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4 Office Space and Office Interior Design Ideas for 2024
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4 Office Space and Office Interior Design Ideas for 2024

|Mar 31, 2022

Modern workplace culture and modern office interior design go hand in hand. Productivity, collaboration, and creativity thrive when staff are comfortable in their office or workspace.  

The traditional cubicle maze setup vanishes as more companies shift towards hybrid and remote work. You can turn your traditional office into a hybrid format, including utilizing wall space, focusing on incorporating natural elements, making way for common multi-purpose areas, and more.  

If you are looking for the best modern office design, you need to find the correct one for your organization. It can be challenging to spot the trends that balance evergreen design and the latest fads.  

In this article, we are here to supply you with office interior ideas so that you can get some inspiration for 2022. Without further ado, let us begin this piece.  

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Common Area Office Interior Design Ideas

Since most companies are starting to combine remote and in-person work as their new standard, the workspace must have these common areas. Kitchens, openwork areas, break rooms, and more can all be considered shared locations in your office. 

Excellent office interior designs reflect what your team needs to accomplish their goals and how your company does business.  

Ample interior office space with coffee tables and loveseats works for impromptu brainstorming sessions between managers or employees. It's good to note that these areas may not be best for round table creative sessions or lunch meetings. 

By using a big round table or lines of counters in a common area like the kitchen, you can give employees excellent spots to have a spirited conversation or relax over lunch, but these interior office spaces aren't great for long periods of work on the laptop. 

It's vital to strike the correct balance and offer your staff various types of shared space to suit the requirements of their workday.  

Common Area Office Interior Design Ideas

Designing Space with Color

Many studies have been performed that show the effects that color has on human behaviors and emotions. It would help if you thought about how red means strong emotions, such as anger or excitement, or implies a warning in Western cultures.  

On the other hand, in some Eastern cultures, red is the color of luck or joy. Depending on a person's personal experience, cultural background, and upbringing, color can influence actions and states of mind.  

Think strategically about how you want to affect your team and what color for office interior you want to use. Calmer tones may create a more serene environment, while bolder colors inspire excitement. It is suggested to choose colors that resonate with your business's mission and brand identity.  

office interior design with Color

Utilize Environmental Graphics and Wall Murals

If you ask your office workers if they want to look at boring walls, their answer is sure to be a resounding "no". Wall design for offices gives you an ideal opportunity to show your employees and company what you stand for. Say, for example, your company's culture and area's natural beauty can be tied together with a creative mural. 

Utilize Environmental Graphics and Wall Murals

Here are some of the benefits of environmental graphics in the workspace; these include but are not limited to: 

  • Encourages well-being and cooperation
  • Connects, inspires, and motivates employees
  • Creates a unified and unique visual environment
  • You can offer privacy with partitions and glass walls
  • Combine acoustic management panels with texture, form, and color
  • Reinforces corporate meshing and brand identity 
  • Can bring dimensions to your interior office space with column wraps, lit logos and lettering, three-dimensional designs, standoff wall panels, and room framed art 

Consider Sound Masking and Sound Quality

One thing that is crucial to your company's workplace environment and office interior design is the sound quality in the interior architect office. No one likes loud ambient noise, whether from the everyday dissonance of conversation and technology or the world outside. 

Privacy often depends on the thoughtful organization of your physical space and well-managed acoustics.  

There are many products available for your office interior design, from beautiful architectural elements to simple custom-colored panels that dampen or mask sound to make a quiet, productive workspace for your employees to focus and relax while doing their job.  

Consider Sound Masking and Sound Quality

Incorporate Natural Lightening

You should use natural light even though it may not be possible in all situations and also office interior design. Humans crave outdoor views and natural light, so incorporating the sun's UV rays can help reduce energy spending and increase staff productivity. Employees also feel more positive and better rested when there is natural light in the workplace.  

office interior design Incorporate Natural Lightening

Here are a few things you can do to start filling your interior architect office with natural light: 

  • Use reflective surfaces to maximize the exposure to the natural light; lighter colors, mirrors, and gloss finishes all boost light
  • In order to give guests and employees privacy, consider architectural accents or partitions instead of walls
  • Keep the lines of your storage and furniture options minimalistic and clean to allow natural light to reach every inch of your interior architect office
  • Use smart glass panels that adjust from transparent to opaque with an app or the touch of a button instead of solid walls; this will let natural light brighten up the work area 

Use Natural Elements

You can help your workforce feel connected to the world beyond the office by bringing elements of nature into your office interior design. Integrating living walls, succulents, container gardens, and flowers are great ways to improve morale and natural air quality.  

Incorporating natural materials such as stone, brick, or wood in your design and architecture to mimic an outdoor setting is also a fantastic idea. You could consider installing a foundation or waterfall for the cool, refreshing, and relaxing sound of flowing water.  

This does require some forethought for proper construction and plumbing, even though water features don't always need considerable space.  

Open Floor Plans

When designing a modern office space, wide-open floor plans are a common theme you will come across. Think about adjusting workstations to offer public and private spaces that convert seamlessly to let staff experience an environment that aids their work performance. 

