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23 best Exercises to Do in an Ergonomic Chair at the Workplace

Autonomous Autonomous | Sep 13, 2018

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In recent years, several studies have been conducted to demonstrate the dangers of sitting at a desk all day, every day. These studies revealed a high rate of cardiovascular disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. Unfortunately, adults sit an average of 10 to 12 hours a day, mostly during working hours. Often, people do not think it's possible to do some quiet exercises in a chair even while working. Some stretching can have huge benefits and can be done in the office ergonomic chair.

ergonomic chair exercises to do

It is not because you work in an office that it is not possible to exercise in discretion. This is done in order to strengthen several areas of the body. We will give you some very effective discreet exercises, which practiced daily will help you firm up your figure and work your muscles. Before getting to that, let’s see why it is important to exercise at the office. With the latest office ergonomic chairs, it is now possible to exercise while working.

Most Effective Exercises You Can Do Sitting on Your Office Chair

Most of the exercises to do in a chair below can be done very simple. Some will work better if your chair has various handles and straps. However, even if that is not the case, any of the below can still be done. The only difference will be the amount of strength used (minus the various stretching which doesn't need much strength).

Stretch While Sitting at Your Desk

Stretching throughout the day is a simple way to help loosen the muscles in your body. This will avoid the pains that often accompany long periods of sitting time. Some of the most effective stretching can be done at your while sitting desk:

  • Neck Stretch - Tilt your head backward, stretch your chin up. Raise your chin as high as you can, hold it for a few seconds, then release. Repeat as you wish.

  • Hand Stretching - Clench your fingers to make a first, turn your forearms up and stretch your arms in front of you. Hold for a few seconds then release. Repeat with the other arm, the number of times you want.

Working in your official position is also a great way to strengthen your body without leaving your chair. Sit upright, squeeze your pelvis and put your shoulders up. Wait for five seconds, then release. Repeat.

Train abdominal muscles on the Ergonomic office chair

Train your abdominal muscle on your ergonomic chair while remaining discreet, how is this possible? Simply sitting on your chair with your back straight, hands flat on the edge of the desk, feet together a few inches above the floor, and swiveling from left to right and from right to left a good dozen times right now. For maximum effect, think at the same time to contract the muscles of your upper body. Do this easy exercise several times a day.

Muscle Your Thighs Discreetly Under the Desk

Sit on the edge of your office chair without your thighs touching it. You can hold your chair with your hands, and try to lift one leg straight and parallel to the floor for 30 seconds without moving. Then do the same with the other leg. To get muscular thighs, practice this exercise regularly during the day, for example, every time you have to sit down.

Train Your Glutes Sitting on the Ergonomic Office Chair

Very quietly, without anyone noticing, you can practice when you sit quietly at your desk. Just contract your glutes while breathing out. Do a series of 30 contractions and rest for 10 seconds before starting the exercise again. To strengthen your glutes easily, there is nothing like it! Do it several times during the day and every day.

Tone Your Abs and Thighs

Sit on the edge of your chair, back straight, place your forearms on your desk, then take off both your legs off the floor, knees bent. During this exercise, firmly contract your abs and hold the position, feet off the ground, for about ten seconds.

Toning Your Arms (Triceps)

Position your back to your chair (ergonomic chairs already take care of the right posture) and rest with the palms of your hands on the edge of it. Your legs are bent at 90 degrees. The exercise then involves repeating bends/extensions of elbows to lift the weight of your body to the strength of your arms.

This exercise particularly solicits the triceps, muscles of the posterior part of the arms.

Muscling of the Whole Body

This cladding exercise makes it possible to solicit almost all the muscles of the body in an isometric way (without moving). It consists of taking support with the forearms on the seat of your chair on one side, and with your toes on the floor of the other. The segments "thighs", "pelvis", "trunk" of your body are aligned. The exercise then involves working your entire body by contracting your abdominals and glutes, and then maintaining the position for 10, 20, 30 seconds or more depending on your abilities.

Additional Stretching

Following a session of muscle toning, nothing like stretching to relax. For this, there is a simple exercise that you can do in the office. Sitting on the edge of your ergonomic seat, stretch your arms up to the ceiling and widen them up as you slowly exhale, then swing forward, curl your back and stretch your arms forward while trying to "lengthen" your spine to the maximum, exhaling gently again. Repeat this exercise as many times as you need to feel relaxed.

Breathing Exercises

You can stimulate your abs discreetly by staying at your computer. You can start with a simple abdominal breathing. You breathe deeply by inflating your belly so as to move your belly button as far as possible from your spine. Then we breathe digging this time your belly as if we wanted to stick the navel to the spine. At first, it may seem painstaking, but it will become natural with practice. This exercise works the deep muscle of the abdominal strap, the transverse. It is the guarantor of a slim waist and a concrete back. The ergonomic chair plays a good role in keeping your trunk straight.

