25 Attractive Home Office Lighting Ideas (Desk, Ceiling & More)
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25 Attractive Home Office Lighting Ideas (Desk, Ceiling & More)

|Jun 22, 2022

When it comes to a home office, lighting is essential. People do not want to work in a room where they cannot see what is happening because it can strain their eyes. However, some people may feel like they need to spend a lot of money to get their desired lighting, but that isn’t true. There are many different lighting options for people; they just need to pick the right one for themselves. 

This post will break down 25 home office lighting that people can use for their office needs. 

Why Is Home Office Lighting Important?

There are many reasons why good home office lighting will help people when working from home. Having good lighting will increase productivity and someone’s health. Also, the space will be comfortable and inviting to other people. Otherwise, people will be at risk of the following: 

  • Eye strain and headaches.
  • There is an increased risk of falls, trips, and slips.
  • Strain in the neck and back.
  • It can have a negative impact on someone’s mental health.
  • Productivity can be lowered. 

1. Ultra-Wide LED Desk Lamp by Autonomous

Ultra-Wide LED Desk Lamp by Autonomous

People will enjoy this ultra-wide LED desk lamp by Autonomous because it can light up any desk completely. There are four light temperatures that people can switch through to find the right one for their eyes. Meanwhile, the simple and sleek design will allow people to have a desk lamp that will light up the area.

2. Oculamp by Ocushield®

Oculamp by Ocushield® home office lighting

Oculamp by Ocushield® are desk lamps that everyone will enjoy using. They are minimalistic and come in either gold or silver. Also, the company has created lamps that have taken away the harmful blue light that creates eye strain for people. It comes with three different settings that will allow people to match their body clock to the amount of blue light given off by the lamp.

3. Honeycomb Lighting

Lamp Depot Honeycomb light has created hexagonal lighting that is touch-sensitive. These lights have become extremely popular in recent years, so they had to make their way to this list. With this lighting, people can have as many or as few lights on their walls. It gives the user a chance to create the perfect lighting and display.

4. RGB Corner Floor Lamp by Lamp Depot

RGB Corner Floor Lamp by Lamp Depot

An RGB corner floor lamp is one of the best options for people going for a minimalist look but still want a floor lamp. The sleek black design allows the lamp to hide in any corner while illuminating the room with either one or a mix of the million different colors available. Also, it comes with a convenient remote for people to use.

5. Swoop LED Floor Lamp by Brightech

If you want another option that mimics a traditional floor lamp but is different, then the Swoop LED floor lamp by Brightech is a good option for you. This slender floor lamp will fit any room and aesthetic because it will complement everything. Also, the bulbs are low-energy bulbs, which means this light can illuminate for thousands of hours.

6. Eco4Life Smart LED Bulb

Eco4Life Smart LED Bulb

However, if you already have a light but just want to purchase a better bulb, the Eco4life smart LED bulb is a strong contender. People will want to use this bulb with their lights because it helps save on power and hooks up to the Wi-Fi.

7. Philips Hue White LED Kit

Philips Hue is a well-known brand name that people and businesses trust. This LED kit will give people smart bulbs that they can use with a remote. They will be able to tailor the lighting in the room for their personal needs. It is an excellent way for people to have more control over their lights. 

8. Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp

During the winter months, the sun sets early, and we lose a lot of natural sunlight. However, the Circadian lamp is a great alternative for people who want to have some artificial sunlight. Studies have shown that this can help with seasonal depression, regulate sleep, and boost energy. 

9. Nanoleaf Canvas

Nanoleaf Canvas home office lighting

If a wall light is what you want, this sleek and modern-looking wall-based light is perfect for home office setup. It can be mounted with adhesive tape, making it easy to install. Also, these lights can be controlled through an app on a smartphone, which makes them accessible to everyone. 

10. Lume Cube Edge

With so many desk lighting ideas, there is no surprise that people are being drawn toward lights that will make them look good on a video call. The Lume Cube Edge is a light that can maneuver around to get your good angle. 

11. Pharmacy Floor Lamp

Lamps for a home office need to give off enough light for the person to see what they are doing, but some floor lamps struggle to do this. Also, many can stick out like a sore thumb. However, the Pharmacy floor lamp is the perfect light that is stylish and practical so that you can create the right space for you. 

12. Smart LED Light Strips

Smart LED Light Strips

Many office lighting ideas are great for creating bright spaces, but others may want light strips that will light up certain spots in a room. Also, people may wish to make mood lighting for later in the day. LED light strips are a great way for people to create this kind of lighting on a budget.

