4 Easy Ways to Add Art to Your Workstation at Home
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4 Easy Ways to Add Art to Your Workstation at Home

|Mar 24, 2021

Don't underestimate the power of art for office use. Sometimes, people forget that they don't have to leave their workspaces in the same default form they got them in. While it is true that you are in a professional environment, that doesn't stop you from injecting a piece of yourself into the mix. Whether you work exclusively for the money or the passion, making the home workspace you like uniquely yours is undoubtedly going to make you more comfortable.

Some people may not necessarily agree with this sentiment in a traditional office space, but doesn't the narrative change when you are at home? Your home should be the place where you are most comfortable. So, if you are not personalizing your workstation so feel more comfortable at home, you may want to start considering doing so. Choosing art for your home office is a great way to start.

Productivity and Creativity

Wall Decor

Imagine your bedroom in the messiest state it has ever been in. Try to recapture the feeling you had walking into and through it. Apart from potentially feeling repulsed, you may have felt flustered, uninspired, and even fatigued. That's because of the psychological impact that your immediate environment has. 

Why do you think ergonomics speaks to the tools and the environment as being a part of the positive reinforcement in the workplace? If you have an Autonomous Art Desk as a part of your living room office design, that's great! However, if and the surrounding is not conducive to a progressive workflow, you may start to wonder what the point is.

Now jump back to the workspace in the bedroom example for a moment. At some point, you would likely have cleaned it. If you didn't, hopefully, that's because the messiest your room has ever been is an occurrence that only happened very recently. If so, imagine another time or another dirty room that you would have cleaned in the past.

Contrast the feeling you got from the clean room so the one you got from the dirty one. In the clean environment, the air probably felt lighter, you likely felt more inspired, and there was possibly even a drive to do more. You can look at this as the clean room effect. If nothing else, it reinforces the point that your environment has a big part to play in how you function.

Home office wall decor and other elements of art can come together to create a surrounding that is beneficial to your productivity. Additionally, you may notice your creative juices flowing, which allows you to find the most intuitive and innovative solutions to all the problems that may crop up during your work.

How to Add the Best Office Art to Your Workstation

It's a good idea to start by setting the expectation here. Art doesn't mean that you need to seek some of Picasso's original works to throw up in your office. If that's your scene, and you can get your hands on some of them, then more power to you. However, you don't need to go quite that far to spruce things up a bit. So, here are some of the simpler ideas you could implement.

Hues of Blue

Hues of Blue

When did productive colors become a thing? People are often surprised by the ignored elements that make a world of difference in the way they live and work. Who knew something as overlooked as the color of the walls surrounding your workstation could impact anything? Well, it just so happens that helpful and harmful colors do exist, and the workspace can transform tremendously based on which are used. Consider using hues of blue around you to add art for office. 

Blue promotes mental stimulation, which means greater potential for productivity. You'd be hard-pressed to identify another color that can have such an effect in such an immediate and commanding manner.

Stationery Holder

Stationery Holder

Many office desks are home to various stationery items, such as pens, pencils, and scissors. If you have any of these, where are they kept and how are they organized? A stationary Holder can make for a functional and cheap work desk decoration. All you need to do to add art for office is ensure that the color complements whatever else may already be there. Who said that you couldn't hold all your stationery in style?

Plants and Flowers

Plants and Flowers

Even those who subscribe to the theory of maintaining a minimalist laptop desk setup are often enamored with and supportive of using plants and flowers as a decorative element for best office art. Provided that the flora doesn't feature a color that pulls attention from everything else, plants tend to be the perfect subtle touch to give a positive feel to your surroundings.

Much of the choice in this regard differs by personality. Some people may opt for neutral-colored plants to add art for office, while others may be after flowers with beautiful blooms. Being decorative is not the only benefit here.

People sometimes lament about the positive and joyous feelings they experience from being around Flowers. Also, oxygen is a byproduct of the process that plants used to make their food. This is a version of the compound in one of its purest forms, so there is an environmental aspect to the advantageous nature that flowers have. 



This was probably the first thing you expected to see after reading the topic. When selecting the best office art for this use, it's hard to go wrong with pictures. You may hang them on the wall in your workspace, or you may even decide to put them in the picture frames on your desk. The choice is yours, and the idea is to choose the look that makes you most comfortable. Arbitrary features can work but try to choose those that motivate you.

Take Creative Control

Creative Control

It's always a great thing to see when people use their creative freedom to make their workspaces a little more comfortable. In this instance, it's about doing what you can with your desk. Apart from using the ideas above to place various elements around you, you may even also consider applying stickers for art for your office or paint directly to the desk to make yourself more comfortable. It's healthy to have this DIY approach, so never shy away from letting your creativity shine.

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