30+ Home Office Design Ideas to Boost Productivity

30+ Home Office Design Ideas to Boost Productivity

|Mar 2, 2021

Whether you have just started working at home or you have been doing it for years you can, become discouraged and complacent. These home office design ideas emphasize efficiency and comfort at work which translates to meeting ergonomic needs. The office interior design has the capability of influencing your motivation to work, effectiveness, and state of mind. Therefore, a thoughtfully organized workspace can stimulate and boost productivity. 

It's time to dive right into these home office setup ideas that are bound to increase productivity.

1. The Right Furniture

Whether it's an office standing desk, a home standing desk, or an ergonomic chair, you must have the right furniture. An ergonomic home office results in greater comfort, which translates to increased productivity. 

The Right Furniture

2. Contemporary Home Office

This modern office design works well because of the incredibly unique, yet trendy minimalist design choices that go into it. Imagine a brown wooden floor, pale blue walls, and a small office desk and chair.

Contemporary Home Office

3. Master Bath Office

You may have never considered this innovation, but if there is a small space in your master bathroom near a window, you could place a small office desk and chair there. It's best to have a vibrant color present, as anything else could feel too dull in the context.

4. Beach Style Home Office

This home office design idea combines grey walls with a dark wood-free standing desk and floor. There is an unexplainable charm and calm in this layout choice. 

Beach Style Home Office

5. Patio Office

The patio is another space that is perfectly suited to office needs. Patios tend to have an air of calm, and there is less to focus on, which means a greater work output. 

Patio Office

6. Backyard Office

You'd likely have to work out how to get power to the backyard area, but there is nothing like an open, natural, fresh environment to boost your productivity. 

Backyard Office

7. Utilize Home Office Storage to its Fullest

Storage is a crucial part of having a home office. The deep drawers and filing cabinet compartments on the desks provide the perfect place for you to hide clutter and store your files. This works instead of having them scattered, and the shelves provide space for objects, such as your stapler and your picture frame.

8. Make the Most of Natural Lighting

When you are working from home, you have an opportunity to decide on the layout and how to position your workspace so you can take advantage of the natural light coming through your windows and doors. Having bright home office decorating ideas help you see and sleep better, and it also makes you feel more energized and happier. 

This home office design idea warrants you to align your desk in a way that it is facing your windows while you work. You can decorate with plants, accent colors, and light-colored rugs and mats.

Make the Most of Natural Lighting

9. Go for A Modern Look

If you have minimal needs, you can incorporate nothing but a desk and chair, so you can play it simple. You can opt for modern home office decorating ideas, which add to the functional utility. Choose a simple wooden desk positioned by the window in the view of beautiful forestry that can keep you calm and mellow while you focus on your work. 

Go for A Modern Look

10. Create Room for Movement

We all know working all day can be exhausting, and taking short, quick breaks when that time comes can refresh you and even provide a new perspective. You can promote movement by using a home standing desk and placing equipment such as the printer at a short distance away, so you must get up and move around.

11. Customization

This does not only consider furniture and decorations. Having personal items can truly make the environment more "you." Place practical elements in your space, such as a white erase board if you are the type to have a lot of to-do lists. You can even print out affirmations and inspirational quotes or even use them as your display screen and wallpaper.


12. Cater To Your Senses

Just like colors, scents and smells have a way of impacting you. One of home office inspiration is using scented candles or essences and oils through a diffuser. It can help you work better. Cinnamon and peppermint are good for sharpening the mind and helping you concentrate. Lavender, Jasmine, and lemon all have calming properties to help you relax, control emotional stress, and release tension. 

13. Keep things Organized

Ensuring each object has a place on your desk increases productivity as everything is organized and you know where to find each item. A well-organized desk has each element in place to facilitate a grab-and-go attitude, which makes you quicker and reduces time spent searching for things. 

Keep things Organized

14. Make Your Home Office Cozy

Do you want to know one of the best things you can do to your home office design ideas is to make it cozy? Since it is not your traditional office, you can make it as comfy as possible using cushions, warm blankets, and pillows. Soft furnishings also provide an excellent way to add a bit of color to the area. Please do not make it too cozy, though, which can promote sleep and make you lazy. 

15. Choose The Right Desk

It is crucial to choose a strong, sturdy desk that can hold all the work documents and maintain a professional look. Much of your home office inspiration comes from nothing more than what you sit or stand at.

Choose The Right Desk

16. Incorporate Blue

As simple as this home office decorating idea may sound, it does work. Blue is known to increase your focus and make you feel calm. Incorporate various blue hues into home office design ideas by either painting the walls or adding an accent wall. You can also get curtains and other items to capitalize on the calming effect. 

Incorporate Blue

17. Add Nature

Plants, like sunlight, are natural boosters known to help foster productivity. Create a natural office design by getting a few low-maintenance plants and flowers such as ferns, succulents, pathos, spider plants, aloe, and snake and peace lilies to add greenery and life to your workstation. 

