25 Easy Ways to Quickly Boost Your Fitness Motivation
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25 Easy Ways to Quickly Boost Your Fitness Motivation

|Sep 24, 2022

You have already bought your fitness equipment, organized your schedule, and started a healthier eating regimen. However, there's still a lack of workout motivation. 

It could be so disappointing! You know that staying active and sticking to your exercise routines is good for your mind and body, but you keep skipping your workout sessions. 

Why is this happening? How to get motivated to work out? If you want to find the answers, keep reading! Here's a list of the 25 best tips to stay on track and reach your fitness goals. Let's learn how to get motivated to workout with us!

25 Easy Ways to Boost Your Motivation to Workout

1. Define Your Goals

Define Your Goals

The holidays are approaching, you plan to go on a trip, and you save money for tickets and accommodation. What's the next step? 

You cannot take a plane without knowing where you are going. That's why it is important to define clear objectives. 

If you want to see results and meet your goals, you cannot rely on external factors. Training a little before the holidays to be in shape when you wear a swimsuit on the beach seems like a good idea. 

However, if you define what you want to achieve, exercising will become a more rewarding personal goal, and you will feel more motivated. 

2. Set Deadlines to Meet Your Goals

If you have already defined the objectives, the next step is setting deadlines. Deadlines can boost workout motivation because they give a sense of pressure when they get closer. 

You can also schedule your exercise sessions on your calendar. Incorporating physical activity into your written daily routine can promote regular exercise and help you gain the fitness motivation you need. 

3. Track Your Training Sessions

Track Your Training Sessions

Did you know that keeping track of your training sessions can help you feel more motivated in the long run? 

If you keep a daily record of what you are doing, you can recognize your efforts and hard work to reach your goals. 

Some people write small challenges in their journals and go to great lengths to overcome them. Working hard to meet those short-term goals will help you get workout inspiration now and in the future. 

4. Change Your Workout Program

If you notice a lack of motivation to work out, there's a no-brainer solution you can try: change your training schedule. 

Most people get bored of always doing the same thing. Therefore, doing a different workout could give you that boost of fitness motivation you need to follow your routine and meet all your training goals. 

Adjusting your workout programs is also good for your body. 

5. Reward Yourself

Reward Yourself

Reward systems help people feel motivated, work harder, and align with goals. 

A good reward can be anything, such as buying a new cell phone or going to a place you want to visit. 

Pick one of those things and make it your reward for reaching your fitness goals. You'll use that bodygym bar you have in your wardrobe more than ever after that!

6. Have a Backup Plan

You also need to be disciplined to work out. Some people find it more difficult to adjust to exercise routines because they forget they are part of their lives. 

That's why it is essential to have a backup plan to work out even if you are not at home or don't have time to go to the gym. 

Bring a bag with everything you need in case you forget your morning exercise session. It should contain workout clothes, shoes, your Bellabeat Spring bottle, and your desk workout equipment

There are also some desk ab workout recommendations for those who spend a lot of time in the office. Don't forget to check them out! 

7. Wake Up Early

Wake Up Early

Getting up early every day can be difficult, especially when you're trying to set a routine for the first time. However, it should be a goal for everyone. 

Early birds tend to be more successful in their fitness programs and even have better job performance because they work hard to get things done in the morning. 

If you get up early, you will find that adapting to an exercise routine and gaining fitness motivation will be easier, especially if you have had problems with post-work exercise sessions. 

8. Find Quotes from Someone You Admire

The people you admire always have something nice to say, and those things often have a big impact on your life. Therefore, remembering their iconic phrases frequently can help you gain workout inspiration. 

Reading or hearing the wise words of someone you admire can be very positive, especially if that person has been successful in similar goals to yours. 

Do you think this is a good idea? Find the quotes you like the most and save them on your smartphone or journal. 

Post-it notes are ideal for this, too. You only have to write positive messages on some and stick them in a place that you always look at, such as your bathroom mirror or your alarm clock. 

9. Create a Pre-Workout Ritual

Pre-workout rituals can stimulate you and give you the fitness motivation you need to start working out. 

Some powerful rituals that can help you maximize your workouts include listening to music, having energy drinks, healthy yet delicious meals, or just getting prepared to shake off craving energy. 

Many also eliminate distractions and take time for themselves before exercising to feel more motivated. 

10. Create a Playlist

Create a Playlist - fitness motivation

Music can be a game changer in your exercise routines. It's so powerful that it can change your mood and give you more workout motivation. 

Some songs can help you feel happy or even aggressive to do your exercises and meet your daily goals. 

What's the artist or song that motivates you the most? Answer that question, download your favorite titles, and make a playlist that lasts about as long as your workout.

After you hit the play button, you won't feel the same! As the music plays, you will see that using that Wagan mini cycle will be more fun than ever. 

11. Try if the 5-Minute Rule Works

It's not bad to feel completely unmotivated one day. You must give yourself permission to rest when necessary. Therefore, the 5-minute rule could be good for you. 

The rule says you should stop exercising if you don't want to work out after five minutes. 

