The 30 Best Dual Monitor Risers and Stands for Your Needs
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The 30 Best Dual Monitor Risers and Stands for Your Needs

|Jul 25, 2022

Working spaces have evolved. Many people now work on problems that require quick access to information from different sources to give them the edge over their competitors. Desktops with two or more monitors have become common in several offices. 

Multiple screens require that you efficiently support them with monitor stand risers and arms on your desktop.  

This article will review some of the best dual monitor risers for PCs available on the market. 

List of the 30 Best Dual Monitor Risers and Stands on the Market

1. Adjustable Desktop Riser & Stand

Use this Adjustable Desktop Riser & Stand to create a workspace that elevates our laptop or monitor to reduce strain on your neck and back. You can store files, a keyboard, or small desk items in the space underneath the stand. Silicone pads under each leg keep it from slipping and protect your desktop from scratches.

2. Metal Mesh Computer Monitor Stand and Riser with Pullout Drawer

This Metal Mesh Computer Monitor Stand and Riser with Pullout Drawer is perfect for users looking for a dual monitor riser with storage. Its metal mesh design helps to cool your devices while it supports your monitors.  

Apart from the spaces underneath the stand, there is also a pullout drawer to provide extra storage. This feature keeps your desktop tidy.

3. Northread Standing Desk Converter Riser

Northread Standing Desk Converter Riser

Northread Standing Desk Converter Riser is excellent for users who alternate between sitting and standing when working. It is portable and uses a scissor lift to enable you to adjust the height of your monitor. 

The x-shape frame makes it sturdy enough to support your laptops and screens.

4. AOTHIA Large Dual Monitor Stand Riser

If you prioritize environmental sustainability and ergonomics, your best option is the AOTHIA Large Dual Monitor Stand Riser. Manufacturers used laminated wood and cork blocks for its legs. 

The stand is durable, stable, and supports weights up to 100 lbs. You can assemble it on your own.

5. The Office Oasis Dual Premium Computer Monitor Stand: Built to Last

The Office Oasis Dual Premium Computer Monitor Stand: Built to Last

The Office Oasis Dual Premium Computer Monitor Stand is famous for its ability to support heavy weight. It has sturdy stainless steel legs fitted with rubber pads to prevent it from sliding on your desk.

6. HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount

With the HUANANO dual monitor mount, you get gas spring arms to support two monitors at heights that simplify reading and improve your posture. 

The stand itself tilts, swivels, and rotates at different angles. This feature allows you to position it any way you want while you work. Each arm can bear weights up to 17 lbs. and handle screens less than 27 inches. 

7. Mount-It! Monitor Desk Mount Dual Arm

Mount-It! Monitor Desk Mount Dual Arm

Minimalists should consider the Mount-It dual-arm. The 2 monitor riser allows you to support both flat and curved screens up to 32 inches in size. 

Its steel body makes it very sturdy and elegant. This attribute makes it easy for the device to blend into any interior decor. If you prefer a clean-looking desk with hidden wires, this monitor desk mount is the type you should get. 

8. VARIDESK – Full-Motion Spring Dual – Monitor Arm

You can easily support most types of monitors using the VESA-standard compatible display mount. It uses a universal clamp that enables you to set it up regardless of your desk type. 

The rotating arms have a full 360-degree range and support 27-inch monitors. Users can twist, swivel, and shift the monitors into any position or angle. 

9. AVLT-Power Dual Monitor Mount

AVLT-Power Dual Monitor Mount

Replace your monitor’s original base with this dual monitor mount and create more space on your desktop. The VESA holes on each arm make it easy to set up your screens 27 inches or less. 

You can rotate them, adjust their height, and tilt them from 90 degrees upward to 45 degrees downward. 

10. EleTab Dual Monitor Mount Stand

EleTab designed this dual monitor stand with tilting capabilities and height adjustment for a better viewing angle. This feature ensures that you don't hurt your posture while you work.

The 2 monitor riser combines a grommet and desk clamp to enable easy installation on any desk and efficient cable management. 

11. Loctek Monitor Arm Dual Monitor Mounts Stand Support

Loctek Monitor Arm Dual Monitor Mounts Stand Support

Loctek’s dual monitor stand support offers users a beautiful way to support monitors without crowding available desk space. 

You develop posture issues when you stare at monitors not at your optimal eye level while working. That is why both arms allow you to adjust the height of the screens and rotate them 360 degrees horizontally. 

12. AMERIERGO Dual Monitor Stand Riser

AMERIERGO's two-monitor riser has three sections. Two of them adjust to help position your screens at angles perfect for your neck while you work.  

The space beneath the stand allows you to store office supplies and documents but not your keyboard. You get a groove on the surface that holds tablets, phones, and pens. 

13. EleTab Dual Monitor Mount Stand Full Motion Swivel

EleTab Dual Monitor Mount Stand Full Motion Swivel

It allows users to position their monitors higher or lower and tilt them to an angle that reduces the strain on their eyes and neck. The arms are long and can move the monitors away from the desk to create more space while you work. 

This monitor stand with the organizer neatly manages your wires and keeps your workspace tidy. 

14. VIVO Dual Arm Computer Monitor Desk Mount

VIVO’s dual arm computer monitor is a solid desk mount that uses removable VESA mounting plates to secure your monitors. You can adjust the height and swivel it in full motion horizontally. It tilts to an angle that allows you to view the screen while maintaining good posture. 

The  dual monitor riser uses a clamp mount and integrated cable management to create more space on your desktop.  

