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4 Common Problems with Standing Desk Chairs and How to Solve Them

4 Common Problems with Standing Desk Chairs and How to Solve Them

|Jun 1, 2021

A standing desk chair works in cooperation with a standing desk, and both pieces of furniture, when combined, give a suitable and comfortable seating arrangement. The importance of having ergonomically comfortable furniture is rule number one for modern workplaces. Without the proper know-how of managing modern furniture, it becomes harder to transition to a modern workplace.

If you have been dealing with standing desk stools and chairs, then you must be aware of the initial rules and might have experienced the benefits also, but there are certain drawbacks to each type of product or theory. The problems with standing desk chairs are very common and don't worry about the standing chair problems as their solutions are easier than you could have thought.

What Is A Standing Desk Chair?

Though don’t get confused with the name, a standing desk chair or a stool for a standing desk is a piece of furniture that helps you acquire a posture between sitting and standing. This posture is suitable for people who cannot completely sit while working but are tired of straining their feet.

What Is A Standing Desk Chair?

Standing desk chairs are often in the form of an ergonomic stool that retains your posture and takes load off your feet and the lower back. There are many variations to a standing desk chair, such as simple stools, drafting chairs, ergonomic chairs, yoga balls, or many other options. Though a standing desk chair is very common to pair with a standing desk, it has certain limitations.

Problems When Using a Stool for Standing Desk

There is no doubt about the popularity of a standing desk, and it is all for the right reasons. They reduce the square footage, increase the rate of metabolism, provide   improved efficiency, and help you remain active while working.

As the use of standing desks increased, the combination of a standing desk with standing chairs has become more common. There are certain common problems faced by people who use standing desk chairs as a part of their work or gaming routine.

1. Difficulty Adjusting

Just like any other change in life, a standing chair is also a modification that requires some time to get used to. By the looks, a standing chair not only seems uncomfortable but also is very tiny as compared to a seat we would consider comfortable. Sitting on a standing desk chair is easy but adjusting it to the right way is hard. It may take some time, and initially, you will find the product not working for you at all.

Difficulty Adjusting

2. Soreness

There is not just a single body part that experiences soreness and fatigue with a standing desk chair. You will experience soreness in your feet, and the hip muscles will also ache after you remain on a standing desk stool for long hours. The absence of backrest and armrests also makes it hard to adjust to this change, so your arms and shoulders could experience a little pain too.

3. Uncomfortable Seating

This is a horror come true for anyone who has to work hours while resting against a seat. The need for a comfortable seat is very important for someone who needs to focus. Sadly, almost all standing desk chairs or stools come with uncomfortable seating. They are sometimes too hard, rigid against the bottom, and not even cushioned properly.

Standing chair seats are often smaller than common office chairs, with less than half the surface area. They frequently have a little cushion, with several models providing no cushioning at all. Unlike an office ergonomic chair that contours to body shape, saddle, convex, and contoured are the most prevalent shapes in a standing desk chair. Because these are all fairly unique forms, they will not be comfortable for everyone.

4. Not Suitable for Long Hours

Adjustability is not the only issue with standing chairs, but the chair itself is made to be unsuitable for long hours of sitting. Since the seat is uncomfortable, it becomes hard to sit for more than a few hours. Another factor that makes it difficult is the absence of lumbar support due to the lack of a backrest.

Not Suitable for Long Hours

Standing chairs are meant to bring your hips forward with an open leg angle, promoting good posture and a straight back naturally. It is, however, difficult to maintain this posture for a lengthy amount of time. A backrest with enough lumbar support ensures that you sit up straight. Moreover, many people complain about a standing desk chair being uncomfortable.

How to Adjust to a Standing Desk Chair?

Just like any other change in life, make this transition slowly and easy. Our body runs on a routine and is habitual of what we make it go through. Rather than shifting to a completely different routine, try sitting for a few hours each day. Gradually increase the time, and as soon as your feet start to hurt, adjusting the chair's height is a good idea. This also releases the strain off your back.

How to Deal with Uncomfortable Seating?

This is something that comes as a default from the manufacturers. Uncomfortable seating cannot be avoided if you have purchased a product with tough cushioning. It's better to make sure you purchase a product that has comfortable seating and offers other benefits.

How to Deal with Uncomfortable Seating?

ErgoStool is a great choice if you are looking for a suitably padded standing desk chair. Other options include ErgoChair Pro, which is height adjustable and can work with standing and normal desks. Such chairs are adjustable to various heights, and body types also offer better adjustability

How to Work For Long Hours with a Standing Desk Chair?

If you already have bought one or your work demands having a standing desk chair rather than a simple chair, then there are few things to deal with the uncomfortable seat and long hours. Start by using an anti-fatigue mat for your feet. You could also buy a footrest as an accessory and combine your standing desk chair with it.

How to Work For Long Hours with a Standing Desk Chair?

Moreover, no matter how comfortable your chair is or how softly the seat cushions your bottom, it is always recommended to take a few breaks while sitting. Walking for a few minutes, practicing some mediation exercises while sitting or standing are all ways to get over the feeling of tiredness.

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