3 Writing Desks for Kids with Ergonomic Features
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3 Writing Desks for Kids with Ergonomic Features

|May 10, 2021

Are you a parent who is looking into buying your child's first writing desk? What features should the best writing desks for kids have? Here at Autonomous, we have the answers to all your questions. In this article, we discuss why an ergonomic writing desk for kids is a better option than a standard desk. We also recommend other products that can help your child improve their creativity, increase their productivity, and help them generate healthy posture practices and lead an active childhood.

3 Of the Best Desks for Kids to Learn Writing and Unlock Their Creativity

At Autonomous we are passionate about ergonomics and it is never too early to start thinking about the ergonomics of your child’s workstation. Here is a list of three of the best desks for kids to learn writing and unlock their creativity:

1. SmartDesk Junior by Autonomous

SmartDesk Junior by Autonomous

The SmartDesk Junior is the ideal writing desk for kids. This is a child writing desk that your children are not going to outgrow. The writing table for kids is fully adjustable and aims to encourage and motivate your children to discover and boost their focus by embracing your kid’s natural inclination to be active. The youth writing desk is built on a sturdy and stable frame and has the same dual motor as the adult desks.

2. Vivo Height Adjustable Children’s Desk and Chair Set

 Vivo Height Adjustable Children desk

The writing surface on the VIVO height-adjustable children's desk can be shifted by tilting it from 0 to 40 degrees in either direction. The clever nature of this desk is one of the key reasons parents and children like it so much. For example, the desk features a clever stopper to protect little hands from pinching as they tilt the desk.

The underneath of the writing desk for kids has a large cabinet where your child can keep all of their belongings and learning supplies. After all, it is never too early to teach a child how to be prepared, organized, and tidy.

3. Mecor Height Adjustable Children’s Desk

Mecor Height Adjustable Children’s Desk

Mecor's height-adjustable desk range is a success story. It used to have shortcomings in terms of construction, but the developer listened to customer feedback and went back to the drawing board to improve the model. It is such an excellent writing desk for kids.

The latest and updated kit includes a height-adjustable table and chair made of high-quality plastic that is both durable and long-lasting. The children’s desk features an LED light on the edge of the table. The LED light features a touch sensor that parents or children can adjust or turn off by simply pressing it.

7 Reasons the SmartDesk Junior Is Better Than a Standard Writing Desk

1. An Ergonomic Youth Writing Desk That They Are Not Going to Outgrow

An Ergonomic Youth Writing Desk That They Are Not Going to Outgrow

The ergonomic writing table for kids is the perfect height for youthful growing bodies. The child writing desk has plenty of space and can accommodate and support any movement and activity. Additionally, this adjustable desk for kids provides a safe environment for your child to learn to write, take online lessons, or express their creativity and get in touch with their inner Picasso.

2. The Writing Desk for Kids Supports and Improves Independence

The Writing Desk for Kids Supports and Improves Independence

The SmartDesk Junior is the perfect writing desk for kids of all ages. The ergonomic desk allows kids to adapt their learning space to suit the task at hand using simple controls. These  promote independence and allow the children to naturally move between sitting and standing. When using this ergonomic writing desk, it ensures that the child can work and find their own pace and concentration.

3. Allows Parents to Take a Well-Deserved Break

Allows Parents to Take a Well-Deserved Break

At Autonomous we understand the significance of a well-deserved break and all parents need one now and again. We have considered this when designing and building the SmartDesk Junior as a writing desk for kids. This ergonomic desk for kids has a built-in protection system that prevents the desk from moving if it collides with another object. Furthermore, the youth writing desk can support up to 270 pounds. Lastly, of course, all components and finishes are BIFMA approved for safety.

4. Encourages Growth for Your Child

The writing desk for kids with ergonomic features is a haven for your child to grow. The SmartDesk Junior recognizes that children’s interests and desires can change over time and therefore provides them with a blank canvas so they can truly explore who they are and what they like. Your child can enjoy spending a lot of time at their desks.

5. Improves Creativity and Expression

Improves Creativity and Expression

All SmartDesk Junior Desks come with a unique pegboard that is available in a range of awesome colors and accessories including red and blue, green and yellow, and purple and pink. The pegboard is a simple and effective way for kids to express themselves and personalize their rooms. They can create the world around them with movable shelves, ultimate desk for kids and dowels to represent their personality, incorporate tools they find useful, and display reminders of what inspires them.

6. Helps Children Keep Orderly and Organized

The writing table for kids ensures your child keeps organized and orderly. The SmartDesk Junior features a neat underside cable tray, a roomy cabinet for learning supplies, and a hook for the child’s backpack and headphones. The ergonomic writing table assists your children to learn to clean as they work, setting them up to be productive and efficient when they are older.

7. Promotes an Active Childhood

Promotes an Active Childhood

The SmartDesk Junior is a standing desk and special child writing desk that gives your child a head start in life. Having an active lifestyle and childhood in your youth is essential to getting the most out of your child. The ergonomic writing table promotes an active childhood and helps to prevent sedentary adulthood. With the SmartDesk Junior, you can help your child develop healthy behaviors and concentration early in their lives.

