5 Best Bluetooth Speakers With Microphones for Conference Calls
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5 Best Bluetooth Speakers With Microphones for Conference Calls

Autonomous|Mar 29, 2023

Are you tired of struggling to hear or be heard during essential conference calls? If you want to make a good impression and ensure that your voice comes across clearly and concisely, a high-quality portable Bluetooth speaker with a built-in microphone is an investment that can go a long way in ensuring success in your professional life now that so much office correspondence has shifted online. 

With so many options on the market, knowing which speaker is the best for your needs can be challenging. That's why we've compiled a list of the five best Bluetooth speakers with microphones for conference calls. These speakers offer excellent sound quality, microphone sensitivity, and noise cancellation, making them the perfect choice for professional correspondence. (If you prefer headphones, we also have a list of the best wireless headsets on the market.) 

Whether working from home or in the office, these speakers will help you make a great impression and communicate effectively during your conference calls. 

Key Features to Consider When Purchasing Bluetooth Speakers with Microphone

Sound Quality and Volume

Poor sound quality or low volume can make it difficult to hear other participants or be heard yourself. Make sure the speaker you choose has a clear and crisp sound and enough volume to fill the room without distortion. 

Microphone Sensitivity and Noise Cancellation

During your professional correspondence, you want to ensure you come off as concise, clear, and articulate as possible, and unnecessary noise and clipped audio can get in the way. Make sure the Bluetooth speakers you purchase have good-quality wireless microphones so you can always make a good impression.

Consider When Purchasing Bluetooth Speakers with Microphone

Battery Life and Charging Options

Regarding conference calls, you don't want to constantly worry about battery life or deal with the hassle of frequent charging. Choosing a Bluetooth speaker with long battery life and convenient charging options, such as USB-C or wireless charging, is essential. 

Compatibility with Devices and Conference Call Platforms

Ensure that the PC Bluetooth speaker you choose is compatible with the devices and conference call platforms you will use. Some speakers may be optimized for specific platforms, while others may have broader compatibility. Compatibility is an essential factor to consider to avoid any technical difficulties during a call. 

Design and Portability

If you will be taking your Bluetooth speaker with you on the go, it's essential to choose one that is lightweight and portable. Some speakers are small and compact, while others have handles or straps for easy carrying. In addition to portability, the speaker's design should also be considered. A sleek and professional design can make a better impression during conference calls. 

Best Bluetooth Speakers on The Market in 2023

Many products are on the market, so it can be challenging to make the right decision. Let's look at the best Bluetooth speakers with a microphone on the market now. 

Jabra Speak 710

This premium speakerphone features HD voice and an omni-directional microphone for clear, high-quality sound. With an impressive wireless range of up to a hundred feet, your conference calls will never be interrupted by a quick pace around your work area. The Jabra Speak 710 also has a beautiful portable design and comes with a travel case for easy transport.

Jabra Speak 710

Jabra Speak 710

Item weight10.51 oz
Microphone typeOmni-directional
ConnectivityUSB 2.0 & Bluetooth® – USB cord ~ 90cm
Wireless rangeUp to 30 m
Talk-timeUp to 15 hours

Bose Soundlink Revolve+

If you're in the market for a portable speaker with a built-in wireless microphone, you might want to consider the Bose SoundLink Revolve+. This device boasts 360 degree sound and noise-canceling technology, so you can enjoy crystal-clear, stereo audio during your conference calls that makes it feel like you’re right there in person. The Revolve+ is also great as a portable device for use whiIe traveling.

Bose Soundlink Revolve+

Bose Soundlink Revolve+

Dimensions7.25"H x 4.13"W x 4.13"D
Item weight2 lbs
ColorsTriple Black, Luxe Silver
MaterialsSeamless aluminum grille, Silicone top with buttons, Silicone bottom, Convenient and durable woven carry handle
ConnectivityUSB 2.0 & Bluetooth® – USB cord ~ 90cm
BatteryRechargeable lithium-ion battery, Up to 17 hours on average listening volume
BluetoothVersion 4.1 - Up to 30 ft (9 m)

Anker Powerconf

If you’re looking for the best Bluetooth speaker with a built-in microphone that doesn’t cut corners on audio quality, the Anker PowerConf is a compact and budget-friendly option that offers six microphones and noise-cancellation technology, ensuring a disturbance-free experience for your professional calls. You can connect it to two devices simultaneously and enjoy wireless range up to thirty feet.

Anker Powerconf

Anker Powerconf

Microphone TechnologyVoice Enhancement and Noise Cancellation
Microphone Array6 Mic Array
Connection MethodUSB / Bluetooth
Mic Sample Rate16kHz HD Voice
Play Time24 Hours

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

For a wireless speaker that offers stereo sound and hands-free calling for an uninterrupted and smooth experience when calling with your colleagues, you might like the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2. With a built-in microphone,an amazing wireless range of up to a hundred feet, and a comfortable battery life, this portable speaker is perfect for a work-from-home setup that aims to combine presentation and utility in one lovely combo. Plus, it's water-resistant and comes in fun, vibrant colors to match the other PC accessories in your computer setup and add personality.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

Dimensions3.68" x 3.68" x 4.02"
Connectivity and RangeBluetooth 100 ft
ColorsCrushed Ice Grey, Deep Space, Radical Red
Battery LifeUp to 13 hrs
Special FeatureDustproof, Water Proof, Floatable, Ultra-Portable, Stereo-Pairing

Amazon Echo Dot

This popular smart speaker can be used for conference calls and even gaming PC setups with its builtin microphone and hands-free calling feature. It can connect to other Echo devices to create a network of speakers for larger rooms, if you need it for your team in the office and corroborating with international colIeagues, gives wireless room of up to thirty feet. The Amazon Echo Dot also works with smart assistants like Alexa, allowing you to control other smart devices, set reminders, etc.

Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen

Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen

Dimensions3.9"W x 3.9"D x 3.5"H
Speakers1.73" front-firing speaker
ColorsCharcoal, Deep Sea Blue, Glacier White
ScreenLED display on Echo Dot with clock
Privacy ControlsBuilt-in microphone off button and in-app privacy controls

Can I Use a Bluetooth Speaker  With a Microphone for Conference Calls with Any Device?

In most cases, yes. Bluetooth speakers with microphones are designed to work smoothly with a wide range of devices you might use on the daily. However, it's essential to check the speaker's specifications to ensure it works well with the device you plan to use. 

Some conference call platforms might also have specific requirements for the speaker, so it is generally a good idea to check with the platform's support team or website to ensure it is compatible with your speaker. 

How Important Are Microphone Sensitivity and Noise Cancellation for a Bluetooth Speaker for Conference Calls?

High-quality microphones with good sensitivity can pick up your voice clearly and accurately, even from a distance. Effective noise cancellation can also help to eliminate background noise and improve the overall quality of the call, so you can be sure that other participants clearly hear you and that you can hear them just as well, creating a more productive and effective conference call. Investing in the best headphones for work and good quality tech gadgets is essential. 


Investing in a high-quality Bluetooth speaker with a stand and microphone is an excellent way to improve your communication and productivity during conference calls. 

Sum Up

This guide explains the factors one should consider when purchasing Bluetooth speakers with a built-in mic, gives an overview of some top products on the market, and answers some frequently asked questions. We hope this guide was able to help you narrow down your options and make the best decision for purchasing Bluetooth speakers that will enhance your conference call experience and help you communicate effectively in all your correspondence, as well as doubling as a PC gaming accessory

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