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30 Christmas Gifts for Designers & Illustrators
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30 Christmas Gifts for Designers & Illustrators

|Dec 2, 2020

The holiday season is full of excitement and joy. Among the many traditions, gift-giving seems to be the most popular. While some know exactly what to get each other, others struggle to find the perfect gift. 

If you need ideas for gifts for the creatives in your life, keep reading for 30 Christmas gifts for designers and illustrators. 

Tips for Buying Gifts for Illustrators and Designers

If you're struggling with getting the right gift for someone, you can always consider their profession and what tools they may need to succeed, better. That is why gifts for graphic designers, illustrators, and creatives are a hot topic.  

It is always great to consider one’s profession, but just remember that their job does not indicate a person’s interest. As you go through the top 30 Christmas gifts for designers and illustrators, remember to shop for the individual.

Pros and Cons of Buying Job-Related Gifts

Buying Job-Related Gifts

  • icon checkThe recipient is most likely going to enjoy the gift
  • icon checkMore personal
  • icon checkNarrows down gift ideas
  • icon timesHard to remember that not everything revolves around work

Giving gifts to interior designers, illustrators, and any other creative can be great since most creatives enjoy their profession. However, remember that work is not always the most important thing. Instead, you may want to find something that does not have to do much with their profession, but rather their creative side.  

1. Standing Desk

While sitting at your desk all day, your body can take a serious toll from the lack of movement. Aches and pains, as well as excessive sitting, can affect your health. A standing desk from Autonomous is a great way to give the best of both worlds of sitting and standing. Standing desks have many health benefits and can even boost productivity.  

Standing desk

2. Desk Lamp

Being a designer or illustrator requires serious attention to detail. A cool, functional desk lamp can be one of the best gifts for graphic designers.  

Desk Lamp

3. Anti-Fatigue Mat

While standing desks have great health benefits, they must be used properly to produce all the benefits. An anti-fatigue mat can block out the potential aches from your lower body after standing.  

Anti-Fatigue Mat

4. Ergonomic Stool

People often talk about the benefits of an ergonomic chair, but rarely do they mention an ergonomic stool’s benefits.  

Ergonomic Stool

5. Monitor Arm

Designers and illustrators often use computer monitors to do their work. However, it can be difficult to get the right positioning of the screen. A monitor arm can make easy and comfortable adjustments for the user.

Monitor Arm

6. Ergonomic Footrest 

Provide some foot support for the creative person in your life. A reclining office chair with footrest features might be the right choice for you as a Christmas gift this year.

Ergonomic Footrest

7. Tech-Friendly Backpack

A backpack that allows people to carry their technology from place to place makes their office totally portable is a best gift for designers.

8. Books

Creatives would love to receive books this holiday season. This is such a wide-open idea that it is one of the best gifts for illustrators and designers. Books about art, design, history, and even science are all considerations.

9. Chair Pillow

Working in a chair can be harmful to your back. Give the gift of comfort with a chair pillow. Consider choosing the pillow that has a lumbar support feature so your designer friend can work comfortably for long hours.

10. Bookends

Top of your gift recipient’s book collection with designer bookends. They look great in the office and serve to keep all the literature in line.  


11. Vintage Camera

People can take pictures instantly on their phone, but rarely do they have a naturally cool effect. A vintage camera is a great gift for designers and creatives.  

12. Prints and Posters

Let the creative person in your life spice up their workspace with cool designs and posters. 

13. Paints and Canvases

You can never go wrong with art supplies as gifts for graphic designers.  

paints and canvases

14. Paint Markers

These are up-and-coming utensils for creatives for the precise and beautiful marks they produce. 

15. Cord Organizer

If there is technology (especially old technology), there are most likely many cords. Give the gift of organization with a cord organizer.  

16. Bluetooth Speaker

Music could be one of the greatest inspirations for designers and illustrators. A Bluetooth speaker makes music listening as effortless as it should be.  

Bluetooth Speaker

17. Notebook

One of the best gifts for illustrators and designers this holiday season is a notebook. These can be as fancy as you want, but a creative always needs something to jot quick ideas on.  


18. Swivel Desk Drawer

An ergonomic and practical office piece to hold things like writing utensils, tape, and more.  

19. Desk Clamp Power Outlet

Offering power on the side of your desk has never been easier. A modern and high quality clamp power is also a good choice.

Desk Clamp Power Outlet

20. Puzzle

No matter if you are shopping for the creative person in your life, puzzles are excellent gifts for anyone who needs a break from their screens. 

21. Succulent Plants

As a way to spruce up the workspace, succulents are always a great idea.  

Succulent Plants

22. Online Courses

Learning has never been more fun with interesting online classes.  

23. iPad Pro

One of the greatest gifts for interior designers and graphic designers is an iPad Pro. While it is on the pricey side, it is compatible with plenty of designing software.  

24. Apple Pencil

To make the iPad Pro even better, pair it with an Apple Pencil to create even easier.  

Apple Pencil

25. USB Flash Drive

Let the designer in your family save their work easily and without the worry of losing data.  

26. Day Planner

Give the gift of organization.  

27. Coffee Maker

Help the creative in your family start their day with taste and caffeine.  

Coffee Maker

28. Fun Coffee Mug

A fun, funky mug goes great with a new coffee maker or on its own.  

Fun Coffee Mug

29. Magazine Subscription

You can never go wrong with gifts for illustrators with a magazine subscription. Artsy and designer publications can amaze and inspire.  

30. Blue Light Glasses

When working on a screen all day, blue light glasses could be the savior for irritated or strained eyes. Plus, they are super stylish.  

Blue Light Glasses


While this holiday season may be hectic with determining what to get everyone, the 30 Christmas gifts for designers and illustrators can make it a little easier. Check out for more smart office furniture to get yourself and your friend the best Christmas gift ever with Autonomous Christmas Sale 2020.

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