8. ErgoChair Junior

ErgoChair Junior

An excellent addition to your shopping cart when purchasing the writing desk for kids

 is the ErgoChair Junior by Autonomous. ErgoChair Junior is fully adjustable in every way that counts. The ergonomic chair for kids offers a full range of support for your child in the early years of their life. From the age of 4 to 12, the ErgoChair Junior encourages healthy spinal growth and promotes correct posture in your children.

10 Reasons to Invest in The ErgoChair Junior for Your Child

1. An Ergonomic Chair That Grows with Your Child

An Ergonomic Chair That Grows with Your Child

Since there is no one-size-fits-all approach to growing, the ErgoChair Junior is built with adjustability and support in mind. Parents do not have to keep customizing chairs to fit their child’s size and writing desk for kids or continue purchasing several "kid-sized" chairs over time. All you need to do is invest in one great chair that can grow with your child over time.

2. Up to Seven Ergonomic Positions

The ErgoChair Junior allows your child to run through seven ergonomic positions and find the best seating posture for them. There are no complicated knobs or levers on the ergonomic chair. It is as simple as pushing or pulling the sliding handles on the armrest to adjust the back height and seat width. If your child is younger and smaller, parents can assist them with aligning the back of the seat to align their natural spine curvature.

3. Fully Adjustable for Both Small and Tall Children

Fully Adjustable for Both Small and Tall Children

The ErgoChair Junior features an adjustable and flexible height, back, sides, and seat that is going to comfortably keep up with your developing child. The ergonomic chair is perfect for a youngster standing between 3'2 and 5'2 tall. The ErgoChair Junior features a detachable footrest and is perfect for smaller children because it relieves the pressure built upon their knees and provides protection for hanging feet.

4. Built to Last

The ErgoChair Junior assists parents with the messy and worrying aspects of parenting. It's made to be with you for a while, and it's designed to be a friend for quickly expanding bodies and minds. It's accommodating for the future, realistic for now, and built to last.

5. Safety First

The ErgoChair Junior considers your child's safety with all aspects of its design. The ergonomic chair is fire-resistant and Greenguard non-toxic certified. The ErgoChair junior has rounded edges to ensure things stay friendly and your youngster does not get hurt. Additionally, the chair includes an optional locking mechanism if parents need to moderate the movement of their younger children. It is an essential part for an ergonomic study desk.

6. Durable, Supportive, and Easy to Maintain

The ErgoChair Junior is both scratch-resistant and friction-resistant . If any spills occur, parents can safely scrub the whole chair clean. Additionally, to avoid dust accumulation, both the seat and the back are removable. The body of the ErgoChair Junior is as tough-as-nails, is 100 percent recyclable, and can support up to 275 pounds. Thanks to the durable build of the ergonomic chair, it can gladly take any knocks without showing signs of wear.

7. A Comfortable Ergonomic Chair Your Child Is Going to Want to Sit In

A Comfortable Ergonomic Chair Your Child Is Going to Want to Sit In

Support and durability are essential features for an ergonomic chair, and this is especially the case when the ergonomic chair is bought for your child and impacts their early development and routines. However, these features are not the only essential features of the ErgoChair Junior. The ergonomic chair is also extremely comfortable and is the type of chair your child is going to want to sit in. The ErgoChair Junior is both breathable and plush, as well as safe for your child to move around in.

8. Variety of Color Options

There are a lot of people who think going ergonomic means going for dull and boring colors. This is not the case when investing in an ErgoChair Junior for your child. Without a doubt buying a neutral ergonomic chair for an adult keeps it classy and modern but why not add a splash of your child's favorite color with the ErgoChair Junior? The ergonomic chairs come in a variety of color options including pink, yellow and blue. The ErgoChair Junior is going to ensure to add appeal, vibrancy, and personalization.

9. Easy Assembly

The ErgoChair Junior is so simple to assemble that your child can do it. There are no time-consuming parts when assembling the chair. The adjustability feature of the ergonomic chair is already integrated and seamless. The instructions for how to assemble are as simple as attaching the cylinder column to the base of the chair, followed by attaching the seat to the top of the cylinder.

10. Promotes Correct Posture from an Early Age

Promotes Correct Posture from an Early Age

The final reason to invest in an ErgoChair Junior is that it promotes the good posture for your child from an early age. Maintaining healthy posture practices in their youth is going to help them ensure a pain-free future.

The Bottom Line

It is never too early in a child's life to consider the ergonomics of their workstation by investing in a writing desk for kids. There are plenty of ergonomic writing desks for kids on the market. However, few have the same features and considerations as the Autonomous SmartDesk Junior. The SmartDesk Junior by Autonomous is the perfect desk for your child's first writing experience and is best paired with the ErgoChair Junior.

If you are a parent that wants their child to experience fun, creativity and be able to express themselves safely and healthily, then look no further than Autonomous. Watch as your child's creativity, posture, and happiness increase as they lead an active childhood while learning to write as their ergonomic desk. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us via email or feel free to give us a call.

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