30 Gifts for People Who Work from Home

30 Gifts for People Who Work from Home

|Mar 1, 2021

Whether you need a gift for your colleague’s anniversary or your relative’s birthday, finding the right thing is undoubtedly challenging. To solve your dilemma, this article brings you over 30 ideas for gifts for people who work from home!

30+ Best Gifts for Home Office Desk

With the plethora of gifts for home office desk, you are sure to pick something that any remote worker would love!

1. Pocket Book Planner

Even if your loved ones work from home, planning the day’s activities is a routine. A pocket book planner is a perfectly-cute gift for both men and women as well as gifts for people who work from home.

Gifts for People Who Work from Home

2. LED Lamp

Even the early risers may have long work nights once a while. When you want to work without disturbing others, nothing is a better accompaniment than a bright LED desk lamp

LED Lamp

3. Mouse Cushion

Holding the mouse for endless hours is certainly a pain. A mouse cushion is a perfect pillow that supports the wrist. Plus, it is washable and easy to maintain.

4. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Some people work best with music playing in the background, especially when it comes to working from home. If your folks are one of those, noise-canceling headphones are ideal for gifting.

5. Foam Rollers

Whether you prefer working while sitting or standing, keeping your lower body in one position is undoubtedly tiring. Foam rollers are perfect for relaxing foot and calf muscles.

Foam Rollers

6. Work from Home Candle

Whether it's during the night or daytime, sitting in front of the screen can drive anyone crazy. A scented candle is the perfect home office work idea for relaxing.

7. Fur Slippers

With the only commute being that from home office to kitchen and back, comfy fur slippers are always useful.

8. Office Chair

Irrespective of your relation to the giftee, a remote worker would love you for gifting them an office chair. It is the one essential home office furniture piece that everyone wishes to have!

9. Lap Desk

A chair and desk setup is unmatchable for focusing while working. Still, your giftee might want to sit on a couch or the floor for a relaxed session. A lap desk is unique and ideal for such situations.

10. Mini Coffee Maker

If you know your friend loves coffee (who doesn’t!), mini coffee makers are the best work from home gifts. These are sleek, instant, and will not cost you much!

work from home gifts

11. Temperature Control Mug

Gifting a coffee mug may be old news, but not when it comes to a temperature control mug. It is an excellent gift for your caffeine-lover friends.

12. Humidifier

Congested places make working all the worse. That is why a humidifier is one of the best gifts for people who work from home. It prevents dry skin and breathing problems.

13. Desk Drawer

A cluttered work desk is a major productivity killer. Gift your friends a desk drawer to make their home office an enjoyable one.

Desk Drawer

14. Tabletop Bookcase

While bookshelves may look aesthetically pleasing, cute tabletop bookcases are among the best gifts for home office desk setups. They add to the décor while keeping the home desk organized!

15. Laptop and Screen Cleaner

A work from home setup is full of tablets, cellphones, monitors, and more. What could be a more useful gift than a screen cleaner!

16. Balance Board

Whether your friends prefer working while standing or not, a balance board makes for a fantastic gift. It will help boost productivity and can also be used during a break.

Balance Board

17.  Electric Feet Warmer

Despite working from home, your feet may be continuously frozen. Gift an electric foot warmer to those who work from home in colder regions!

18. Desk Organizer

A desk organizer is a perfect accessory to organize your files and keep clutter at bay. It makes for a great decorating home office tool, perfect for gifting.

19. Snack Basket

Whether you want work from home gifts for yourself or your folks, a snack basket is unparalleled. It is ideal for keeping your mid-work cravings at bay!

20.  Standing Desk

Modular workspaces are now more important than ever, and an office desk is a perfect example. You can help your friend bring their office home, consider work ergonomics and work efficiently simultaneously.

Standing Desk

21. Anti-Fatigue Mat

One of the best things about working from home is the comfort level, and an anti-fatigue mat ups the level with gifts for people who work from home. It let your giftees relax their feet.

Anti-fatigue Mat

22.  Pen Holder

Despite the digital age, every remote worker has a set of stationery. A quirky pen holder can instantly up the look of your friend’s work desk.

23. Succulents

Greenery can instantly up the work environment, and succulents are the perfect décor pieces for a work desk. These can help elevate your friend's mood, making for the best work from home gifts.

24. Electric Massage Pillow

Who doesn’t love a good massage during or after a hectic day! With an electric massage pillow, you can support your friend even from afar.

25. Ergonomic Chair

If you work from home, you understand well enough how prolonged sitting hours can hamper your posture. An ergonomic chair makes for the perfect home office work idea.

Ergonomic chair

26. Smart Desk

Another excellent way to get your home office ergonomics right is switching postures while working. A home standing desk will allow your giftee to work in both positions, eliminate sore body and boost productivity.

Smart Desk

27.  Customized Pen

Customized gifts are loved by all, and a personalized pen with the giftee's initials is the perfect gifting option.

28. Quirky PJs

Gone are the days when people wanted to stock work clothes. Gift your friend cute PJs for their work from home regime.

29. Unique Tissue Box

Useful items are the best gifts for people who work from home, and a uniquely-designed tissue box is a perfect option.

30. Cable Tray

As dull as they may sound, cable trays are exemplary work from home gifts to keep cords and chargers organized.

Cable Tray

31. Posters

Be it a motivational quote, your gift lee's favorite show or game, posters will instantly make their workplace lively.


Couldn’t find the best gifts for people who work from home? Here are some fantastic office desk accessories, perfect for keeping as well as gifting!

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