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5 Best Ergonomic Computer Chairs for Home & Office Workers
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5 Best Ergonomic Computer Chairs for Home & Office Workers

|Mar 31, 2021

There are numerous reasons why an office or home worker should invest in an ergonomic computer chair. Most jobs in the modern environment of today, require a smart office or home worker to sit for hours on end in front of their computer screens. The best ergonomic computer chairs promote correct support of your posture, weight, and lumbar while sitting.

If you are an office or home worker who is looking to optimize your health throughout your workday and achieve maximum productivity at your workstation then consider investing in an ergonomic computer desk chair. In today’s work environment, staying healthy and comfortable is just as valuable as being productive and meeting your targets. An office computer chair ergonomic is a genius addition to your workspace. This article by Autonomous discusses why an ergonomic computer chair is needed for your office setup and lists our best ergonomic computer desk chairs for home and office workers that are going to create workplace wellness and workplace inspiration.

Why You Need an Ergonomic Computer Chair for Your Office Setup

Do you know what an ergonomic chair is? An ergonomic computer chair is a kind of ergonomic computer desk chair that has been specifically constructed to support the human body. An ergonomic computer chair is built with features and factors such as stability, comfort, balance, and health in mind. As a home or office, you could use your ergonomic office chair for a variety of tasks. An ergonomically built chair is an indispensable need for your office setup to ensure you get the best out of your tasks, whether it is for long hours at your office desk to remain vigilant and alert during meetings or just general navigating at your office desk.

Why You Need an Ergonomic Computer Chair for Your Office Setup

Factors To Consider When You Buy an Ergonomic Computer Chair

An ergonomic computer chair ensures that you work comfortably and achieve maximum productivity. Most ergonomic computer chairs positively impact everything from your health and posture, to keeping your spine upright. Here are some important ergonomic features to look for when you buy an ergonomic chair:

1. World Class Mechanism

The dedicated team at Autonomous has searched far and wide for a top-grade mechanism of the highest quality and versatility. Our Italian-designed tilt mechanism offers our customers the option of multiple levers which allow for personalized and fully customer-tailored support and resistance on every ergonomic computer chair.

World Class Mechanism

2. Ergonomic Computer Chair with Premium Materials

All of our ergonomic computer chairs are manufactured with soft and supportive foam on the seating. Our ergonomic chairs also feature a breathable mesh fabric on the backing to help office workers reach optimal comfort and promote airflow throughout the day. The ergonomic chairs are wrapped in breathable office chair fabric to make sure they are comfortable for our clients and stay fresh. Additionally, we are proud to announce that all premium materials used for ergonomic office chairs are made from environmentally friendly, recyclable materials.

Ergonomic Computer Chair with Premium Materials

3. Adjustable Armrests

The best ergonomic computer chairs such as the ErgoChair 2 have adjustable armrests. In addition to our ergonomic chairs providing comfortable support for different arm lengths, they are easy to adjust. You can adjust your ergonomic computer chair's armrest up and down, in or out, or forward and backward to ensure optimized comfort and reduce the effects of wrist strain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Adjustable Armrests

4. Flexible Lumbar Support

Most ergonomic computer chairs in the Autonomous range allow you to control the precise amount of lumbar support you want for your chair. The best ergonomic computer chairs come with a lumbar support cushion and a handle to unlock and control the exact amount of pressure you need to assist you in maintaining a pain-free, healthy posture throughout the workday regardless of your unique body type.

5. Tilting Backrest

Taking advantage of an Autonomous ergonomic chair tilting backrest is as simple as flipping the left handle below your seat. This allows you to lean forward and backward to the exact position you want, allowing for personalization and a customer-tailored experience. Making good use of the backrest helps you relax, reach maximum comfort, and helps your sitting posture.

Tilting Backrest

6. Breathable Support

The mesh backing used on ergonomic computer chairs is breathable, lightweights, and allows for subtle yet substantial stretch. The Korean mesh cradles your body while sitting in the ergonomic computer chair.

7. Rest Your Head

Issues with chronic neck pain occur often with home or office workers who spend many hours sitting in front of a computer. That is what makes this feature a crucial consideration when buying an ergonomic computer chair. The headrests on the Autonomous range of chairs have been designed with a comfortable sitting experience for customers in mind. The ergonomic computer chairs come with a height and tilt adjustability function to ensure there is no strain or pain for customers.

Rest Your Head

8. Easy Assembly

Every Autonomous ergonomic computer chair arrives in parts, however within a matter of minutes the chair can be assembled, and it is a piece of cake. You are going to receive a detailed set of instructions as well as the needed tools to get the job started all inside the box. Customers also have access to an online easy-to-follow visual tutorial online that guides you every step of the assembly.

9. Adjustable Seat Height

Taking advantage of the ergonomic computer chair's adjustable seat height feature is as simple as flipping the right handle under your seat. You can adjust your seat to your preferred height. For optimal comfort, we recommend you adjust the office chair to allow your legs to be bent at a 90-degree angle and your feet resting flat on the ground.

seat height

10. BIFMA Certified

We are proud to announce that when you decide to invest in an Autonomous ergonomic computer chair it has been globally recognized by the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA). This means that our ergonomic computer chairs have exceeded the necessary performance and safety standards set by BIFMA.

