30+ Cool & Inspired Home Office Desk Designs
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30+ Cool & Inspired Home Office Desk Designs

|Jan 11, 2022

There's nothing like a clean and inspiring workspace to spark up your creativity and productivity. It helps you clear up your mind and get in the right mood for diving into a new week of high-quality and fulfilling work. This is especially true for remote workers, who usually have a hard time stepping into the productive mindset they need for getting everything done. 

However, this issue can be solved without too much hassle. There are plenty of modern home office desk designs out there that are sure to provide beautiful visuals and an out-of-this-world aesthetic that naturally fits any of your rooms. 

That's why we recollected +30 cool and inspired home office desk designs for you to try out this 2022. Keep reading to find out which is the best for you.

30+ Cool & Inspired Home Office Desks in 2022

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) home office desk design

This home office adjustable standing desk guarantees high performance throughout the whole day while being a great option for all types of bodies. 

It is simple to use, and it's made out of high-endurance materials that are sure to last for years without taking damage. This rock-solid desk design for work from home office is a fantastic ergonomic investment for any remote worker out there. 

2. Sabrina Scrivo Baby Blue Repainted Desk

This desk was a fantastic re-made creation by Sabrina Scrivo. It started as an old wooden desk that didn't have much appeal, and she quickly turned it into a baby blue masterpiece that gives a pop of light to any room you place it in. 

This ergonomic standing desk is suitable for the most modern rooms, as its design can easily fit any aesthetic you might use. 

3. Fantoni Framework 2.0

Fantoni Framework 2.0 home office desk design

The Fantoni 2.0 is a spacious white office desk with enough drawers to store all your office materials and make everything look as neat and organized as possible. 

It has two different working spaces for you to share with a coworker and get that collaborative environment we usually look for in creative fields like marketing. 

4. Sinetica Wooden Black Set

This Sinetica set is one of the broader and sturdier desks on the market. It is perfect for wide and spacious rooms in need of a centerpiece that is going to naturally blend in with the rest of the decoration. 

This beautiful desk commands strength and leadership to anyone who sits behind it. 

5. ZE Workroom Built-in Home Office Set

ZE Workroom Built-in Home Office Set

ZE Workoom's set is a wonderful solution for irregular spaces that wouldn't fit any standard-shaped desk. You can customize this desk design for work from home workspace to your specific necessities and any room you can think of. 

It also adds some fancy white drawers for you to store all your office supplies.

6. Dearkids Two-sided Desk

Ideal for sharing a nice coworking space with a roommate or a family member. It's spacious enough to hold the perfect size for two people to comfortably work and not disturb each other. 

Additionally, its minimalist design makes it ideal for any modern and chic working space. 

7. Huelsta Wood L-shaped Desk

Huelsta Wood L-shaped home office desk design

This is one of the interesting desk ideas for home office you need to know. This fantastic L-shaped desk fits perfectly in the corners of any room. It maximizes your space by giving you enough freedom to move in any direction you want during your working hours, as well as having wide drawers for storing everything you would usually have laying around your desk. 

8. Justine Hugh Jones White Low Desk

Do you have many files that need to be stored as neatly as possible? You can achieve that with this white set of wall units and a low desk with many drawers. Its neat and shiny finish makes it a very aesthetic solution for setting up your home office without much problem. 

9. Zanotta 2690 Cavour CM Writing Desk

Zanotta 2690 Cavour CM Writing Desk

This adjustable standing desk is dedicated to those courageous people who love a more daring design for their furniture. The geometrical shape of this desk creates an environment that's suitable for ideas to flow freely and be put into practice in your everyday work. 

10. Maarten De Ceulaer Leather Collection Desk

This is one of the attractive desk ideas for home office. We love a travel-themed aesthetic, and this asymmetrical desk is perfect for that. It is made out of drawers that resemble suitcases, and it is 100% sure to provide a challenging yet sophisticated look to your room. 

If you love traveling and vintage-looking furniture, this desk can help you keep all your fun trips close to home. 

11. Richards' Trunk Desk - Beige Canvas

Richards' Trunk Desk - Beige Canvas

Here we have another travel-inspired vintage design. This time, we're trying to channel a structure that resembles old travel trunks. The ones that were originally used to store all your personal belongings before embarking on an adventure are now the perfect place for comfortably working all day. 

12. Moorman Kant Scheibtisch

This desk's magazine rack is probably one of the most sophisticated features we can get for our home office setup. Its modern design is perfect for more technological aesthetics, as its geometrical shape is suitable for creating great innovative ideas. 

13. Hollow-core 'Connect-It' White 48-inch Tablet Desk

You would probably think this desk is too small for your needs; wait until you open it and discover all the storage space it has inside. With this desk, you are going to have room for everything, including your gadgets, your books, and all the miscellaneous stuff you can think of. 

14. Lycs Architecture Cat-friendly Office Desk

Lycs Architecture Cat-friendly Office Desk

Everyone loves to have a partner around when working, especially if that partner is furry and meows their way into our hearts. This desk is made with all the requirements for our little pawed friends to sneak into holes and make us company during our working hours. 

The love for cats never goes too far with this table. 