16. Loctek D5D Dual Monitor Arm Desk Monitor Mounts

Loctek D5D Dual Monitor Arm Desk Monitor Mounts

Loctek’s D5D dual monitor turns 180 degrees in each direction horizontally to give a full rotation. The arms allow you to adjust the height and angle to reduce the strain on your neck, back, and shoulders. 

It supports clamp or grommet installation and uses a cable management compartment to organize your wires for a tidy desk. 

18. Superjare Monitor Stand Riser Adjustable Screen Stand

Superjare Monitor Stand Riser Adjustable Screen Stand

Dual monitor stands are not supposed to be expensive just because they offer more functionality. The Superjare Monitor is a very affordable product. 

It supports screens up to 36 inches and only allows you to also adjust the height. 

19. Fitueyes Dual Monitor Stand with Drawer

Fitueye's dual monitor stand uses ergonomic designs to reduce strain on your posture. It beautifies your working area and creates a lot of space on the desktop.  

The height is adjustable, just like the angle of tilt and horizontal rotation. This allows you to set it up in any corner desk or straight line.  

20. Bell-Louise Monitor Stand

Bell-Louise Monitor Stand

Using the Bell-Louise desk monitor stand is beneficial to the environment.

Even though it is simple and doesn’t have a lot of adjustable features, it is strong and supports almost 200 lbs. The laminated wood is scratch resistant and balances on 100% natural cork legs. It is also easy to assemble. 

21. Dormont Large Monitor Stand

Inbox Zero manufactured the Dormont large monitor stand to help you keep your screens at optimum eye levels. Several spaces under the product enable you to store files, a keyboard, office supplies, and many other things. It is divided into three sections and rotates horizontally to adjust the monitor angles. 

22. Emmabeth Dual Monitor Stand

Emmabeth Dual Monitor Stand

Another Inbox Zero dual monitor riser that uses spring-loaded push buttons for height adjustment. This product uses three main height settings to help prevent spine issues you develop from work. 

It has a small drawer to store small desktop accessories to keep your space tidy. The metal panels have holes that help cool your laptop. 

23. Well Weng Dual Monitor Riser

This eco-friendly bamboo board stand supports maximum weights of about 80 lbs. It lifts your monitors to eye level, creating a comfortable viewing height to reduce strain on your neck and eyes. 

The space underneath makes it possible to store small office supplies and other desk items. You can easily assemble this product. 

24. Allsop ErgoTwin Monitor Stand

Allsop ErgoTwin Monitor Stand

Allsop’s dual-monitor platform positions your laptop and supports two monitors. The sections are independently adjustable, which means users can set different heights for the screens. 

It can bear weights up to 20 lbs. and uses a vented construction to help cool devices placed on it. 

25. Kanto - Dual Arm Desktop Monitor Mount

Customize your monitor's viewing height and angle with the Kanto dual-arm desktop mount. It has a maximum weight capacity of about 20 lbs. and uses a clamp that secures it to the edge of your desk or grommet hole. 

The integrated cable management system helps you keep your working space tidy. 

26. Mind Reader - Large Dual Monitor Stand

Mind Reader - Large Dual Monitor Stand

This product can easily support the heaviest monitors on the market. It has space underneath to store your keyboard, mouse, desk items, and other work items. 

The legs of the monitor stand are adjustable, allowing you to change the height of your screens to optimum eye levels. You get anti-slip rubber grips to help keep it in place and protect the surface from scratching when the monitors move. 

27. Planar Dual Monitor Stand

Planar’s stand supports monitors with sizes ranging from 15 inches to 24 inches. It allows a horizontal rotation of 90 degrees in landscape or portrait mode. This stand swivels and tilts to allow you to adjust your viewing angle and prevent neck strain. 

28. Ergotron – LX Dual Monitor Arm

The Ergotron dual monitor riser is height adjustable, tilts, and rotates to help you position it at a viewing angle that doesn’t hurt your neck and back. Its arms fold or move aside to enable you to reclaim your desk space when you are not using the monitor. 

Use its desk clamp to attach it to the edge of a desk up to 2.6 inches thick. 

29. LORYERGO Dual Monitor Stand

LORYERGO’s dual monitor desk shelf has spaces underneath to store your keyboard and desktop items. 

The three platforms have adjustable height and rotation to enable you to customize the viewing angles and reduce strain on your neck and back. It has a phone holder and charging hole to keep your device nearby as you work. 

There are pads on its legs to prevent it from slipping. 

30. LUMI Dual-Monitor Steel Articulating Monitor Stand

This dual monitor stand is strong and allows you to adjust the height of your screens to a level that prevents neck and back strain. It uses a free-tilting design to enable you to position your monitors at better viewing angles. 

You can use the cable clips to route your cables and keep your working space tidy. 

How to Select the Best Dual Monitor Risers and Stands


You should consider the following features before choosing which dual monitor stand or riser to buy: 

Stand Type

This attribute requires that you choose whether you want a riser or an arm. Risers allow you to adjust your screen height within a limited dimension and take up space on your desktop. 

With an arm, you can rotate your screens to any angle and even move them outside the working surface. You only clamp them to your desktop to create more space for other items. 

Monitor Size

Monitors can be small and slim or huge and curved. When getting a stand, you should consider size to determine if it can easily support your monitor or not. It is better to always buy stands for big screens, but these are more expensive. 


Adjusting your screen to any height and angle affects your posture positively. You can prevent a lot of back pain and neck strain if your stand allows you to customize your screen position while you work. 


The products reviewed above should give you a good starting point if you want to get a dual monitor riser for your needs.

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