3 Popular Hot Desking Software for Company 2024
Hybrid Working

3 Popular Hot Desking Software for Company 2024

|Apr 19, 2021

The work environment has changed dramatically in recent times and along with it, hybrid work environments and hot-desking software have been introduced. Traditional office designs and layouts are becoming less popular. What is taking place of traditional office layouts is hot desk booking software.

Hot desking booking systems are a creative and innovative organizational workspace system that capitalizes on the new work environment trends and patterns and the recent and ever-changing workplace dynamics.  Through the use of desk booking software now, many workers utilize the same physical workstation during different periods of the workday. The booking software uses a hot-desking app to arrange employee seating. They do not have reserved seating and are free to pick where they sit each day, preferably in a different place.

Are you a manager or business owner who is now forced to find alternative working systems? Are you considering a hybrid work-from-home model for your employees? Hot desking software and a hybrid work model encourages teamwork and innovation while maximizing the use of your existing office facilities. It not only lowers space costs but also encourages greater cooperation among company teams and departments. In this article by Autonomous, we go into the depth of the best practices your company can use that are going to suit your organizational culture.

What is Hot Desking Software?

What is Hot Desking Software?

With hot-desking booking systems, your office workers can make simple desk reservations, meeting room reservations, space availability monitoring, and create, change, or cancel hot desks and other types of services by category or venue. A brief look at available workstations or hot desks allows one to schedule the correct hot desk easily and conveniently. Facility managers may also produce detailed reports that show how different services and hot desking apps are used, such as:

  • Phone booths and power outlets.
  • Rooms with meetings and conferences.
  • Printing services.
  • Areas for storage.
  • Popular areas have lounges, cafeterias, and other communal spaces.
  • The use of technology and hardware and other smart office devices.
  • Where a private room is required.

In short, allowing workers to travel around the office floor to accommodate various working tasks, work individually with their staff or partner with different colleagues, and work in the environment that is most suitable for their current ventures or priorities is the aim of hot-desking software.

The Benefits of Hot Desking Booking Systems

The Benefits of Hot Desking Booking Systems

  • Time-saving – The workers can reserve a spot before coming to work. As a result, there is no need to waste time looking for a workspace.
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration – The staff is going to be able to select the right location/workstation for them to collaborate.
  • Flexibility – The facility's empty desk space is automatically identified.
  • Integration with other business automation and software solutions – Hot desking software can be easily integrated with other business automation and software solutions.
  • Ease of Use – It can be accessed via mobile devices and supports a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • Lower Operating Costs – By using automatic monitoring and optimization software, the office facility's maintenance costs are reduced.
  • Effective Decision Making – With in-depth organizational data and insights, facility managers can make more knowledgeable space decisions.
  • Better flexibility and versatility – allowing employees to choose how and when they work is going to help to cultivate a trusting atmosphere and, as a result, increase employee health and job satisfaction.
  • Reduced overheads – since not every person has a fixed desk every day, hot-desking enables businesses to save money on office space.
  • Employees who have the option to select the kind of seating configurations they want to function in are more productive and efficient so they can choose the location that best fits their needs.

How Managers Can Successfully Implement Hot Desking Software

Hot desking software offers more than just smooth desk booking, comfort, and versatility. Business owners and managers must maintain a consistent and well-structured execution strategy for any hot desk booking agreement to be effective. From planning the hot desk management approach to implementing it and monitoring the results, every detail must be considered. Business owners and managers would need sophisticated hot desking systems because they would have to deal with a lot of standard and analytical data, including specifics of any workstation, staff, their working hours, individual needs, and more.

3 Popular Hot Desking Software For Your Company In 2022

1. Skedda Desk Scheduling Platform

Skedda is one of the smartest solutions for desk booking management and this is why they are one of the most popular hot desking booking systems for your company in 2022.  Skedda combines all of the tools needed to manage collaborative desk space management, including dynamic maps. Employees and managers can use Skedda smart scheduling features to save time and money for everyone.

Furthermore, Skedda enables your users to use a self-service book space feature in the workspace, hoteling, hot-desking, and coworking areas by using dynamic floor plans and detailed rule-based automation. Optimized in every way to become your employee’s new favorite software. Mobile-friendly and available from any place. Smart, straightforward, and quick to use.


Why Choose Skedda?

  • Platform implementation that is lightning quick.
  • Choose from a variety of custom floor plans that are both beautiful and immersive.
  • SAML 2.0 SSO authentication and auto-provisioning
  • The opportunity to simplify complicated policies and guidelines for bookings.
  • For both big and small businesses, it is cost-effective.
  • Their team is available to talk about your individual needs.

2. QuickFMS Hot Desk Booking Software

QuickFMS hot desking encourages teamwork and employee innovation when making better use of the current office space. It not only lowers space costs but also promotes better teamwork among company teams and departments.

Manage your work environment with the QuickFMS Hot Desking Software. The desk booking software boasts multiple features like a smartphone app for the QuickFMS Hot Desking module that is now available for Android and iOS users. The following are the characteristics of the Hot Desking Software.