13. Globe Electric Payton Collection

Having the proper lighting for office work is vital because you want to be able to see everything. A great way to achieve this kind of lighting is when people use ceiling lights. These ceiling lights by Globe Electric are bright and will illuminate everyone’s work with ease. This will also help with preventing eye strain. 

14. BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp

There are many different desk lighting ideas that people can use. However, every desk lamp can look very similar. This BenQ lamp is very funky with its curved light. Also, it adjusts the brightness according to the light levels in the room. 

15. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Lights for office spaces come in all different kinds of styles. One unique lamp that many people have been enjoying is the Himalayan salt lamp. They bring an inviting glow and a calmness to every room. This may be ideal for those who want something to calm them down during a busy day. 

16. JOOFO Floor Lamp

Everyone knows that having bright home office lighting is perfect for working because it helps with concentration and eyesight. However, it can also be intense sometimes with bright lighting, so people want to have an adjustable light. This will help them have more control over the lighting. 

17. O’Bright Portable LED Table Lamp

Another excellent desk light idea is the O’Bright. In a home office space, there can be a light of cord clutter, making a space look unorganized. It can also make it dangerous for people to walk around because there are more chances of tripping over something. However, this desk lamp is cordless, making it the perfect option for those who want to get rid of their cords. 

18. Frame LED Ceiling Lamp

Frame LED Ceiling Lamp

Since more people are creating a minimalistic look in their homes, the Frame LED ceiling lamp is a great home office lighting idea for those who want something sleek and pristine. It looks like frames are on your ceiling, which will bring a clean and inviting aesthetic to people’s homes.

19. Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Play Bar

Another home office lighting idea is the white and color ambiance play bar. These home office lights are a great way to create the perfect ambiance. People will be able to place their light bars behind their monitor, so it creates a backlight. It is a great way for people to put in appropriate lighting without the hassle. 

20. Ilaria Cluster Pendant Lights

The Ilaria lights are perfect for those who want to add a bit of class and funk to their room. This home office lighting uses multiple multicolor balls to house the lights. These lights do hang a bit, which means that people will need to have high enough ceilings for this light. However, if they do, this is a beautiful lighting fixture that should be considered. 

21. Briz Wall Lamp

Briz Wall Lamp

Wall lamps for home offices are great because they can be placed in certain areas of the room. Typically, two wall lamps are being screwed into the wall behind a computer or desk. This focuses on that particular area, which should be the focal point of an office. The Briz lights look like lanterns hanging off the wall, which brings a different look to the room. 

22. Bree Turned Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

Lighting for office work can also be floor lamps. Many people have been looking at tripod lamps in recent years because the legs are sturdy, and the lights are bright. There are many office loor lamps that will fall over because they are not stable. However, this is less likely to happen with tripod lamps. Additionally, the wood finishing is beautiful and will match other wood furniture. 

23. Java Lamp Shade

Many people already have home office lighting, but they may want to spruce it up a bit more. The Java lamp shade is perfect for those who want a natural rattan look. When someone leans back in their chair, they can look up and picture themselves on the beach while they look at their rattan light. 

24. ISJAKT LED Floor Lamp


IKEA has a lot of options for lamps, and one option for your home office lighting situation is the ISJAKT. This light is perfect to have in the corner of the room. People usually put a single chair underneath it to go and use the reading light. However, the top light is also bright enough for a room so that you can work with good lighting. 

25. KRUX LED Work Lamp

Who said that home office lighting needs to be boring? The KRUX is a great work lamp that people can have on their desk when they’re working. This desk lamp looks like an animal, and the light can be re-adjusted, so you can choose where the light shines. Even though there are many different lighting options, this one is the most fun, and many people will enjoy having a bit of child-like lighting on their desk. 

Employee Purchase Program


The Employee Purchase Program is perfect for employees working for a business or a company that wants to help out. Many employees may be struggling to purchase the right products for their home office because everything has become even more expensive with everyone working from home. 

Luckily, the Autonomous EPP is here for employees and businesses to use. The employee can pick a product from Autonomous and charge it to the manager. This will allow all employees to have more say in what they want in their home office, and the company knows that its employees are using valuable and high-quality equipment.   


There are many different office desk lighting ideas that people can choose from, but they should expand their search to the many different kinds of available home office lighting. Desk, floor, ceiling, and wall lights are all perfect for lighting up an office. People should always make sure that they have the proper lighting on while working because it will help with headaches, eye strain, and mental health.

With so many different lights to choose from – everyone will be able to find the right light to light up their work life.

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