25 Interesting and Inspirational Ideas for Outdoor Living Spaces
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25 Interesting and Inspirational Ideas for Outdoor Living Spaces

|Oct 30, 2022

Many take pride in their homes, spending hours remodeling and rearranging the interior. It can also be refreshing to get out of the house and spend some time outside. It's especially nice in the summer, spring, and fall since it isn't easy to pass up a lovely day outside when the weather is nice. 

However, spending time outdoors does not require you to give up your human comforts. You can make your outdoor area more comfortable and inviting with a few minor changes.  

Creating a functional living space out of a porch, yard, patio, a prefab adu, or other outdoor spaces can be a rewarding task that will extend your living space to the outdoors. You will spend more hours outside in the sunshine with the correct setup and host outdoor events for family, friends, and neighbors. 

Why Create an Outdoor Living Space?

Why Create an Outdoor Living Space?

Adding an outdoor living area has become one of the most popular home improvement projects. Outdoor living rooms can be used for many purposes, with garden rooms and office pod designs being popular among trendy homeowners.

However, another fundamental reason to have an outdoor living space is for your and your family's health. In a fashionable and cozy living room, you can relax, enjoy nature, and have fun with family and friends. 

Being in nature is the best way to reduce stress and improve health because outdoor living areas allow you to spend more time outside. Spending time in nature has been shown in studies to lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension, and improve the heart rate. Allowing yourself and your loved ones a comfortable outdoor living space is a gift of better health. 

Another reason spending time outdoors is so remarkable is that it allows you to be with loved ones. You and your friends can sit around water features or a fire pit and share stories or sing songs, eat dinner from the outdoor kitchen, or simply enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors together. 

When a family spends quality time together, it improves everyone's physical and mental health. 

The Best Outdoor Living Space Ideas in 2022

1. Living room - Outdoor Living Ideas

Living room - Outdoor Living Ideas

Everyone loves to relax outside in beautiful weather, whether it's sunrise or sunset. You can make it all possible with your outdoor living room. It doesn't need much - just a few comfortable chairs, a cozy and soft bed, and a table. With no cost, you have created something beautiful where you can drink your coffee in the fresh air with friends and family. 

2. Living Pod

A living pod is a simple, affordable, and flexible way to extend housing that doesn't take long to set up. This wooden pod for your garden makes everything possible, from a game room, yoga, and meditation room, to somewhere you can relax. It provides extra space without the expensive cost of home renovations and offers a fantastic place for whatever you require most in your life. 

3. WorkPod Versatile

Whether you have stable, flat, or rough grounds, this little WorkPod Versatile fits perfectly in your backyard. It's convenient for living, playing, and working with a desk, closet, bookshelf, foldable coffee table, TV stand, and a convertible sofa bed.  

This prefab studio takes just 1-2 days to build, saving you from headaches and long construction projects, making it the best private room for your backyard. 

4. Outdoor Kitchen Space

This is an interesting outdoor living design for you. You certainly want to be with your guests in your backyard, but you sometimes can't because you have to prepare food for everyone. However, an outdoor kitchen will allow you to be with your loved ones and also cook for them. It doesn't require much; you only need a stove, an oven, some utensils, and cookware to start your cooking magic. 

5. WorkPod

A great upgrade is a home outdoor office, and this is the perfect time to invest in a focused area to increase your workflow. The WorkPod is sound insulated, maximizes productivity, and makes you feel at home with its glass doors. 

It comes with warm lighting, air conditioning, and handy outlets. All you need to do is to plug it in a power source and enjoy finishing your tasks. 

6. Porch

A common element of most modern houses is a well-suited porch. The warm, open space invites everyone to stop and enjoy the day. It serves as a gathering place for the entire family. If picked correctly, not only can a beautiful porch improve your home's exterior and enhance its style, but it also provides many convenient practicalities for homeowners. 

7. Barbeque Area

You probably want to get together with your neighbors and barbecue outside. However, not everyone has a place where they can do so. You can build your own outdoor living space and invite all of your friends to have a good time.  

Planning a special and fun backyard barbeque with family or friends you haven't seen in a long time will significantly uplift your spirit. It will also allow you to brush up on your social skills if you have been hibernating for too long. 

8. Backyard Pool

Backyard Pool - outdoor living space

Investing in a beautiful pool is one of the best outdoor living ideas. Along with adding beauty to your outdoor space and value to your home, a swimming pool can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. 

Backyard pools can enhance a family's overall fitness and recreation levels. Having a pool in your backyard is also fun and provides a place where family, friends, and neighbors can gather to enjoy a hot sunny day. 

9.  Garden

Whether you own an acre of land or you have a free backyard, gardening as a family allows you all to live healthier. It is a simple activity to share, and you'll reap many benefits along with colorful flowers, fresh vegetables, and aromatic herbs. You won't even wait for your plants to bloom to notice the benefits. Some are instantaneous, such as family bonding, stress relief, and fun. 

10.  Gazebo

Gazebo - outdoor living space

Nothing elevates a place like adding a gazebo to your backyard. Doing so transforms your garden into something remarkable while providing many benefits. It adds a fun outdoor living space to your yard and gets you out all year.  

