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4 Desk Setup Ideas for Easter 2021
Workplace Inspiration

4 Desk Setup Ideas for Easter 2021

|Mar 23, 2021

Your Easter desk setup may be on your mind as the holiday season is on the horizon yet again. What do you do to your home office standing desk to get ready for the festivities? Of course, you don't want to go so overboard with the decorations that you begin to hamper your productivity in the process. Therefore, you want to set things up in a way that brings the holiday spirit just enough.

While people may not necessarily think that Easter is a time to get creative, you know that's not the case, which is why you are here. You want to do something to your ergonomic chair and office desk for Instagram pictures, don't you? The tips below should help you with your personal design for your office desk. By the time you're finished, you should no longer be wondering how to set a desk for Easter. 

Ceiling Easter Eggs

Ceiling Easter Eggs

While the term “Easter egg” has been used to speak to hidden gems in popular media alternatives, such as movies and video games, nothing holds a candle to the inspiration for the metaphor. Easter eggs are synonymous with the season, and it would be strange to think that your Easter decorating ideas for your desk setting could be complete without Easter eggs being featured somewhere in the mix.

Though the heading refers to the ceiling, you're free to put your Easter eggs wherever you feel like they can give the kind of image that you want. However, hanging them from the ceiling gives an aesthetic that is a bit different from the norm. You could even take things a step further and papier-mache them to give a piñata vibe. Feel free to fill them with treats and knock them down after each workday for fun.

If you are going to be using them traditionally, then you can have one of your close friends or relatives hide the Easter eggs around the house for you to find them at your leisure. If so, you could use your effective breaktime or other periods to have a look to locate the hidden gems. 

As you likely see, there are various ways you could go about implementing Easter eggs into your design choices. Find whichever way fits you, and you are very unlikely to regret the decision you make.

Easter Bunny Cut-outs

Easter Bunny Cut-outs

Different holidays have different prominent figures associated with them, and the Easter Bunny is the poster child for this season. Therefore, it would only make sense that your home office organization ideas include it. While this is not a desk setup full guide, it can go a long way in helping you to incorporate this cute little creature in your setup, even if it is a minimalist one.

The first thing you want to do is pay attention to the color scheme that you currently have going on with your desk. If you're going to be doing Easter Bunny cutouts and pasting them, they shouldn't be clashing in a way that throws your whole theme off.

If they do, the decorations are going to bring you more grief than joy, which is never the idea behind this sort of thing. It is possible to use brilliant colors against neutral ones for your Easter desk setup without them feeling like they're constantly intertwined in a brawl. 

If you are making the cut-outs yourself, try to use a mold or at least an outline to keep things uniform. If you want, you can even paste a couple of them on your office chair for a real Easter Bunny take over.



There is arguably nothing agricultural that is more synonymous with the Easter season than tulips are. Therefore, you can't go wrong by incorporating them into your desk setup. The chances are that you don't already have a jar or vase that is conducive and complementary to bringing tulips into the fold. Luckily, going out and getting one is not the hardest one to do.

In fact, you could consider choosing one that has a material conducive to spray paint. You don't need to be a master painter to pull off a quick color change that complements both the tulips and the color scheme that you already have in place. Even if you have a minimalist look, your Easter desk setup modification doesn't need to detract too heavily from that.

Having a plant on your desk is a typical feature of such layouts, which means that you can easily achieve it without starting to get that feeling of clutter that you would not want. Remember that the tulips are likely only going to be there during the holiday anyway, so what's there to worry about? 

Easter Egg Carton Planters

Easter Egg Carton Planters

Here’s another option that you can consider in your Easter desk setup. The modern aesthetic that carton planters bring is hard to describe in words. It's the kind of thing you need to see as much as you need to experience it to understand. Though you may be working from home, it is still the place that you live.

In a holiday context, that means you may be having a couple of guests over from time to time. Not only do these items make great alternatives to place cards, but you could even choose to give them to your guests as favors. Not all of them are going to be placed on your office standing desk. If you want, you can place your favorites there, and put others in locations that are more conducive to those who may come to visit you.

Note that setting these up to be effective for others may require your going through a couple of tutorials first. Even so, it's not the hardest thing in the world for you to pull off, so there's nothing for you to worry about.


Many Easter desk setup ideas exist, and the ones above are four that you can work with. They form a great base for you to get creative inspiration to pull off even greater things. Not only are these ideas stellar fundamentals, but you can implement them without throwing off your state of productivity.

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