5 Best White Table Tops for a Minimal Desk
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5 Best White Table Tops for a Minimal Desk

|Jul 16, 2021

If you are looking for a desktop with a minimal desk setting, here are some office table top options. Most wooden tables use MDF, or a Medium Density Fibreboard uses hardwood/softwood residues. They are then added to a mixture of wax and resin to give it shape in large boards of panels.  These panels are then treated to high temperatures, and strong pressure is applied to them. This helps the particles of wood and resin, and wax to bind to each other. MDF wood is the best for office furniture where you do not need heavy density or hardwood like oak, pine, birch, maple, or walnut wood.  Why?

The density of wood being high, they become heavy for office use and are not needed.  MDF board can take enough weight for the usage required in an office.

The following table tops are best for any office standing desk.

Best White Table Tops for Minimal Desk

Here is the selection of the five best white standing desks for your office/home office.

1. Autonomous Desk Surface

Seeking the best? Look no further than the Autonomous white desktop. Available in fourteen different colors, you can easily select white, the mother of all colors.  White color contrasts well with most office and home office decors. Pleasing to the yes, reading a book on the white surface is quite easy on the eyes and mind. You can customize this Autonomous Desk Surface with designs of your choice.  Simply ask for an Autonomous Artist desk.

 Autonomous Desk Surface

It is available in two finishes, a matte or standard finish. This white table top is made from prime warp-proof MDF wood.  If you prefer a natural wood selection, opt for the scratch-resistant bamboo wooden desktop in the same series. It makes the perfect pairing to match for a standing desk.  The desktop comes in a dimension of 53"L x 29"W x 1"H with two cable management orifices. Each orifice has a dimension of 2.4 inches, wide enough to manage most of your cables. You can always find easy payment options with Affirm or when the tabletop for sale is available.

2. Prism Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) Table Tops

The PRISM series of TFL tabletop is primarily deployed in commercial establishments and for residential purposes.  They have under a hundred designs, including an office desk white top. These designs include a mix and match for the wooden grains, and the finishes. These white table tops are effective for costs and provide high durability. They are available in colorful laminated boards for your choice. Smooth to touch, the large working surface is easy to clean and maintain with a light disinfectant or a damp cloth.

3. Wilsonart


This custom white tabletop series comes from the house of Wilsonart, an industry leader since 1956. It has many designs to match most office or home office decorations. Most of the desktops in these series have a superb finish. This finish makes a laminated surface, strengthening the durability by five times. They have both the High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) and Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) to meet your requirements.  It is easier to get with shorter lead times; this is a perfect selection.

4. HON Basyx Table Top

This white table top fits most standard-sized sit-stand desks easily. Weighing only 30 pounds, it has a 24" x 48" surface, which is wide enough for most office set-ups.  This versatile desktop can easily be used as a shelf, too, should you need this size. Use it in offices or for a home office. This white desktop offers a limited five-year warranty.  Assembly is easy and quick as the desktop is available with predrilled holes.  When supported with a strong metallic or wooden frame, it can easily take a payload of 150 lbs.

HON Basyx Table Top

The white desktop has a thickness of 3/4".  For your cleanliness needs, it is covered in laminate, providing a smooth underside. What's more? The desktop also has a protective edge banding to avoid any scratches and dings.  Clean this laminated surface easily using a damp rag. 

5. UNICOO Universal Table Top

UNICOO Universal Table Top

This white table top is unique and universal for most standard standing desks.  The table has dimensions of 55.1” x 27.6”. With these dimensions, you get a large working surface. Set up your desk just how you want it!  You can set up your computer or laptop and office stationery easily. This table top for sale is made from a solid melamine board surface, the perfect fit for a table set-up. It comes with predrilled holes for your convenience. These predrilled holes will fit only UNICOO Crank and electric frame models. The tabletop comes with two grommets on either side of the tabletop that are best to manage your cabling needs. 


This white table top from IKEA is sturdy and is light weighted. It is made from particleboard or fiberboard and filled with recycled paper (min. 70% recycled) using a honeycomb structure for strength. Using the small leftovers from sawmills, wood is not wasted, thus making this product environment-friendly. This white tabletop is available in a 55 1/8” W x 23” D x 5/8" thickness dimension.  The underframe can easily be attached to the tabletop as it comes with predrilled holes.


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Final Thoughts

Our verdict is for the Autonomous Desk Surface. Why? Choice of colors, superior quality, best market prices The superior quality MDF board will be your choice for wood for any desk!

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