4 Common Remote Work Challenges Everyone May Face

4 Common Remote Work Challenges Everyone May Face

|Jun 30, 2021

Remote work challenges are not simple to deal with. People who started working from home almost a year ago must be aware of the fact that the time taken to transition into this new routine is pretty substantial. Even though 90% of organizations will opt for remote working and make their employees work from home shortly, hybrid working seems to be a promising change in the workplace.

hybrid work environment isn't only aimed to bring the employees the comfort and freedom to work from their own homes, but it also plays a major role in saving cost and space for the organization.  Sure, there are many challenges of working remotely, and working from home problems has overwhelmed a major part of the workforce, but this doesn't mean that the hybrid work model isn't here to stay. After all, each challenge can be countered with the right approach and strategic planning.

Hybrid Work Model

It is common to ask what is a hybrid workforce and how does it exactly work? To answer this question once for all, a hybrid workforce is a combination of in-house and remote workers usually assigned different cycles of working from the office and remotely. The hybrid workforce model is aimed to facilitate the employees who are restricted due to either reason and have a hard time reaching the office.Hybrid Working Model

This also allows employees and prospects over large distances to connect and chat over the important points. The hybrid work model offers many advantages over a conventional workplace, which is also integral in saving costs and time. Though the transition to this new change in the workplace isn't as easy as it sounds, there are some ways through which you can counteract the hybrid remote work challenges.

Challenges of Remote Working

Do you remember the last time you got out of your PJs and dressed head to toe for a formal meeting? Remote working has its perks, and some of them are loved by introverts. Sure, if you miss sitting close to your work friends and chatting about work-life balance, then remote work might be hard on you. Other than the gossip session, there are various other challenges faced during the transition to remote working.

Here are some of the most commonly faced challenges in a remote workplace that you or your employees might be facing.

1. Work-life Balance

This is one of the most common remote work challenges. Have you observed your boss calling you at weird times? The routine you follow during remote work isn't the same for everybody else and which is why you might be facing frustration over your boss calling or texting you at odd hours. However, it was anticipated that remote working would decrease the work hours given by the employees, but the truth is the opposite.

Work-life Balance

Many employees complain they have lost their entire work-life balance because of the hybrid work schedule. This is a serious issue, especially if your family time is getting at stake due to your sitting for long hours in front of the computer and on the other hand, this isn't very great for your health either.

Whether you have the perfect tools, internet connection, or the office setup at home, it is important to get off that chair at one point in a day. Ensure to stick to the working hours and leave the work desk as soon as you are done with the projects. Rather than procrastinating, it is wise to complete work in the said time and enjoy the rest with yourself and the family.

2. Time Management

The same task that could be done in hours from the workplace takes no less than 3 hours in the home. This is a common observance for people who have shifted to work from home. Part of the reason for this remote work challenge is that home life has many distractions and responsibilities. You cannot just let go of everything and focus on your work while the children create a mess at the back.

Time Management

Consider utilizing time monitoring software, which allows you to log time spent on various activities or categories of work if you're ambitious. Whatever method you choose to manage your time, make a calendar for yourself that you can keep to—and that your boss can see, especially if your hours aren't in the same time zone.

Time management at work is tough, especially in the initial days, so you need to be smart with the strategy. Other than the released strategy by your teammates, make sure to opt for practices that are in your interest.

3. Loneliness

Depression was keenly observed in people who weren't ready for this major switch in life. Loneliness is a serious remote work challenge, and for people who consider themselves in a toxic home environment, our work could be no less than our escape. On the other hand, people who live alone and have their colleagues or work friends as their family? Well, loneliness is going to hit them hard.


To counter the loneliness of working from home, make sure you spend a few minutes chatting with your colleagues or other friends each day. Trying to have a virtual coffee session and discussing the day's happenings will cause you all to feel the same bond you and your employees so miss.

4. Team Communication

No matter how sound tools you use or how scheduled the work hours are, there is bound to be a lag in cross-functional communication while working from home. Not everyone will have a stable internet connection at all times, and worse, some employees don't even have technologically advanced devices. This creates a barrier amongst employees, causing them to lose sight of the project and result in frustration too.

 Team Communication

It is important to make sure that each employee has enough arrangement to counter the project requirements. The company must make sure to apply some loaning or leasing policies before making the transition to a hybrid work model.

How to Overcome Remote Work Challenges

How to Overcome Remote Work Challenges

The challenges of remote working have been long predicted before these problems even took a toll. And the best part? There are many helpful strategies and tips to overcome remote working challenges. Applying this change slowly, keeping all the employees on board, and focusing on the long-term vision is to name a few, but the deep-rooted challenges can be countered with a smart hybrid workforce model.

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