24 Benefits of the 24 Hour Office Chair for Executives
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24 Benefits of the 24 Hour Office Chair for Executives

|Nov 16, 2018

24 hour office chairs are built for durability. Specifically designed and tested for constant use for different individuals, they are also known as 24/7 office chairs. Executives rarely need such chairs but their added support, durability and feel might give them a distinct appeal. It means that the chairs are mainly used in call centers, dispatchers, control rooms or emergency rooms. But the chairs are valuable to any person who is willing to invest in extra durability. Some of the main benefits of these chairs are worth considering before making a purchase.

24 hour office chair

Those thinking of purchasing a 24 hour office chair can take advantage of Black Friday deals. Since the chair can be a great investment, they can be considerably discounted during the sale event. But most importantly, the chairs can come with impressive benefits such as improved durability and better overall support.

1. A higher number of base legs

With at least 5 legs, the 24 hour chair is one of the most sturdy types of chairs on the market. This higher number comes with reduced chances of accidents when compared to 4 or even 3-leg designs. Stability is important in certain environments such as 911 offices or surveillance rooms where quick action is often taken. With multiple designs which offer a higher number of legs for the base of the chair, this type of design is recommended for the ultimate stability which many executives find trustworthy.

2. Larger base diameter

With a larger diameter which is designed between 27 and 29”, the chair offers an even better stability when compared to regular 25” designs. For many people, this means the seat is more stable and with a higher weight compared to a typical office chair, the 24 hour chair is also proving to be recommended for stability. This higher diameter also allows for stability when leaning forward such as when taking calls.

3. Durable neoprene and plastic casters

Chairs use different types of casters. They are made to meet certain types of surfaces and they are not all the same. It is why most people find the casters can even be chosen with these chairs. Alternating softer casters for tile or concrete with hard casters for carpeted surfaces is recommended. With a diameter which is not below 60mm, these casters offer the flexibility and the stability which is truly recommended when it comes to the ultimate design regardless of the floor. Some manufacturers offer a larger variety of casters specifically to have an alternative choice depending on the type of floor the chair is going to be used on.

4. Heavy-duty cylinders

The 17” to 21” range of height adjustability works on most chairs. But 24 hour chairs are actually more durable. They represent high-quality cylinders which often work best when they are actually intensely used. Unlike regular cylinders which may even come with a lower lifespan, these cylinders are actually made for intense use. While they work great for durability, their smooth adjustment also recommends them for professional use. Of courses, they also reflect on the final price of the chair, which is considerably higher than that of a regular office chair.

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5. A tilt mechanism

A tilt mechanism is essential for many workers and executives. The good news is that a 24 hour office chair works great with such a built-in mechanism. It is proved to be among the most desired functions of a chair and with a tilt of up to 16 degrees, most chairs offer enough support for most people to appreciate its flexibility. From a mobility perspective, the tilt can be used to change the position of the back and to maintain an ergonomic position for a long period of time. With plenty of chairs which offer a durable tilt mechanism, this becomes one of the areas which also need to be durable. It is why a tilt mechanism is often built to withstand weights of up to 250lbs.

6. Adjustable armrests

It goes without saying that a 24 hour chair needs adjustable armrests. They are often padded to allow proper comfort for long periods of sitting. At the same time, the adjustable armrests can be height adjustable in some cases. This works perfectly when there are more people using the same chair. In the case of executives, the armrests can remain at the same height for longer periods of time if there is only a single person using the chair. Armrests can also benefit the sitting position and the comfort for those planning to sit for hours.

7. Heavy-duty seat pan

One of the first characteristics to catch the eye with these chairs comes with the heavy-duty seat pan. Often thicker than what most people expect, this adds more weight to the chair but at the same time, it also improves long-term support regardless of the weight of the user. With a thicker profile, the seat pan is also considerably different to what a regular office chair comes with. It is why 24 hour chairs are so different from regular chairs as the support is different. In rare cases, the seat pan can also come with added lateral support, similarly to what is seen in the car designs. This can be an extra safety precaution in a few environments.

8. Lumbar support

Lumber support is crucial for all office chairs. But 24 hour chairs offer an improved method of lumbar support which often includes inflatable adjustability. As their objective is to accommodate multiple users, the chairs come with a degree of customization which is recommended to those seeking the best adjustability. Those suffering from lower back issues such as pain, mild discomfort or multiple work-induced issues can benefit from a better sitting position. This often starts with the lumbar area.