Why Choose Autonomous For Investing in Your Ergonomic Computer Chair?

Here are five reasons to choose Autonomous for buying ergonomic chair online:

1. We at Autonomous ensure that the money can be returned to you. Our range of ergonomic computer chairs is high-quality and long-lasting, saving consumers a lot of money on replacements and upkeep.

2. Autonomous offers a 30-day testing cycle on all of its products; this is the most exciting feature of the company. Its 30-day testing program allows you to test out the items before deciding to purchase them.

3. Autonomous have ongoing customer service, even after a transaction has been made. If you have any problems using any Autonomous products, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

4. Every customer expects a warranty on the goods they buy, and Autonomous provides it. From the day of arrival, you are going to have a one-year warranty that includes all upgrades and replacements.

5. Autonomous ergonomic computer chairs are made with advanced technology and premium materials. We guarantee affordable prices and free and fast shipping.

Why Choose Autonomous For Investing

The Benefits of Ergonomic Computer Chair

There are a variety of health benefits of ergonomic chairs that come with investing in an ergonomic computer chair as part of your office setup. Here is a list of some of the benefits:

  • An ergonomic chair allows you to maintain proper balance during the day, allowing your neck and back to relax. Your ergonomic chair should be balanced such that your legs are at a 90-degree angle to your stretched back, and your shins are at a 90-degree angle to your thighs, thereby reducing the chance of getting a sore neck and shoulders. This helps to ease any spinal restraints.
  • An ergonomic chair is much more convenient than a regular chair. Owing to pressure constraints on our bones and joints, we sometimes feel uneasy and uncomfortable seated in more traditional styles of seats. Joint ergonomic injuries that develop as a result of poor seating conditions are unpleasant and can last a lifetime.
  • An ergonomic chair lowers the risk of neck issues significantly. Adequate neck support successfully avoids the development of sore neck and shoulders. If left untreated, chronic neck stiffness can lead to serious problems including cervical spondylosis.
  • An ergonomic chair will help you get rid of back pain and shoulder pain. When sitting for long periods at work, lumbar support given by an ergonomic chair keeps the backbone free of pressure. Avoid having recurring back problems, which are very difficult to cure. Remember that preventing problems is still preferable to attempt to solve them!
  • If used correctly, an ergonomic chair relieves a lot of pressure on the hips. Your hips must be as flexible as possible when sitting to fulfill their primary function of keeping you upright and solid. A good ergonomic chair can make for full comfortable hip positioning, allowing you to complete everyday work activities comfortably and effectively.

The Benefits of Ergonomic Computer Chair

5 Best Ergonomic Computer Chairs for Home & Office Workers

Each ergonomic computer chair sold by Autonomous offers a distinct and unique customer experience and is an ergonomic solution. Our best ergonomic computer chair designs focus on helping you achieve maximum results, productivity, and output during your workday. They also focus and promote back support, spine protection, and comfortability. Here are our five best ergonomic computer chairs for home and office workers:

1. ErgoChair 2 by Autonomous

The ErgoChair 2 by Autonomous has a plain yet elegant ergonomic design. The ErgoChair 2 has a five-wheel frame, extra neck support, and adjustable lumbar support. Its Italian-designed tilt tension mechanisms allow you to adjust your chair's resistance and support; it is a luxurious yet affordable choice.

ErgoChair 2 by Autonomous

2. MyoChair by Autonomous

This ergonomic chair is similar to the ErgoChair 2, but the MyoChair is less expensive. The chair has a well-designed breathable mesh backing that provides solid support while keeping your back comfortable during the day. The MyoChair is available in a variety of colors, including cool gray and black, to give your workspace a professional look.

MyoChair by Autonomous

3. Kinn Chair by Autonomous

Kinn Chair is a luxury ergonomic chair choice. The back of this ergonomic office chair is made of a custom constructed TPE material in a fishbone pattern. The Kinn Chair by Autonomous has various adjustability features that ensure the user's ease. For office and home employees, this is the ideal premium choice.

Kinn Chair by Autonomous

4. AvoChair by Autonomous

AvoChair by Autonomous is a high-quality, environmentally sustainable ergonomic office chair. This ergonomic workplace choice is ideal for the office worker daily. The AvoChair also has a comfortable cushion and various adjustability options for maximum comfort. This ergonomic office chair is a cost-effective choice that comes in a range of colors.

AvoChair by Autonomous

5. ErgoStool by Autonomous

The Autonomous ErgoStool l is a fantastic alternative to traditional ergonomic office seats. Officers can choose active seating for the ErgoStool, which allows for a seamless transition between sitting and standing at their workstation. The ErgoStool has a vibrant and supportive convex cushion that facilitates blood circulation across the body.

ErgoStool by Autonomous

The Final Verdict

There are plenty of ergonomic computer chairs on the market that can help you find your dream comfort zone while also improving your productivity and energy levels, whether you are looking for an ergonomic computer chair for lower back discomfort, customizability, or general comfort. It is important to remember the work environment when selecting an ergonomic chair. An ergonomic chair has many advantages, ranging from health to workplace wellbeing and inspiration. Please contact us by email or leave a message below if you have any questions or comments.

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