4 Standing Desk Converter Problems You May Encounter
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4 Standing Desk Converter Problems You May Encounter

|Mar 13, 2021

There are two different types of standing desks that people can purchase whenever they want to start standing in the workplace. The first one is a normal standing desk, which is designed for standing. The second is a standing desk converter, which isn’t made for standing and comes with a host of standing desk converter problems.

If you are thinking about buying a standing desk converter to save a little money and prevent having to replace your old desk, make sure to do some research first. That research starts with this article, so we can make sure that you know about any standing desk problems you may encounter.

What Is A Standing Desk Converter?

A standing desk converter is something that you place on a typical sitting desk. It is an elevated surface that adjusts to your height and allows you to stand up and work standing. They can be placed on or attached to your desk and are typically adjustable to match a variety of different heights.

You might purchase a standing desk converter for a number of reasons. The converters are less expensive than getting a brand-new desk, and they can easily attach to your traditional desk. If you aren’t too keen on giving up your sitting desk and want to test out the standing desk lifestyle, then a converter can give you the best of both worlds.

What Is A Standing Desk Converter?

Pros of purchasing a standing desk converter:

  • You can move your desk from a sit to stand position.

  • This allows your to be more physical throughout the day.

  • You can burn more calories by standing more and more each day.

For all the pros that a standing desk converter can give you, they come with a fair list of standing desk converter problems as well. We are going to outline some of the standing desk converter cons below and share with you how a standing desk can prevent them.

The Standing Desk Converter Problems With Solution

1. Limited Space

One of the best things to learn with a standing desk converter vs desk converter isn’t a desk at all, but just a plank of wood that is attached to a machine. As such, you can only have as much space as the converter allows you to have. With all the space it gives you, it also takes up that much space on your sitting desk, so you might have to clear some stuff off.

Once you set up the standing desk converter, you probably have enough room to set your computer and its accessories down on it. Everything else needs to be placed on the cramped sitting desk or stored somewhere else. This isn’t optimal if you need to have papers or other items in front of you to complete the project you are standing for.

Limited Space

A standing desk or l-shaped standing desk, on the other hand, is an actual desk with plenty of space for your computer and anything else you may need to complete the project. So, to deal with standing desk converter problems, you should have enough space to lay out everything you need without having to shuffle things around or make significant changes to your workplace setup.

2. Lack Of Stability

Whenever you set up a standing desk converter, there is always the risk of stability. These are devices that are attached to your desk at best and left to be on your desk freeform at worst. One accidental bump or shove, and everything on the desk could come tumbling down for you. If you’ve got a computer attached to your standing desk converter, then you could easily run the risk of damaging it. No one wants an accidental hip bump to send a three figure laptop or desktop tumbling to the ground!

A standing desk is extremely stable because it is built like a desk, rather than just being attached to one. Most standing desks can be bumped, shoved, and shaken without causing the contents to fall off or even move too much. Accidents involving the standing desk happen, but they don’t need to disrupt your workflow or potentially damage your equipment.

Lack Of Stability

3. Limited Weight Capacity

Going hand in hand with the above standing desk converter problems, standing desk converters don’t hold as much as some of the standing desks do. A good standing desk converter can hold around 40 pounds, while an electrical powered standing desk converter is able to hold around 80 pounds. With a standard desktop computer monitor weighing in at around 10 pounds, that’s a large chunk of the available weight limit for the converter.

If you are planning on having more than one monitor on the desk converter, along with all your other stuff, you might start pushing against the upper end of the weight limit. A standing desk has an average weight capacity of around 50 to 300 lbs! You would have to really try to push this desk over the weight limit, and you can be confident that it can hold everything you need it to.

Limited Weight Capacity

4. Lack of Ergonomics

Almost every standing desk converter is designed to move up and down to match your height, but that’s about it. If there’s a separate platform for a keyboard and mouse, it probably won’t move. If you’ve set up the monitor at the perfect height but are having problems with the keyboard and mouse positioning, then you are out of luck.

Office desks have every single part of them designed to be ergonomic and comfortable for you to use. With most desks you can adjust the height of every moving part, giving you a unique desk that is tailored specifically to you. With the proper ergonomics at your disposal, then you can get back to doing good productive work.

Lack of Ergonomics

Finding The Perfect Standing Desk

If you don’t want to deal with all of these standing desk converter disadvantages, then you should purchase a tried-and-true standing desk to make sure that you are only receiving the advantages of using a standing desk. An adjustable standing desk should help improve your experience whenever you are standing at your desk, and also allow you to look forward to using it.

Make sure to do some research into what makes the best standing desks and get as many advantages as possible as well as avoid standing desk converter problems. Once you work with a professional standing desk, you might wonder why you ever tried to compromise with a standing desk converter!

Finding The Perfect Standing Desk

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