Employee Benefits

  • Work from home or the office and reserve a seat in advance if necessary.
  • Use a web interface or a hot desking app from the Playstore/Apple Store to book a seat.
  • Searching for and reserving open seats is a simple three-step procedure.
  • On the floor plan, look for your teammates and reserve a seat by them.

For the administrative, human resources, operations, and facilities teams

  • Floor plans are ideal for seat reservations and change schedules.
  • In minutes, provide social separation from the floor plan.
  • Room is more used as a part of shift management.
  • Develop teamwork by managing staff, tasks, and teams.
  • Insights into occupancy statistics that are useful and accurate help save time and money on real estate.

Why Choose QuickFMS?

QuickFMS is a growing cloud-based facility management software platform, offering numerous product modules to help you handle all facets of your business. Our personalized hot desk management tools can help you coordinate and maintain your workplace more effectively, whether you have numerous hot desks, open workstations, or dynamic workspaces with several part-time workers, remote employees, or employees who spend a lot of time out in the field. Our cloud-based hot desk booking software is highly secure, fast, and simple to use, allowing your employees to work more productively in a collaborative workspace. Are you ready to improve your workers' morale and efficiency?

3. Autonomous Hybrid Desk Booking Software

The Autonomous Hybrid Desk Booking Software is the future of the working world. The booking software is going to allow your employees to work how, when, and when they choose and streamline your operations to keep up with the times. Hybrid enables you to seize the chance to boost efficiency, happiness, and well-being in the workplace.


Why Choose Hybrid OS?

  • Educate and empower the hybrid team - Assist the mobile staff with time management and constructive use of their time.
  • In just a few minutes, you can set up a workspace - With just a few taps, you can map out your office and welcome your squad.
  • Private desks and conference rooms can be organized - Manage activity-based spaces with ease and promote diverse work.
  • Get rid of the paperwork - From a convenient admin dashboard, you can organize spaces and schedules.
  • Uncomplicated versatility - Go into the office, locate your desk right away, and get to work.
  • Intuitive scheduling - To reserve a desk in real life, click on it on the map. Personal space is assured.
  • Collaboration is simple - Reserve conference rooms for planned or impromptu cooperation.
  • Visibility in real-time - Workspace maps are updated in real-time to reflect current availability. There are no clashes.

Hybrid Work Model: The Workforce of the Future?

hybrid  work model

To comprehend what a hybrid work model is and how a hybrid work from home model operates, you must first understand previous work models. The ongoing pandemic has altered many aspects of people's lives, and how businesses operate, as they were used to working with all of their workers in the same location, regarded as a co-located job model.

Naturally, businesses could operate in a variety of ways, including by remote working models. Employees can work from different locations around the world, making it possible to hire staff from virtually everywhere. However, since it is challenging to manage big multinational businesses only with remote employees, the majority of organizations employing remote workers are freelancing firms.

Another choice is to get the workers spread around various locations and offices leased by the corporation, also known as a split teamwork model. In a divided team, you can handle several situations at once while assigning separate roles to each group, allowing you to maximize your time and effort.


Returning to the main character of this article, we have the hybrid work model: the workforce of the future. If you want to move efficiently through the assignments while still increasing staff morale and innovation, this working model is ideal. A hybrid remote work model is one in which allows employees a flexible workspace whereby some workers work from an office and; others work from a variety of locations, including offices and even their residences.

The Benefits of a Hybrid Work Model


Firms that choose to experiment with a hybrid workforce model gained tangible benefits that none of the other job models could match. These advantages stem from an improvement in employee happiness, as well as providing them with a more flexible work schedule and a new way to accomplish their everyday tasks. We want you to appreciate why this job model is so advantageous and profitable for businesses, so here are some of the main benefits of a hybrid workforce:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Lower Business Cost
  • More Hiring Opportunities

The Pros and Cons of a Hybrid Work Model

Pros and Cons of a Hybrid Work Model

  • icon checkIt enables you to work for a multicultural team from all over the globe.
  • icon checkIt enables you to customize your workstation and incorporate ergonomic items.
  • icon checkIt enables you to work on your timetable.
  • icon checkIt enables onsite and remote employees to deal with a variety of conditions at the same time.
  • icon timesNew employees lack the same level of expertise as the company's former office staff.
  • icon timesIf you do not adequately plan your time, you are going to end up completing your assignments late.

The Bottom Line

bottom line

Hot desking software and a hybrid job model promote collaboration and creativity and encourage working from anywhere while making the most of your current office space. It not only saves money on space but also facilitates more collaboration between organization teams and divisions.

Hot desking software or hot desking apps and the hybrid workplace model is a significant innovation and development over previous workplace models, forcing businesses to create new job practices that increase efficiency and imagination, all while working with a diverse team that makes the organization thrive. Hybrid working is unquestionably the future of job styles, and every organization should begin testing and investing now to prepare for its eventual adoption.

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