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4 Fun Easter Activities for Kids Learning Remotely
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4 Fun Easter Activities for Kids Learning Remotely

|Mar 25, 2021

Finding fun Easter activities for kids sounds like it should be a relatively easy task. However, without proper planning, it's very easy to slip unless the said planning is carefully completed. Well, the requirements to get it right are hard enough when you must be in the same location as your class. When you must come up with Easter ideas for school purposes, there's a bit of added pressure on you. This principle goes double for the situation in which you are part of a remote learning program. 

Not only may you be working from a living room office, but you also mostly keep children excited Without having the advantage of face-to-face play to work with. PE distance learning ideas are difficult to come up with, for example, based on the involved and personal way that the subject works. Thankfully, the information below looks at Easter activities for students. These are some of the best things ever that you can bring into the process to create a more engaging time for children who are learning from home. 

Mix and Match

mix and match

Whether it's a standing desk for kids or a traditional sitting desk, the children that you're working with should have a desk surface that they can use to play games such as this one. Mix and Match is one of the simplest Easter activities for school age children that are still learning cognitive and other basic skills.

Color naming may be a part of that learning set and Mix and Match is the perfect idea for fun Easter activities for kids to reinforce whatever you may have been teaching in the world of color. Note that this is going to require parents to provide their children with a set of Easter eggs to work. These are likely going to attract an additional cost, so giving a warning may be required. Even if the parents need to pay, maybe you can provide the sets of eggs to each child.

Plastic eggs tend to be used, as they offer the safest play option of the lot. While it is true that all Easter eggs are dried anyways, dropping a plastic egg (very likely of a child) is not going to be a problem.

The children are going to have several illustrations with colored egg-like images that match the colors of eggs in their possession. The aim of the game for Easter activities for students is to locate the required egg based on the colors in each image. Not only does this game sharpen recollection skills, but it's also a perfect segue into reinforcing two colors at a time.

Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Just as you make repurpose traditional wall decor for your home office, popular games are often wrapped up in a new package to play a different role in a different season. Take the traditional game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey as one of Easter ideas for school, for example. A Christmas variant of this would likely be Pin the Tail on the Reindeer. Since the focus is on fun Easter activities for kids, the game to be used here is Pin the Tail on the Bunny. You are going to need to notify parents ahead of time that their children are going to be required to be on camera for this one. An image of the said Bunny is going to be provided, as well as the tail portion that needs to be pinned.

Both you and the other children can say the kind of things you would have in a face-to-face context. Though each child is at home, the game should still be as fun as ever, considering the child that's placing the tail on the bunny is going to be blindfolded the whole time. Naturally, parental supervision is required to make sure that children don't hurt themselves. 

Easter Candy Dice

easter candy dice

Not all games in fun Easter activities for kids need to be designed with some complicated end goal in mind. Sometimes, a game needs to do nothing more but contribute to making the children excited or causing them to smile. That's where the Easter Candy Dice Game comes in, as it caters to the sweet tooth of the children who make up your remote class. You can celebrate virtual team bonding for your class with this game.

You're going to need to put a spin on the traditional play method for this one. Typically, each child gets four pieces of candy, and there is a pool in the middle afterward. Each child then rolls in a sequence with the following stipulations present: 

  • Rolling a snake eye means choosing a piece of candy 
  • Rolling a two means choosing two pieces of candy
  • Rolling three means giving one piece of candy to someone else 
  • Rolling four means take one piece of candy from someone else
  • Rolling five means take two pieces of candy from someone else
  • Rolling six meals returns two pieces of your candy to the pile

Since you're not going to be using a single pool, have parents get enough candy to create large enough individual pools. When children must return pieces to the pile or “give” pieces to another player, the giver can return the required pieces to the individual pile, while the recipients can take pieces from their piles. 

The winner is the child who manages to get 10 pieces of candy first. Children are likely to enjoy anything having to do with candy, so this one is a no-brainer.

Guess How Many

guess how many

Here is yet another game in fun Easter activities for kids that's going to require some tweaking on your end to have the intended effect. Thankfully, the nature of it is simple. Place a jar of jellybeans on your ergonomic study desk and focus your camera on it. The children at home have only a simple mission. They are required to guess how many jellybeans are in your jar. 

The incentive here is that the child who manages to guess correctly gets the jar of jellybeans. Of course, you are going to have to work out the logistics behind getting the beans to the required household for the champion to enjoy. 

It is often unlikely that anyone is going to guess the correct number, so you can take one guess from everyone, or you can give each child a few guesses to try their hands at it. What you can also choose to do is award the prize to the child who manages to get the closest to the real number.

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