18. Combine Your Office Space and Your Living Room

If you cannot dedicate a room to your office needs, you can try placing an office area in the living room. This home office setup idea only works if you have a relatively quiet home. If you have kids, it won't be so useful.  

You place your desk along the back of the couch, extend the rug to give you some room and make it seem larger. 

19. Try a Traditional Setup

You can play around with the studious, intellectual manner of a traditional office. Install rustic, conventional types of decor and furniture. Remember, the standard office design created a certain kind of "get the work done" atmosphere, which you want to replicate in your home office space to boost creativity and productivity. 

Try a Traditional Setup

20. Creating A Fake Window

The access to natural light is not always there, making the home office a bit gloomy. If you are short on windows, create one. With wall art, you can hang an image consisting of multiple canvases to create a window illusion. This idea gives you more space, feels brighter, and freshens up the dim room. 

21. Try Glamour

Nothing can make you feel more inspired and motivated than sitting on a luxurious chair in a glammed-up office space. An extremely comfortable chair that is upholstered and has lush flowers and décor, such as shimmery crystals and jewel tones, can give a rich appearance and feel to space. This home office design idea helps you feel empowered and motivated due to its fancy atmosphere, and it can improve how productive you are. 

22. Establish a Room Layout

Having a layout of the room speaks to the maximum use of the space, outlining where each major item such as your desk, computer, chair, and printer can go. Doing so can determine the efficiency you have. While the movement is promoted, you cannot be too productive if you must get up 11 times to fetch your print or search for a file. Take measurements to ensure all the office furniture and equipment you have can fit inside the floor space. 

Consider environmental factors and proper ventilation, as all these factors can either reduce or promote productivity. 

23. Internet Connectivity

This is a vital part of working from home. You need to ensure you have a reliable internet connection and the proper wiring and equipment to connect to your router, VoIP service, telephone, and email server. If you are always connected, you never miss a call, meeting, or email, which means you get to be effective, productive, and on target. 

Internet Connectivity

24. Try A Bohemian Theme

This desk decor kind of office style, when appropriately executed, is a goldmine for creativity and productivity. Design your home office in a way that tells your story and brings out your personality.

You can use patterned rugs, pillows, and cushions, some plants, etc. Since there is no rule here, you can do what you want. 

Try A Bohemian Theme

25. Incorporate Useful Distraction Areas

Not everyone can sit still and work for eight hours without having a mental break to maintain your both physical and mental health at work. When working at home, there are enough distractions from families, social media, and television. Instead, set aside a small area of the office with useful distractions. These distractions include puzzles, Rubik's cube, yoga mat, fidget spinners, hand weight, among other stuff.  

You can visit this area roughly three times a day. This way, you are not too caught up on other stuff and completely lose your drive to work.

Incorporate Useful Distraction Areas

26. Help Your Body Out

Back, neck, and shoulder pains are common problems if you work sitting down for extended periods. This causes pressure and tension to build in your muscles and joints. You can help yourself out tremendously by setting up an ergonomic home office. Using a laptop stand, separate keyboard, and mouse, or getting a comfortable ergonomic chair that supports your back can make a massive difference.  

You can spend less time in pain and more time being productive and thinking better. 

27. Go Industrial

This home interior design creates an office space that is strong and inspirational that helps you execute your to-dos. The space is durable, smart, chic, and practical. 

28. Lighting

You must have adequate artificial lighting to complement the natural alternative. An LED desk lamp works wonders. it's best to position it as an indirect lighting source, as a heavy concentration of light can create visibility and eyestrain problems in the future. 

29. Office for Two

If the home office setup idea is going to be a shared space, you can do it in a trendy manner. Place both desks against each other at the long ends. While the seats are going to face each other on each side, the workspaces are going to be back to back, which promotes focus. 

Office for Two

30. Vision Board

Many find that they are incredibly motivated when their vision boards are in plain view. Consider placing yours somewhere you are likely to see it multiple times daily. Don't use your immediate field of vision as it can be too distracting. 

31. Traditional Home Office

If you have space, you can implement a traditional home office design idea. The surrounding is conducive to evoking that "get to work" mentality and passion that brings about greater productivity and concrete results.

32. Hide Items for Appeal

Consider creative ways of using your furniture. If you have a big enough drawer, for example, you can remove the sides and hide your printer in it for a cleaner aesthetic. 

33. Heavy Items on the Left

Your brain is wired to process from left to right. If the heavier items that require more intense focus are on your left, you subconsciously induce relaxation and stress reduction. 

34. Divider

If your office is a portion of an existing room, you may want to consider getting a divider installed to block out home elements that could be distracting you from your work. 

35. Kitchen Home Office

If there's a small area of your kitchen that can accommodate a small office desk and an ergonomic chair, you may want to consider putting it into practice. After all, reaching for treats shouldn't be too hard!

Kitchen Home Office

36. Music Setup

Consider having speakers set up for a surround sound effect. While you would keep the volume low, music or soundtracks can help your creative juices flow and maintain concentration by creating a mental groove.

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