3 Best Standing Desk Stool for Ergonomic Workstation 2024
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3 Best Standing Desk Stool for Ergonomic Workstation 2024

|Jun 24, 2021

With a wide number of choices available in the market, the question that is often asked is, why do I need to change my office chair?

If you have been using a regular office chair, you would have noticed folks around you starting to complain of ill-health. At the same time, some complaints of health concerns like aches and pains, issues with the cervical, and more others are dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or an RSI (repetitive syndrome injury).

Why so? Two reasons, really.  Firstly, you may see folks using regular chairs and desks that do not allow any freedom to the user to change settings as prescribed by OSHA, USA.  Secondly, most folks use their body like a spring, if not anything else; they twist, turn, bend, lean forward, or bend back, little realizing the strain it puts on the muscles and joints. 

While you may have little choice at the moment to change workstations at work, you can definitely correct your posture for your well-being.

Here are our reviews on standing desk chair and stoolLet's explore more about ergonomics, office chairs and stools.

Office Ergonomic Chair

Office Ergonomic Chair

Since most drafting work today is done on computers, your best alternative is an office chair with a built-in ergonomics design.  An office ergonomic chair meets all the needs of a drafting chair.  Additionally, with ergonomics, you get strong lumbar support and the freedom to manage the chair’s armrests, seat tilt, height, and backrest has ergonomics built-in.  It is a massive upgrade from a regular office chair that may or may not have armrests, seat height adjustments, or offer a reclining backrest.

Do read our reviews of an active sitting chair to know more about improving your posture.

A Desk Stool

A Desk Stool

Often used by the common public at banquets for socializing, the stools offered easy movement in and out.  They require less storage space and, when placed next to each other, accommodate more people in a room.

In the last few decades, stools were used by drafting technicians/drafters for accessing large maps and boards as they worked.  Their work desks were slanted for ease in drawing and could be held vertical also. 

Most ergonomic drafting stools are designed for the foot to rest on a foot ring that goes around the chair spindle, especially when the stool is raised. 

Drafting and related work is now automated with various programs like AutoCAD and more. Most drafting technicians have shifted over from drafting stools to an ergonomic office chair for the comfort it provides, including some that have the seat pan tilt forward and backward. These chairs offer great adjustment to the chair height, backrest, armrests, and headrests, and more; primary aim? Offer you the freedom to adapt your body posture to avoid repetitive stress. You may also like to read more about tall stools for desk.

Three Best Standing Desk Stools for Ergonomic Workstation 2022

Want to reduce time in exploring more? We could help you with our reviews of the three best desk stools as below.

1. ErgoStool


The ErgoStool offers great freedom to access all areas of your workspace you stretch and move around.  It is a stool for standing desk that offers an adjustable height of a magnificent ten inches.  The weighted base gives the stool a heavy anchorage to prevent anyone from slipping off the stool or falling.  The seat is specially designed to provide an angular recline to your buttocks with the stool standing erect. This helps you manage your body posture as you work, getting up, sitting down, moving around, or at times, just resting your weight on the part of the stool as you stretch on the large vertical map. The stable and leek standing desk stool design provides every user ample comfort at their work. The ErgoStool can be booked online- don’t forget to select your choice of color. 

Don’t be surprised to find an ErgoStool in casual seating, employee break areas, and more.

2. Learniture Stool

Learniture Stool

The Learniture Stool is designed for sitting comfortably and has a maximum height of twenty-seven inches. It is not the best for learning only. Though this standing desk stool is not a deal-breaker, we may recommend you to be cautious when leaning or using it to rest your tush for support.

For many folks, it is the best option for a standing desk. Why? You are highly active without back support at your work. You can easily shift in and out as needed. As a result, you are active at the workplace. It is a great standing desk learning stool for folks who are short-heighted.  It is quite easy to put it together.  You also have a choice of three colors to choose from.

On the cons, it may not be the best for tall heighted folks. While leaning on this adjustable standing desk stool, one will need to be careful not to slip and fall.

3. Varier Move

Varier Move

This is a multi-utility standing desk with stool used for either sitting or using it for your body's support.  The Varier Move was designed way back in the mid-1980s and finds its use with most folks even today.

The optional rubber sole prevents slipping and is strongly recommended. You cannot miss either of the five trendy seat colors it is available in. You also have a choice to choose from three plush base colors that give this standing desk stool a good contrast, making it look attractive.


As you scout for options of a standing desk stool, you need something that is stable (heavy weighted) so that you don’t topple over. Yet, the stool must be flexible to allow you to rest part of your body weight as you lean on it. 

Our verdict goes to ErgoStool, for the distinctive design and stability it provides.

None others inch closer to the leader in the class!

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