4 Best Computer Chair for Long Hours in the UK
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4 Best Computer Chair for Long Hours in the UK

|Dec 8, 2020

The risks associated with sitting for long hours have been known for years. Thanks to ergonomics, which has further studied the impact of unhealthy office practices and how it affects our long-term and short-term health. People have now started to learn about the importance of office furniture that doesn't put unnecessary strain on their bodies. Computer chairs for long hours in the UK is yet another area of focus for people in the UK who have realized the importance of an ergonomic office chair.

The right office chair for long hours in the UK or finding the best chair for long sitting hours has been a go and forth decision for many people because of the wide choices of furniture sellers in the UK. Ever since the researchers have emphasized on the importance of health conscious furniture, the duty upon employers to have comfortable furniture in the workplace, many wholesale sellers have taken their turn to sell office chairs for long hours in the UK.

But the question arises how and why you should opt for the best ergonomic chair in your workplace and how to make the right decision to make the purchase for your desk chair for long hours in the UK.

Why Should You Choose an Ergonomic Chair for Long Hours?

Why Should You Choose an Ergonomic Chair for Long Hours?

Sitting for long hours is associated with many health risks. For starters, it is the leading factor towards back pain and physical fatigue in adults. Moreover, the long-term impacts of sitting result in diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, and poor metabolism. 

An ergonomic chair maintains the good posture of the user and keeps the spine straight. It also allows the user to sit in a comfortable yet alert position, thus giving rise to greater energy levels and preventing physical or mental fatigue.

Features of the Best Computer Chairs for Long Hours in the UK

The best computer chair for long hours in the UK offers certain features. If you look at these features, then your choice and decision to buy a chair becomes easier.


The right office chair for long hours in the UK must have an adjustable seat height. The adjustable seat height allows each individual to alter the height and reach the safe desk level.



The seat plays a major role in defining comfort and productivity. The seat should be wide and deep to give a comfortable push against the bottom as well as conform to each body type. The seat should be properly cushioned so the user doesn't feel tired, or the lower back isn't susceptible to extra pressure.


With an office chair, there are two types of materials involved. The frame material and the cloth material. The frame material should be strong to bear the weight of the user and be lightweight. The construction must be sturdy for maximum durability.

On the other hand, the cloth material defines the breathability of the user, and a comfortable material keeps the user at ease.

Other Features

Other Features

Other features in a work chair for long hours include armrests, headrests, and footrests. Having these features add to the versatility and comfort of the product. Many latest ergonomic chairs come with adjustable armrests as well as a reclinable back tilt.

The Most Trusted Brands for Office Chairs in UK

The UK is one of the busiest countries, with business happening day and night. According to a study, 20% of working adults in the UK experience lower back pain resulting from musculoskeletal disorder in the workplace. For organizations that are growing and changing for the better in the UK, employers are giving serious consideration to purchasing office furniture that is not only comfortable but also suitable for their budget.

To find the best computer chair for long hours in the UK is a tough thing, but you can now get something perfect for your needs thanks to the many choices. Here are some of the most trusted furniture brands in the UK that make not only ergonomically suitable but also aesthetically pleasing office furniture.



Autonomous is a brand that focuses on a hybrid workstyle and has a complete range of furniture suitable for a modern workplace. Autonomous has formed on the idea of office ergonomics, which is why the brand sells only high-quality furniture that caters to each individual's need as per their comfort level.

They have a great collection of office furniture for people who suffer back pain or want to shift towards a better lifestyle.

Office Boffins

Office Boffins

Office Boffins is one of the renowned suppliers of office furniture in the UK. They have a wide range of products from different companies, and they sell them at affordable rates. The collection of chairs at office boffins is huge, so if you are looking for diversity in products, you must check office boffins.

Best Computer Chair for Long Hours in the UK

The top recommendations for the best computer chair for long hours in the UK include office chairs that are budget-friendly, comfortable, and good for maximum productivity. Although these chairs are a little bit pricier than common office chairs, they offer many health benefits.

1. ErgoChair Recline

ErgoChair Recline

ErgoChair Recline is a great chair conforming to the body shape. The chair has a backrest, headrest, adjustable seat, armrests, and many other features that make it more comfortable than your couch. The ErgoChair Recline is a top product for mesh office chairs in the UK to make your work efficient and smoother than before.

2. ErgoChair Pro

ErgoChair Pro

Ergochair Pro has a completely adjustable back seat with a height-adjustable bottom. The chair has a seat tilt, headrest, lumbar support, and a smooth recline that offers locking positions in up to five different settings. The chair also has a woven back mesh for maximum airflow.

3. ErgoChair Plus

ErgoChair Plus

ErgoChair Plus is a highly adaptable and versatile chair designed for persons who have to move about a lot at work. The wheels provide a smooth movement while also keeping the chair stable and durable. The back support is cushioned, and the mesh construction provides well-engineered back support. It is such the best chair for long sitting in the UK.

4. Koplus Tonique Task Chair

The Koplus Tonique task chair is design and functionality combined. This computer chair for long hours in the UK has a modern design with an aesthetics that pleases many users. The traditional mesh design makes this modern chair ideal for any workplace. The greatest thing about this chair is that it is lightweight as well as strong.

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