Having a gazebo is perfect when you need shelter from the rain, shade, and a place to rest while also acting as a decorative feature. Installing one is also an excellent way to increase your property's worth. 

11.  Fire Pit

Outdoor fire pits are becoming increasingly popular, and there are good reasons why. Fire pits come in various flavors, ranging from detailed gas-burning fire pits to straightforward masonry fire pits.  

A fire pit creates a lovely focal point and sets the atmosphere for your outdoor living space. It's also an ideal outdoor gathering place where people can sit around a fire and have fun, play board games, eat marshmallows, and stargaze. 

12.  Water Fountain

Water Fountain - outdoor living space

Adding a water fountain is one of the best ways to enhance your yard or garden. In addition to being an ornamental accessory, it helps improve our health and well-being.  

A water fountain can relieve everyday stress and lower blood pressure by producing a peaceful and relaxing outdoor living space for you to rest. With fountains coming in many sizes, colors, and shapes, you'll have many options to choose from to fit your style. 

13.  Cabin

A cabin is similar to a hotel room or a private apartment. It has everything a guest could need, so they don't need to go out of their way to book an expensive room elsewhere. 

Having a cabin doesn't mean it can only be used for guests or family members. It can also be your own home gym, art studio, yoga studio, and so much more.  

14.  Picnic Table

Picnic Table - outdoor living space

The picnic table is one of the most popular ideas to upgrade your outdoor living design. Everything's more fun and enjoyable with one in your backyard, and it has multifunctional purposes.  

You can use it at summer parties, when hosting a barbeque, or when you're just relaxing with friends on a sunny day. It's also a great idea if you have kids. This will be where you eat together and create fun crafting projects.  

15.  Pergola

A pergola enhances the quality of the outdoor living experience, extends your living space, and improves the amount of time you can spend outside.  

Having a pergola is worth the money because it adds the warmth and sophistication you're looking for. It's a place where you'll love spending time, whether entertaining friends, barbequing with family, or relaxing after a long day. 

16.  Patio

A patio is an excellent way and outdoor living space idea to upgrade your backyard landscaping because they are low maintenance, provide extra living space, and give you an outlet for creativity. Building a big, shiny patio will provide you with a beautiful area in your backyard for your friends and family. 

It can especially be convenient in the summer. If you have a smaller kitchen, you can reposition your cooking outdoors. You can even use it as your relaxation area or turn it into an outdoor gym. 

17.  Gaming Area

Gaming Area

Children have a lot of energy and are sometimes restless around the house. They also often like to play with their friends, but they make a lot of mess around the rooms and are very loud. 

You can surprise them and create an enjoyable outdoor gaming area where they can have fun without limitations. Find out what they like to play with the most and make a little amusement park in your backyard. 

18.  Gym Outdoor Area

Are you tired of going to the gym daily and not having enough time for household chores? You can solve that with a homemade outdoor gym to work out for yourself and your spouse. 

Grab weights and an exercise bench to build your dream gym in your garden. Not only will you exercise in the fresh air, you will also be with your family, and you won't waste time and money on another gym. 

19.  Treehouse

A treehouse is every child's dream. Children in their treehouses feel free and creative, so you should build one and make them very happy. You can make a treehouse in the old style or modern style, or have your kid come up with how the house should look since this would be a place for them to grow. 

20.  Shed in Your Backyard

Shed in Your Backyard

Everyone wants more storage space for garden tools, work tools, and outdoor equipment. You can make this possible with a small backyard shed in your backyard. A shed will not only help you with storage, but it can also improve the appearance of your backyard. Choose the spot in your yard where you want to make your shed and start building it. 

21.  Garden Arbor Bench

An arbor bench is a great idea to enhance the look of your garden and make it more elegant. You can either have your first-morning coffee or relax with a friend in the evening. This is a perfect idea if you are a book lover and want to escape from the noise at home. It would be best to ask for help, or you can even build it yourself and enjoy the time. 

22.  Outdoor Cinema Space

Most people are movie lovers and want to spend quality time with their loved ones. You can have a fun night with friends and family, watch a funny movie, or have a romantic date with your partner. 

It doesn't take much to create your ideal space for watching movies. All you need are comfortable chairs or cozy pillows, a projector, and a screen. Grab a snack and a drink, and enjoy the evening.


23.  Garden Swing Chair

From young to old, everyone enjoys swinging. You would have a place to relax and read a good book, and when you're not alone, the kids would also be swinging and having fun. A swing chair will also make your garden more exciting, and everyone will enjoy having fun on it.

24.  Deck in Your Backyard

A deck is a great outdoor living idea to do multiple activities. You can eat breakfast under the sun, play with your children or work in the beautiful atmosphere. Having a deck means you can do several activities at once, so you must think carefully about the details and layout. 

25.  Outdoor Bar

Outdoor Bar

Want to throw a party in your backyard? All you need is people and an outdoor bar. A backyard bar is a very creative idea and would enhance the look of your garden. First, you need some spirits, ice, and glasses, and then you can make guests unforgettable drinks and remarkable moments.


There are plenty of house extension designs and ideas that would be perfect for your outdoor space. You can create them on your own or consider prefab adu homes for your backyard. Either way, you won't be disappointed if you add something interesting to your life and enjoy more fresh air and sunshine.

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