3 Best Computer Ergonomic Chairs for Your Home Office
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3 Best Computer Ergonomic Chairs for Your Home Office

|Dec 13, 2020

A computer ergonomic chair can easily change the quality of your work or even life, and this is why it's crucial to pick the best option for yourself. A poor ergonomic chair can influence your posture or even health, causing various problems. When you work remotely or spend hours in your desk chair, it's very important to invest your money in the right furniture.

Here are three of the best computer ergonomic chairs that can take your office work to another level:

1. Autonomous Chair 2 - Adjustable Ergonomic Chair

The more you can adjust the chair, the better. You deserve more than a swivel chair in which you can adjust the height and tilt back a little bit. There is much more that your body needs to be healthy and supported during long working hours.

Autonomous Chair 2 is one of the best ergonomic chairs on the market. Autonomous.ai offers a chair that has it all. You can customize almost every part of the construction, giving yourself maximum comfort during work. It gives you full-body support in any sitting position.

The Italian mechanism connected with a Korean design creates a perfect match of beauty and technology. You can regulate the tilt of the back, lowering it by 20 degrees. Movable hand support gives you extra comfort and a place to rest your arms. As necks always get stiff during long working hours, the ErgonomicChair 2 also has regulating neck support.

This chair allows you to control how much back support you need. With one handle, you can lock the right amount of pressure that allows you to keep your back straight and comfortable. That means that this ergo chair is suitable for all body types.

With six colors of cushions, you have a big choice that can satisfy your personal taste and provide you with a beautiful design that is going to spark your interior.

Autonomous Chair 2 - Adjustable Ergonomic Chair

2. Kinn Chair - Design for Unique Back Support

Some bodies need extra support concentrated on the spine. The Kinn Chair was designed to fulfill the requirements of customers who expect additional protection of their back.

The advanced TPE material and fishbone construction provide optimal care and allow people to sit comfortably for hours. Its tilt can bend by 25 degrees, thanks to which you can stretch your back whenever you need, without interrupting your work.

The upholstery design was inspired by the magnetic field, which is why it creates great lumbar comfort. The chair encourages sitting in a position that activates the core and takes tension away from the spine.

Kinn Chair - Design for Unique Back Support

3. MyoChair - Best Support with Head & Footrest

If you are looking for a chair that can support you from top to toe, the MyoChair - office chair with headrest is the best choice. This ergonomic chair is a perfect budget choice. The lower price doesn't mean lower quality. The MyoChair has everything you need to feel comfortable while working for long hours.

The chair is highly adjustable, thanks to which you can modify it in the way that suits you the best.

The MyoChair has neck- and footrests that can be easily extended from the chair’s body. Tilt-back and relax to think, make a long phone call, or talk with your coworkers.

It has a simple yet beautiful design that is based on straight minimalistic lines. It comes in black and gray colors, so it's going to fit any interior. The durable foam was created from long-lasting, breathable material that gives full comfort and support while remaining hygienic for a long time.

The armrests, seat height, incline, lumbar support, and tilt can be quickly tuned and adjusted to your body. You can get from an upright to a reclining position with one smooth action.

MyoChair - Best Support with Head & Footrest

FAQ for Buying a Computer Ergonomic Chair 

1. Why Should I Get an Adjustable Desk Chair?

Staying in one position for hours is very unhealthy, especially if you are literally stuck in furniture that is not dedicated for work. With an adjustable computer chair, you can modify it in a way that makes your sitting much more comfortable. As most ergonomic chairs are easy to alter, you can quickly change your position.

Getting an ergonomic desk chair can also help you in achieving your career goals. When you are not focusing on pain, you can concentrate better on what you have to do. This is why an ergonomic chair is a great choice if you want to boost your productivity.

2. What Can Happen if I Sit Hunched Over a Desk for Prolonged Amounts of Time?

Hunching over is very unhealthy and can lead to serious back disorders, such as musculoskeletal disorders. In the beginning, you can start noticing the pain in your joints and muscles that doesn’t go away after you stand up. If you work without a proper ergonomic chair, those symptoms can become chronic and develop into a severe health issue.

3. Which Chair Should I Pick?

The best way to pick an ergonomic computer chair is by comparing their features. Ask yourself what thing you need the most is. Maybe you suffer from spinal disorders and need extra back support? Or you want to have footrests to have the possibility to relax? Or need a few extra degrees to tilt back?

Whatever your needs are, with Autonomous’ offer of fully adjustable desk chairs, you can be sure that you are going to find a perfect match for yourself. You can choose a budget or more expensive version. All chairs have a warranty and a 30-day trial, during which you can test them. 

Which Chair Should I Pick?


Giving your spine help to maintain proper posture and support spinal movement reduces fatigue, increases blood circulation, and decreases the risk of back injuries. With your adjustable chair, you can focus on what's important and boost your productivity in no time. When you are more relaxed, you avoid stress, and you are more capable of dealing with various unexpected situations. 

One thing is for sure: once you get one of these perfect chairs, the only thing you are going to wish is for getting one earlier. To increase your comfort even more and provide your body with total support at work, you can consider getting an adjustable standing desk. With this combo, you can be sure that your work is going to become pure enjoyment.

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