potential downside is that it may take some time to adjust to standing for long periods when you first start using a standing desk. 

Try a standing desk

3. Schedule Your Day 

We all have periods throughout the day where we are more or less productive. For example, if you know that you find it easier to concentrate in the morning, then try planning more of your work or study in this period. You can use the afternoon to relax or meet up with friends.

Schedule your day

4. Learn How to Say No

Having too much on your plate can make you more stressed, and this can, in turn, make it harder for you to concentrate on your studies. If you feel overwhelmed, it’s ok to say no to people if they ask you for help with something or to hang out, for example. There’s always tomorrow.

Learn how to say no

5. Try Meditation

When we think of productivity hacks, sitting down and doing nothing might not seem like a natural solution. However, many people find that frequently meditating helps them concentrate more throughout the day, as well as thinking more clearly. If you’re wondering how to hack your productivity while bolstering your wellbeing, then consider looking into meditation. Productivity hacks at work often include periods of mindfulness meditation. 

Try meditation

6. Go for a Walk

Sometimes, one of the best ways to hack your productivity is by taking a break. If you’ve been working on something for a while, get up and go for a walk around the block if you can. You can also take a short walk inside your house. This can be really refreshing and give you a new sense of focus when you sit back down to work again. 

Go for a walk

7. Stretch Frequently

Working for long periods at a desk or computer can cause muscle strain or tension. This is why stretching is a fantastic productivity hack- in addition to preventing this; it’s also a great way to take a short break and get in tune with your body again. It’s important that your productivity hacks at work focus on your physical health, as well as helping you to be more productive. You can also do some easy exercises at your standing desk while taking a short break.

Remember to stretch

8. Don’t Neglect Your Hobbies

Having a good work-life balance is crucial for our mental wellbeing and preventing burnout. Give yourself time to work on the things that you love and enjoy, and you should get more out of your work, too. Make sure you don’t get distracted, though - if you get easily distracted by your hobbies, then you might want to schedule a time for them, instead of merely taking breaks when you feel like it. 

Don't forget your hobbies

9. Reach Out

If you find yourself struggling with your workload or studies, you might need help. Reaching out to your fellow students or your teachers can help you clarify details that you might not understand, which can help you be much more productive in the long run. 

10. Use Technology

Technology might be a distraction for some, but it is also one of the most effective productivity hacks out there, if you know how to use it wisely. You can use video conferencing to meet with your fellow students and talk about coursework or email your professors for guidance. 

Technology is important

11.  40 Winks

Napping is almost a productivity hack definition in and of itself. Taking just a short nap can seriously boost your energy levels throughout the day and make working much more comfortable and more productive. If you’re wondering how to hack your productivity while increasing your energy levels, then napping is the perfect solution. 

40 Winks

12. Schedule Email Time

Emails are one of the biggest distractions for many of us, especially if we’re expecting to hear from someone. Frequently checking your emails can break your focus and make it hard to engage with what you’re doing. Schedule times to check our emails throughout the day, and don’t touch them otherwise. A con of this is that you may miss urgent correspondence, so keep this in mind when scheduling your email time. 

13. Use an Ergonomic Chair 

Sitting at an ergonomic chair that is comfortable can make it much easier for you to concentrate and engage with your studies. This is a favorite productivity hack of ours because it is so simple and effective.  

Get an ergonomic chair

14.  Plan Your Most Important Tasks

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or you have a lot to read, it can be paralyzing. You might sit at your desk without knowing where to begin, and end up procrastinating or working on smaller tasks. By planning out your most important tasks for the day, you can give yourself more structure, which makes your work feel more manageable and concrete. 

Plan your tasksPlan your tasks

15. Use the Two-minute Rule 

While you’re studying, you are probably going to find that small tasks or responsibilities come up throughout the day. It would help if you considered whether or not they can be completed within two minutes while you’re working. If so, take care of them right away - you’ve only lost two minutes. If not, you can take care of them later, once you’ve finished your work. This way, you don’t disrupt your focus or workflow for something that isn’t urgent. Of course, a potential con of this is that you might put off lots of small tasks over the course of the way, which can create a lot of work for you later, so use this rule with discretion. 

16. Listen to (Certain) Music

Some people get easily distracted by music, but others find that it helps them concentrate and be far more productive. Consider how to hack your productivity by using music, if you don’t find it distracting. You can try listening to classical or ambient music while you study- many say this is one of the most effective productivity hacks at work. A potential con of listening to music is that it can distract you without you realizing, causing your work to be subpar. 

Listen to music

17. Make Templates for Routine Tasks

If part of your study consists of routine tasks, like weekly essays, then you might want to develop a template for these. This can make completing these tasks much more efficient, requiring a lot less energy and time on your part. Productivity hacks at work like these can also reduce your stress by requiring less energy for tasks that don’t necessarily need your full attention. 

18. Start with Your Toughest Task

When you’re beginning your day, you might find that you have a really daunting task to complete. While this can be intimidating, it can be a great weight off your shoulders to get this out of the way first. By taking care of your most significant task first, the rest of the day can feel a lot more relaxed and manageable. However, one potential drawback of this method is that some people warm up while they work throughout the day- so starting with your most significant task can be overwhelming. 

19. Break Up Your Work

When you’re working on a huge essay, or you have a lot of reading to do, it can be easy to get lost of overwhelmed. If this often happens to you, you should try breaking up your task into smaller chunks. By turning one enormous task into several smaller jobs, you can develop a plan for completing your homework, which makes it feel much more manageable. 

Leave your work

20. Use a SmartDesk

Technology and ergonomic furniture is a fantastic way to hack your productivity. One productivity hack definition is that the tool or method you use makes it easier to concentrate, and smart furniture is designed with concentration and focus in mind. A smartdesk makes it much easier and more comfortable to work for more extended periods without needing to take breaks. However, a potential con is that it may take some getting used to before it feels totally natural to work standing at a smartdesk

Use a SmartDesk

21. Invest in Your Home Office

It’s likely that you’re going to be studying at home for the foreseeable future. This is why you should consider how to hack your productivity for the long term. By really putting your effort into making a home office that makes use of ergonomic furniture and smart technology, you can genuinely take your productivity and output to the next level. One potential drawback of this is that it may be too costly for some students.

Invest in a decent home office
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