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4 Hybrid Work Apps to Manage Your Work Team

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Jul 23, 2021

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Applications, no matter what kind, facilitate human beings in day-to-day tasks. As the world becomes digital, no aspect of life hasn't been facilitated through applications and other digital modifications. The workplace is no exception. However, the concept through which workplaces operate has significantly changed over time. The post-Covid workplace is safe, efficient, and different. It is also targeted to improve employee satisfaction in many ways.

From business shifting towards the hybrid office to getting various office hoteling software, there is a lot more the business world has to see. Amongst these are the many applications and helpful tools to facilitate teams working in a hybrid arrangement.  The hybrid work app is one such which helps in the proper implementation of hybrid work arrangements and other modifications. A hybrid work app may be a hot-desking software or a way to manage a hoteling office space; whatever it is, it's a way to make things easier for the organizations during this paradigm shift.

Some Hybrid Work Apps to Facilitate Hybrid Work Solution

Organizations must understand that, as the workplace evolves, the way people work and communicate is fundamentally altering. Hybrid Office apps assist in establishing the groundwork for the next-generation workplace, as well as helping individuals and organizations, making this hybrid work paradigm viable.

Since managing a mix of employees working on-site and remotely is not easy, you can make things work with the help of technology. Even though the remote employees could come to the office periodically to benefit from the office amenities, the remote work model has some applications that can remove geographical distances. Here are some applications to facilitate management and increase productivity in a hybrid workplace.

1. Autonomous Hybrid OS

Autonomous Hybrid OS

Thankfully the Autonomous Hybrid OS model entails all the basic features needed in order for an organization to grow and flourish.  It helps to minimize effort on workspace arrangement and better manage office layout as well as employee attendance. It offers all the basic guidelines, items you need for a co-working space set up, software systems you should rely on, and tips to get on board with this change.

2. Sequre


Sequre is a hybrid work app known to manage a team and its productivity. Your organization can organize desk availability, team management and also work on reserving workstations. It is arguably the most adaptable workplace management software available, assisting Facility Managers and businesses in delivering enablement at work, regardless of location. Focusing on delivering everything required, sequre offers companies the confidence to return employees to a secure and compliant workplace.

3. Freshdesk


A good business doesn't ignore the customer experience but pays attention to it, and who said with a hybrid workplace, you cannot greet and meet your clients well? Freshdesk is a fantastic way for startups and small businesses to serve their external clients. Freshdesk is help desk software that is ideal for addressing tickets as they come in. Freshdesk provides a free trial version that you may use before committing to one of its premium subscriptions.

4. QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time

Workplace flexibility is a good thing, but it may cause some of the employees to procrastinate. Rather than getting up from bed, some of us spend the entire day fretting over the to-do list. To make sure your employees still understand the value of discipline, there is a need for a tracking system.

After all, the hybrid work model cannot function without attendance management and time monitoring. QuickBooks Time is an excellent workforce and time management tool for organizations in a hybrid work environment. This app offers many good features amongst them is the option to be time compatible so users can log in and log out of the virtual workplace easily.

Why Hybrid Office Apps are Important

Why Hybrid Office Apps are Important

After learning about the pros and cons of hot-desking and finding the right type of hybrid model for your organization, businesses still need to go a long way to ensure their organization does not suffer from employee frustration causing the whole scenario to fail.

This necessitates the use of proper planning, strategy, management tools, and applications. Using a remote work app is one such way to bring employees on board and make use of technology to better the workplace. Other than the smooth transition, here are various other reasons why hybrid work apps are important.

Better Communication


Communication is one of the most integral keys to successful work. Communication apps are specific to provide a better communicating experience through virtual distances. We all have familiarized ourselves with zoom and teams, but they are not the only ones that bring your employees face to face in a virtual world.

With a proper communication app (same across the organization), you can provide your employees uninterrupted discussions. They won't even feel that they aren't sitting side by side with their teammate anymore.

Streamlines Processes

Hybrid work apps are there as a digital workplace. You need a document to proceed with work, you can find it, need a suitable place to keep a file, it's there, need to proceed with a project your teammate previously worked on? Everything is there. It is like having a virtual office where you can carry on all the tasks you would do physically; the only difference? You are safe and sound in your home.



With offices shifting online, cybersecurity has never been a bigger threat. There is worth millions of dollars' information at stake that you need to protect from competitors, hackers, and cybercriminals of all sorts. The benefit of hybrid office apps over conventional apps is that they are secured and especially encrypted to ensure maximum privacy. As a result, you can store a lot of information and not worry about anyone breaking into your office.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement not only increases team collaboration but also makes employees feel important and heard. And it is no surprise that managing employees when half of the team is remote while the other half is in the office is no less than a challenge. As a result, workplaces must find innovative ways to assist employees in order to ensure that the organization runs smoothly.

Similar Platform

Bringing all the employees on the same platform is tough, especially with a hybrid work arrangement. Some are remote, some are in-house, while some are even borders apart. This could cause many employees to feel left out and unheard. On the other hand, using the same application for a specific purpose allows employees to feel like a part of an organization where they work in the same way as everyone else is.

A tough challenge your organization could encounter is the choice of hybrid office apps to make things work. But with the right hybrid office model and a framework, you can easily get on board with this change, and a few tweaks here and there is a part of the routine.

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