Remember, some employees may only be in once a week or once a month while others may be in the office every day. They should have a designated space to work from even though not every staff member will have a dedicated desk.  

office interior design Open Floor Plans

Fluid Workspaces

This is one of the best office interior ideas. Sometimes these beautiful workspaces are in vain because no one quite knows how to use them. Making the right office interior design choice the first time around requires knowing how you want your space to function.  

Autonomous Desk or Autonomous Chair can make a great addition to the office, but make sure not to clutter equipment too close together. A fluid workspace area generally supports both socializing and working. 

Sliding Doors

Without taking up too much space, you can use sliding doors as a convenient way to create transitions between private and public areas. There are a multitude of popular options for hardware/function, size, and material, from rustic barn door styles to semi-permanent installations.  

Sliding Doors for office interior design

Lounge Comfort Areas

Some companies are known for their significant perks, from beer on tap to foosball. It's good to note that not every organization considers this downtime, but there are amenities that no business should go without.  

We think that every office space needs a simple kitchen with cold and hot beverage options. It can be as complicated as an espresso bar and fridge stocked with fresh fruits, seltzers, and juice or as essential as a correctly scaled tea and coffee service.  

Quality Conference Rooms

One of the most visited spaces in an office is arguably the conference room. Clients, stakeholders, employees alike meet up in these locations. If you want to create a productive and inviting environment, strategically designing your conference room is crucial. 

Simple audio and video upgrades can make video conferencing with remote staff members more productive and efficient. You can even incorporate interactive whiteboards and LED video walls for collaborations and zoom calls.  

Quality Conference Rooms

The Best Office Interior Design Examples

1. Port Davis Office – Melbourne

This company believes that people's homes are unique expressions of who they are and have built their World of Design showroom and process to allow their customers to express themselves through their interior design and home styling.  

Currently, Port Davis's employees are spread across seven locations throughout Melbourne, and this co-working space was designed to enable better work practices and strengthen culture.  

It is an activity-based interior office idea with several client-facing meeting rooms and can be altered to various work settings.  

On arrival, staff and visitors will experience a New York reception when they step out of the lift at 720 Bourke Street. This includes New York mullions detailing, glazed meeting room partitions, a recycled timber herringbone, cut crystal decorative lighting, turned timber legs, and a sleek reception desk.  

Once you walk into the space, you will discover industrial fixtures and fittings, an open grid ceiling, subway kitchen tiles, and a French industrial-inspired kitchen. 

Port Davis Office – Melbourne

2. The Wave Co-Working Office Hong Kong

The Wave co-working space allows creative professionals and start-ups to collaborate and build strong networks under a single roof. This office interior design space is part of a more extensive project consisting of an event area, workshop, co retail location, and food & beverage space within the same building. 

Creating a village-like environment with distinct zones such as Inspire, Meet, Work, Eat, Chill, Greet, and Punch is the concept of this co-working interior office idea. The main reception is located on the 10th floor, and as you enter, you are greeted with the company's slogan, "A basic hello could lead to a million things," which sets the tone of the highly interactive and friendly workspace.  

An open ceiling with suspended mesh hints at this industrial building's history. Natural materials and neutral tones are used as the backdrop, and energy is injected into the design with an array of colorful furniture.  

The corporate yellow theme is subtly infused in this vibrant place's lights, accent walls, furniture, and ceiling panels without standing out like a sore thumb.  

The Wave Co-Working Office Hong Kong

3. The 330 Park Street Collective

This co-working space was created by a group of Melbourne creatives and features concrete floors, wood-lined walls, and furniture designed by the studio that occupies the space. The co-working space was designed by Hip V Hype and contains two interconnected wings that create event interior office ideass, product showrooms, and studio areas. 

One side of the office is occupied by "Archier," the architecture studio behind the award-winning Sawmill house; on the other side of the building is the furniture studio, "Inkster." Each company uses its building section as both a showroom and workspace.  

This collective working arrangement was born with the desire for a collaborative working environment. 

In a press release, Hip V Hype stated, "When a group of passionate individuals is brought together, the energy is infectious. The group's knowledge increases every day because members exchange ideas consistently." 

Many workshops and events are planned for the space to drive continuous learning and collective growth even further.  

The 330 Park Street Collective

4. NASCAR Office – New York City

The NASCAR Office in New York City is nothing short of spectacular. Leading interior design and architectural firm Ted Moudis Associates (TMA) were the people responsible for bringing this office to light. 

What Ted Moudis Associates did was create a sophisticated office that is very sleek with lots of concrete and glass walls. The best thing about this minimalistic interior office design is that it has a rich but minimal color palette and features nine private glassed-in offices and 16 open-plan workspaces with views of Central Park.  

You will also find a small "huddle room" and three conference rooms named after famous racecar drivers. The office is heavily branded with NASCAR artwork and photography plus the physical space's architecture is exquisite. 

Above the reception area is a ceiling that features a real-life smaller scale representative of the NASCAR racetrack itself.  

The space is not without a nod to the automotive aspect of the NASCAR brand, despite its minimalist office design. There are two LCDs near the office's entrance, three feet wide and 10 feet wide, both streaming NASCAR races and other associated footage. 

NASCAR Office – New York City


Planning and designing your office can be tedious and time-consuming, but it can also be an excellent workspace refresher and maybe what office workers need to get their butts into gear.  

With the office interior design ideas provided in this piece, we hope that you can start today and create the office of your dreams.

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