Using a Foam Ball

You place a small foam ball between your knees. The feet should be flat on the floor. You sit on your chair and compress the ball for up to 20 seconds, then release for 20 seconds before repeating the exercise for three minutes. The ideal is to practice this exercise as soon as you have a task to do that does not mobilize too much your attention. It works on the muscle adductors, the muscles of the inner thighs, where cellulite tends to appear.

Arms Stretched

To unstiffen your arms, your shoulders and avoid future backaches, here is an ideal exercise. Sitting on your ergonomic seat, the right position, raise your arms over your head, hands crossed, palms toward the ceiling. Inhale and exhale by pushing on the palms (as if touching the ceiling) for about 5 seconds. Then, lean on the right side for 5 seconds and release. Keep the pelvis motionless, only the bust should move. Do the same thing on the other side. Repeat this series of movements a dozen times. This exercise should help you to be less tense during your future "real" sports sessions and to stretch the muscles of the upper body.

Additional Exercises for Specific Benefits on Office Chair

When you're an entrepreneur, a self-employed worker, or a small business manager, we do not always take the time to play sports. In any case, exercise is essential for a good balance of life. We give you some exercises to do in a chair at the office or in a meeting while sitting. You will not have any excuse for not doing sports.

Strengthen Your Calves

  • Sit in your chair with your back and head straight, shoulders bowed, feet flat and knees bent at 90 °

  • Place your hands on your lap to create contact between them and the desk.

  • Contract your abs.

  • On an exhale, take your heels off the ground until you feel the contraction of your calves.

  • Hold the posture for a few breaths (10 seconds).

  • Rest your heels to the ground on an inspiration.

To Strengthen Your Back

  • Sitting in your chair, keep your back and head upright, shoulders bowed, knees bent at 90 ° and feet flat on the floor.

  • Flex your arms and firmly grasp the edge of the desk with your palms facing the ceiling.

  • Contract your abs.

  • While breathing in, pull your elbows back as if you were trying to pull your desk toward you. Hold by pulling chest forward.

  • Stay in this position for a few breaths (10 seconds).

  • Release your hold by exhaling and then perform the exercise again.

Losing Weight While Using Your Chair

Slimming while working? Yes, it is possible, and it's up to you to do it. Of course, there is no question of making a series of push-ups on the carpet of the hallway! But discreetly, neither seen nor known on your ergonomic chair, and hop, one and two and three, we work abs, glutes, and arms and so on.

To obtain thinness and muscle tone, these exercises are to be practiced as often as possible in your office chair, each day worked. Do not say that you do not have time, since you answer the phone at the same time, attend meetings and process the files without stopping! This one is mostly a set, so you might see certain exercises we've already given. However, these need to be done in order.

The Basic Position

With the back straight, feet flat on the floor, knees off the ergonomic seat, and hands on the desk. Work on your abs. You look right in front of you. 

To Strengthen the Abs

Contract the belly 5 times for 5 seconds by "swallowing" your belly button. Release for 2 seconds. Repeat 20 sets, releasing 20 seconds between each. Do this exercise preferably before your meal. Make sure you are well seated in your ergonomic office chair. 

For Concrete Buttocks

Contract 5 times your gluteal muscles (and your perineum at the same time, it provides no slimming effect but you will not regret it) for 10 seconds and release two seconds. Do 20 sets by putting 20 seconds between sets. Keep your chair in place. 

For Thighs without Cellulite

Stretch one leg under the desk, flexed foot, hold the abs, chair unmoving. Hold the position 30 seconds. Change legs. Make 5 series.  

To Refine the Inside of the Thighs

Place your hands on either side of the ergonomic chair and lift your feet slightly. Open and close your legs 20 times. Repeat the exercise 5 times with 10 seconds of intervals between each.  

To Boost Blood and Lymphatic Circulation

Stretch one leg in front of you and rotate your ankle in one direction then the other while sitting. Change your leg. The slimming effect comes from the drainage that is carried out. 

To Refine the Waist

The starting position must be straight, the gaze wore in the distance, the tummy tucked in. Turn your shoulders only, without moving your hips. Look over your shoulder, feeling the twist at the waist. Exhale to increase the twist. Return to the original position and turn to the other side. Repeat 10 times on each side with 5 seconds between each twist. 

To Strengthen the Chest and Triceps

Join your hands around the height of your chest, elbows aligned. Press as hard as possible for 10 seconds. Release 5 seconds then try again. To do 10 times. 

To Unstiffen the Shoulders

Cross your hands behind your neck and pull your elbows backward. Do 10 sets by pausing 5 seconds between each.

Bottom Line

All health professionals recommend regular physical activity. The issue, between a busy job and a busy family life, it's hard to find time to play sports. We spend the majority of our lives in the office so why not maximize the time by enjoying the benefits of the sport while making a living? Strengthening your buttocks, doing flat stomach exercises, stretching your neck, learning to control your breathing or getting little abs while doing your professional missions is child's play.

In order to keep in good shape, do any of the exercises, or sets we’ve mentioned above. After a few weeks, you’ll notice the changes and feel better about yourself.

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