If you don't feel like exercising is an obligation, you'll be able to build a better relationship with that part of your routine. Plus, most people end up discovering that working out can be fun after they get up and warm up for those five minutes. 

12. Follow the 3x10 Rule If You Are Busy

Follow the 3x10 Rule If You Are Busy

Are you usually busy all the time and your day is full of activities you cannot ignore? Don't worry! The 3x10 rule may be the solution for you.

Under this rule, you should divide your exercise routine into mini-workouts that you can do three times a day for 10 minutes each. 

Did you spend the whole morning busy? You can grab your Revbalance balance board and do some exercises during your mid-day break. You can also take a 10-minute walk out of the office and do a few squats in the evening. 

These little activities add up and help you meet your total exercise requirement for the week. 

13. Check Other People’s Inspiring Stories

You have your own story, and that's okay! However, learning about other people's journeys and seeing how they have overcome multiple obstacles may be what you need if you have wondered how to get motivated to work out. 

Do you know someone with a success story who has overcome great adversity to achieve greatness? Think of that person. You can achieve those goals too!

14. Be a Little Competitive

Getting competitive sometimes isn't bad. If you feel like you don't have enough workout inspiration, signing up for a competition can be a game changer. 

Some people stay on track and meet their fitness goals more easily when they earn rewards. 

If competitions are not for you, you can also be competitive with yourself. Track your progress and set small challenges to complete in given periods. 

15. Exercise for a Cause

Exercise for a Cause - fitness motivation

Many athletes seek motivation to work out at events that give them a good cause to compete. 

There's an ocean of charitable activities that support a cause. You only need to do some research to find one that helps you feel motivated. 

The most common include cancer research, funding for survivors' families, suicide prevention, mental health advocacy, diabetes treatment, and more! 

16. Buy from New Gadget

Having a new tool when exercising can also help you gain more workout motivation. 

You can buy a resistance bar for a workout at home to make your daily exercise sessions more fun, for example. Getting that fitness tracker all your friends have been talking about is also a good idea. 

Any fancy, new gadget you choose can help you gain workout inspiration and meet those goals you set. 

17. Call Your Friends

Getting social is another good way to gain motivation to work out. Most experts say that people tend to get better and more consistent results when they exercise with friends or family. 

Don't you think that exercising alone can be boring sometimes? Try calling someone and see if it works! If none of your friends is a fitness enthusiast, you can take a pilates class or join a club to work out with other people. 

18. Leveraging Social Media

Leveraging Social. Media - fitness motivation

Social media can impact self-esteem and mental health. However, if you use them correctly, you can gain motivation to work out and meet your fitness goals. 

Instagram and TikTok are full of content creators telling their success stories who can inspire you to work hard on yours. Others also offer tips and share routines that help those just starting in the fitness world. 

19. Don't Go to the Gym Sometimes

Going to the gym is very beneficial, but skipping it sometimes can also have a positive impact on your exercise routine. 

People often get tired of doing the same thing over and over again, including working out inside four walls every day. Therefore, changing your gym routine for a bike ride, a few hours of swimming, or a balance board workout can boost your workout motivation. 

20. Get Your Money's Worth

Are you still thinking about how to get motivated to work out? Another tactic that works well is to put money into it. 

Money is a big motivator for many, as it is not difficult to think of someone who wants to lose their earnings. 

You can sign up at a gym or hire a trainer. This way, you will do everything possible to avoid wasting that money. Another tip? Put a dollar or two in a jar each time you complete your routine and use that money as you see fit at the end of the month. 

21. Eliminate Distractions

Eliminate Distractions

If you have a lot of distractions around you while you're working out, completing your workout session can be a huge challenge. 

Therefore, you should put your phone in another room or turn it off for a few minutes while you work out. This way, you avoid losing your steam halfway. 

22. Save Photos of your Progress

If you want to gain fitness motivation, take some photos of your progress often. When you don't feel like exercising or think all your effort isn't worth it, these pictures can help you remember why you started. 

23. Wear Proper Clothing

Do you want to reach your goals and complete your exercise sessions? If so, you must dress for success! 

Keep in mind that exercising should help you feel good about yourself. Therefore, feeling comfortable during your workout sessions is essential! 

The way you look in the mirror can also influence how you perform in the gym. Next time, see if the shoes and whatever else you're wearing help you feel good and motivated. 

24. Use Fitness App

Use Fitness App

If you manage to focus even when you have your phone at hand, you can download some fitness apps. There are hundreds of them! 

You should only choose one that really helps you focus on your goals. Some show daily workouts, while others track your progress and send positive messages to boost fitness motivation. 

25. Invest Time and Money in Yourself

Why are you exercising? During this process, you should focus only on yourself, your needs, and your goals. 

If you want to gain motivation to work out, remind yourself every day that you are doing this because you want to feel good, look better, and be healthier! 

Final Thoughts

Do you think any of these tips can help you gain fitness motivation? Get started today! 

Remember that in addition to workout inspiration and organization, you also need some tools to optimize your workouts. Check the best on the market and find the ones that best suit your goals!

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