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Top 5 Best Conference Room Chairs With Wheels for 2021

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Jun 1, 2021

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Do you want to purchase a conference room chair with wheels? You've come to the right place. Wheels are one of the most overlooked parts of office chairs. Most people prefer to focus on other areas – such as the adjustability or the upholstery used – but the truth is that casters are also an important part of any office chair.

Moreover, there are numerous types of casters that a chair can have. But how do you know which one you should choose? In this article, we'll break down this information so that you can decide what is the best conference room chair on wheels you can purchase for your company.

What are office chair casters?

A conference chair with casters allows easy movement and roll. This action is only possible due to a specific part of the chair, known as "caster."

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This device is located on the chair legs. It is one of the main differences that ergonomic office chairs have from regular chairs. Likewise, casters have three standard elements in their structure:

  • Mount
  • Stem
  • Wheel

Still, please note that this architecture is not universal as there are numerous types of casters. They can be different based on the purpose, design of the chair, and manufacturer.

Casters come in multiple sizes, although the current standard varies from 2 to 2.5 inches.

Selecting the right casters

Conference room chairs on casters also come in different types, based on the surface they will be used on. For instance, you can purchase a carpet caster for the mentioned flooring, but if your meeting room has a different surface type – like wood, for instance, it would be best if you used a hard surface caster. Don't worry; the wheels won't cause any damage to the flooring, as they were designed to comply with that exact purpose.

If you’re looking for the best ergonomic office chair with casters, first, you have to think about the type of flooring that's used in your workplace so you can safely place it without worrying about damaging the material.


There isn't anything complicated about selecting the right casters. All you need to do is take into account the type of flooring used in that particular room – as explained above – and you'll have the correct answer. Casters and all of their components are often made with the same materials used for the chair, although you may have to replace them in some instances, which isn't costly at all.

Without further ado, let’s begin telling you what the best conference room chairs on casters are based on their ergonomic features and many other aspects.

Conference Room Chairs with Wheels – Top Five Options

High-back office chairs are meant to be a one-time purchase. They are designed to last for long periods, and that’s why companies often offer extended warranties. This fact also explains their elevated price.

In this section, you will find the best conference room chairs with wheels found in today's market.

1. ErgoChair Core

The ErgoChair Core is one of Autnomous’s most remarkable chairs for multiple reasons. Not only has it been designed to provide the user with the most comfort, but it is also extremely durable despite its affordability. If you're looking for a cost-effective option in conference room chairs with wheels, perhaps this chair is what you're asking for.

sd core

If you often find yourself reclining your comfortable computer chair, you will like the reclining feature that the ErgoChair Core has to offer. Moreover, it attacks the lower back pain at its source as it is equipped with superb lumbar support that will adapt to the body of all users.

There’s no need to worry about feeling back pain after the conference is over. With the ErgoChair Core, you can trust that you will feel comfortable as ever, even if you've sat for prolonged periods.

2. ErgoChair Pro+

The ErgoChair Pro+ is one of the premium conference room chairs with wheels that Autonomous has to offer. It has an elevated price, but it is worth it as the seat will adapt to your body's shape quickly, making sure you feel comfortable from the very first moment.

sd pro

Like most of the products that Autonomous has on its catalog, this one emphasizes the lower back area and enhances the ergonomics of the room. Thus, you will enjoy multiple benefits – including excellent breathability that will keep your body fresh even if you've sat for many hours.

It will be easy for any person to find the best adjustments for their body as the chair allows them to modify all the essential features – like the seat height, armrest height, and others.

3. ErgoChair Pro

sd pro

The ErgoChair Pro is the standard version of the previous model. Although it doesn’t contain as many features as its enhanced alternative, it’s still one of the best ergonomic chairs that Autonomous has to offer, and it’s very similar to the first option, the ErgoChair Core. If you want a cost-effective solution, the ErgoChair Pro is your call.

4. The Nightingale CXO

The Nightingale CXO is a very heavy ergonomic mesh executive chair, able to hold around 350 lbs with its high-quality build. Unlike some other mesh chairs, this conference room chairs with wheels comes with a headrest stuffed with memory foam, guaranteed to keep your head padded and supported as you work. The headrest is also very adjustable, allowing you to tilt it and move it as required.

The rest of the chair is the same, padded with Nightingale’s patented memory foam, and you can easily sink into the seat. The CXO also comes with an ergonomic focus and has 4-way arms that can be adjusted to any height as needed.

5. Humanscale Diffrient World

The final option in the conference room chairs with wheels list is coming from Humanscale. What is better than a nice mesh executive office chair? A nice mesh chair in white, rather than black! Not only does the Humanscale Diffrient World chair provide a unique look to your office, but it is a high-end chair, as well. The mesh is durable enough to last you, without being super rigid. In fact, it changes based on your body shape to become the most comfortable to you.

It is also very adjustable with the seat depth, arm height, and seat height all being customizable. Plus, you do not need to fiddle with adjustment levers. The chair automatically reclines as you put more weight on the backrest.

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