9. Thoracic support

Moving up the chair, the thoracic support is the next key area which can be adjustable as well. A proper position at the desk is not only influenced by the lumbar area but by the thoracic area as well. Keeping the shoulders back is recommended to fix any possible issues in this area. But having the right backrest support is crucial for this purpose. It is why thoracic support is complemented by the tilt function which can allow those who sit on the chair to always correct their position.

24 Benefits of the 24 Hour Office Chair for Executives

10. Tested for durability

ANSI/BIFMA standards are often the mark to which many chairs are judged against. In many cases, some of the best 24/7 chairs are actually made to surpass these standards. When it comes to durability, it is one of the main issues to address with such a considerable investment. It is why most chairs are made to support the best durability expectations, especially when compared to regular office chairs.

11. Made for an extended period of sitting

Another benefit to consider comes with the comfort which can be constant for hours at a time. Since most of those looking for such chairs are sitting for hours due to work requirements, the entire design of the chair is what delivers the final experience in the end. Even having the ability to keep the feet on the ground at all times is considered when designing these chairs.

12. Fully supported back in every position

One of the most interesting characteristics of an office chair comes with the ability to have back support in every position. This includes when leaning forward. It means that the back is fully supported by some designs which are truly made for the interaction with the desk, phones, monitors and other objects.

13. Constant feet floor contact

Another important characteristic of all-day comfort comes with the ability to keep the feet relaxed. When they are in constant contact with the ground, the blood flow is not impeded in the legs. This means that each person can sit for longer without having to deal with poor blood circulation, which is often associated with feet swelling.

14. Adjustable headrest

Headrests are seen on most 24 hour chairs. In most cases, they are fully adjustable for height and depth if they are made for multiple users as they should be. In most cases, the headrest design comes cushioned as well. The headrest can be built-in or removable. However, if it comes with adjustability, it can be a considerable benefit for most people.

15. Cloth, leather, and vinyl

A 24 hour office chair is not necessarily made out of leather. Cloth and vinyl are also used at times. For many executives, leather is the only option. But cloth materials can work well when it comes to added breathability, which is especially useful during the summer months.

16. High weight capacity

The weight capacity of a chair is another important characteristic. It represents a crucial area of durability. Most 24 hour chairs have a maximum weight capacity of up to 150kg. This is enough for the needs of most users but it is also an indication of the type of weight which can be loaded on the steel or aluminum chair frame.

17. Warranty

Most 24 hour chairs come with a product warranty. But the warranty can be differentiated to different chair parts. The frame is often covered the longest while the padding is often not covered at all in some cases. However, those intending to invest in a 24 hour office chair are advised to choose the most convenient coverage plans.

18. Aluminum and steel base durability

24 hour office chairs use a combination of materials to offer the best durability. Unlike many office workers expect, the base of the chair is often made from steel or aluminum. This ensures proper durability and the ability to deal with some of the most demanding situations where the base stabilizes the chair and the person sitting on it.

19. Tip-up armrests

A practical design characteristic often comes with the tip-up armrests. They can work great when access is needed to the sides, such as when answering landline phones. At the same time, it is also worth noting that the design also allows for a custom sitting position for many executives.

20. Replaceable cushioning

Some chairs are also made with replaceable cushioning. Made out of foam or similar materials, the cushioning might need to be replaced in time. The good news is that cushioning can be purchased from the manufacturer in many cases.

24 Benefits of the 24 Hour Office Chair for Executives

21. Ergonomics

One of the main reasons to consider a 24 hour chair comes with its unmatched ergonomics. Made to support each person, these chairs are what make the difference when it comes to the correct working position. It has been shown that a correct position at the desk significantly reduces the negative effects desk jobs can come with.

22. Premium grade foam

The padding in the seat pan and in the backrest can be replaced with various seats. But it is often upgraded to various other types of foam. It has been an area which sees constant upgrades with new types of foam being released every year.

23. Sliding seat cushioning

It is often considered that it can be complicated to replace the cushioning. But with the right foam and right chair design, sliding the cushioning in and out can be quite easy. It is a feature of practicality worth considering for long-term use.

24. Easy to assemble

24 hour office chairs might sound complicated. But they are easy to assemble. In many cases, they come pre-assembled. Having them ready to use should not take longer when compared to the assembly time required for a regular office chair.

With these benefits, it is obvious that the investment in a 24 hour office chair is often worth it for the right executives. They have proven qualities which makes them the first choice in busy environments where there are even multiple users working in shifts at the same desk.


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