15. White Lacquer Office Desk

If you are looking for a monochromatic solution, this is the right modern standing desk for you. It has all the right measurements to become your new favorite desk, as well as a lacquer finish that gives it a fantastic, classy look. You can also find it in several colors, but white is always a good choice. 

16. Invisible Gallotti & Radice Glass Desk

Invisible Gallotti & Radice Glass Desk

This desk is made out of 12mm tempered glass that's meant to suit all your aesthetic fantasies. You can barely see it, which means that everything you place on it may look like it's levitating.

Fill your workspace with magic with this invisible desk that's going to trick some of your guests. 

17. Team 7 Hidden Slideboard

If you're a firm believer that small furniture is the best, this modern home office desk is going to amaze you. It is made of sturdy wood that's meant to endure the passing of time, and it features a slide-out top that reveals a drawer that goes to the bottom of the desk, which makes it perfect for storing your largest belongings. 

18. Porada Sleek Dark Wood Desk

This is one of the interesting home office desk ideas you should try. This two-legged combination of wood and steel creates one of the most beautiful and trendy designs ever seen. It mixes up the power of a contemporary aesthetic with the classic and atemporal materials we know and love. 

19. Bolia Elegant Scandinavian Desk

Bolia Elegant Scandinavian home office desk design

If you've loved the hidden drawers on this list, get ready for this desk to amaze you. It features completely detachable tops that reveal wide drawers for all your needed supplies. You can get this versatile table in many colors to suit your desired room. 

20. Wiktoria Lenart Creative & Green Desk

We've finally found a way of incorporating a little life into your daily routine. This creative and inspiring home office desk ideas is perfect for all those home plant lovers who want a good reason for showing up to their workspace every morning. 

Watering these plants is also a fantastic way of unwinding after a couple of hours of staring at your screen. 

21. I M Lab Twisted Sculpture Desk

This home office desk design starts with a simple geometrical design, but it gets more exciting once you open its drawers. These drawers create a fantastic abstract shape that looks like a genuine and functional work of art. 

22. ManoTeca Repurposed Door Desk

ManoTeca Repurposed Door Desk

You probably didn't even know that this was an option. If you find a carpenter that's talented enough, you can ask them to turn any old piece of wood into a masterpiece. That's what ManoTeca did with this home office desk design. It turned a door into a recycled desk that maintains the vintage 1800s aesthetic we know and love. 

23. Krug Simple L-shaped Office Desk

If you're not a fan of fancy and big decorations and you're only looking for a table that gives you the space you need, keep reading; you've come to the right place. This simple and modern L-shaped desk has enough storage space for anything you need, as well as enough desktop length for one or two computers. 

24. Minimania Mini Cooper Desk

We know that some mini cooper fans out there would die for a desk like this. If you're one of them, you're definitely going to enjoy the real-life accuracy of this home office desk design, as it features all the correct characteristics of these fan-favorite vehicles. 

25. The Fancy Floating Shelves Desk

The Fancy Floating Shelves Desk

This new-age design gives a fresh look to any room, as it gives the illusion of being completely floating. However, it still provides enough storage, as each floating panel is created to hold any type of miscellaneous stuff you desire. 

When acquiring this minimalist desk, you can better suit your room by choosing between several colors. 

26. McIntosh ✕ Symbol Audio Cabinet Program

If you consider yourself a huge music fan, this desk is going to become your next go-to whenever you want to listen to music. It features two powerful speakers that are meant to turn your working hours into a productive jamming session. 

This four-legged wonder can play music from any of your devices with just the push of a button. Get ready to bring the party into the office. 

27. Jenga Block Desk

The Jenga Block Desk is made for the most fun type of people, those who aren't afraid to let out their most childish and creative side. Get this home office desk design only if you're ready to lighten your mood while working and crack some jokes in your free time. 

Surprisingly, this desk remains as classy as possible. The parts that aren't made with Jenga blocks are entirely white and sleek, which can be a great addition to your writing room and help you fight any creative blocks you might encounter. 

28. StudyBed

StudyBed home office desk design

If you lack space in your house or consider yourself a die-hard minimalist, this option is a great one for you. It helps you distinguish between the working and resting hours and prevents that terrible habit of working while in bed. 

29. Studio NL Work Desk Bed

This desk bed is made for the true workaholic or for people desperate to save some space in their room. It features a comfortable cabin underneath the desk for you to rest whenever you need to. Moreover, it even has a little TV so you can enjoy your favorite shows in between shifts. 

30. SteelCase Treadmill Desk

The Treadmill Desk is quite the contrary from the last home office desk design, as it promotes an end to the sedentary lifestyle and allows you to keep yourself active throughout your working hours. 

This is a fantastic option to end that annoying muscle and joint pain we usually get when sitting all day. 

31. Freunde Von Freunden Bed-desk

Turn your bedroom into an office by just flipping around your bed and turning it into a desk. Freunde Von Freunden took this concept to create this incredible bed-desk - mixing the functionality of a home office desk design with the comfort of your favorite bed and providing the best visuals on this list. 

Bottom Line

Those were all the trendy home office desk designs we've got for you to start the year on the right foot. If you're still not convinced, you can check out all the other unique desks we have available for you in our catalog. 

Create the workspace of your dreams and potentiate your daily routine with the best possible office desk.

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