5 Big & Tall Office Chairs in Canada (Over 300lbs)
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5 Big & Tall Office Chairs in Canada (Over 300lbs)

|May 15, 2021

As a bigger and taller person, you often have big hopes, dreams, and aspirations, so why should you settle for a small office chair? To maximize your fullest potential and be effective at work, you need a chair that can support you and improve overall productivity. For that, a big and tall office chair is the perfect addition to your office. The chairs available on the market have seen great improvements in technology and features, and often cause some confusion in finding the right chair for you.

Are you on the lookout for a heavy duty reclining office chair? Luckily, this guide should help you make that decision, showcasing the best big and tall office chairs in Canada. There are numerous categories to discuss when you think about the pros and cons of a big office chair. A few of these factors include durability, price, customizability, and adjustability. Do not worry though, as all these chairs are sturdy options for workers on the big, tall, and heavy side who are looking for a chair that can improve their efficiency and overall health.

Benefits of a Big and Tall Office Chair in Canada

Benefits of a Big and Tall Office Chair in Canada

An ergonomic office chair for a tall person must be comfortable, and it must fit their preferences and natural features. If not, then what is the point? While these chairs tend to cost a bit extra, it is worth not having chronic back pain and other complications associated with not having the appropriate chair. Like there is a shoe out there to fit your foot, there is a chair out there to fit your size.

Pros of a Big and Tall Office Chair

An office chair for a heavy person in Canada is a staple for larger persons. Here are some advantages that come with having one: 

  • This type of ergonomic office chair often has greater durability and lasts longer than normal chairs.
  • It alleviates chronic back pain, which is a chief complaint among office workers who sit for extended periods. 
  • It helps to improve and promote good posture and offers great lumbar support. 
  • It offers ergonomic benefits like the smaller chairs. With the extra support and comfort, it can improve your mood, blood flow, and productivity.

Cons of a Big and Tall Office Chair

Cons of a Big and Tall Office Chair

As with anything, there are disadvantages, and here are a few:

  • The size of this chair can make it difficult and less useful when sharing a space with smaller persons.
  • It takes a lot of space and can cost a bit more due to more materials and greater requirements.

Determining Your Height

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Before choosing a big ergonomic chair in Canada, you must figure out how tall you want the chair to be. The thing is, some chairs might not fit, and you might end up needing something specially designed for you. Another thing is how much adjustability do you want, as not every person who is 6 ft 4 inches or more likes having their chairs at the same height. You need variety to make an effective choice.

5 Best Big and Tall Office Chair in Canada

1. Autonomous Chair Ultra

Autonomous Chair Ultra

Did someone say comfort and adjustability? Well, that is the Autonomous Chair Ultra for you with its timeless seating. It has a sleek fishbone design you cannot help but love, which promotes natural airflow that can keep you cool during those hot days. Big and tall people use more energy and that often sweat more, so this is a good feature to have, which is one of the reasons the Autonomous Chair Ultrais a top choice. 

You can make the chair as personal as possible with the multiple colors available. On the topic of adjustability, the Autonomous Chair Ultra has a very high level, which is perfect for those taller users. With its sturdy framework and warranty process, the Autonomous Chair Ultra is a good investment. 

2. Autonomous Chair Ergo

Autonomous Chair Ergo​​​​​​​

You can expect the Autonomous Chair Ergo to conform and adjust to your body. This big and tall office chair in Canada offers great posture care and the ultimate comfort especially for a person over 300 lbs. it has a C-shaped headrest that holds your neck and head in place as you work. A breathable premium backrest keeps you from sweating excessively and cradles your spine to maintain its natural curvature. 

The soft memory foam, total height-adjustable design, polyurethane hand rest cushion, dual caster, and spacious backrest give you optimal positional support with lumbar support. This is the perfect chair for a bigger person made with suitable materials. The Autonomous Chair Ergo is built to last and is good value for your money. 

3. Intimate WM Heart

Intimate WM Heart

Gaming chairs seem to all look identical and the pleasing aesthetic of the Intimate WM Heart is a gem. Suitable for both traditional office and home office setups, it offers great comfort for hours. The additional support offered is ideal for tall persons who complain about neck and back pain constantly.

It comes with armrests that can be tucked away if you do not need them. All this means a person can stay seated for up to eight hours without a problem. Additionally, the unit is quite affordable. 

4. Serta Air Health Chair

Serta Air Health Chair

The Serta brand is a highly respected one among chair fanatics, so it comes as a no-brainer that the Serta Air Health Chair makes the list of heavy duty office chairs in Canada. The model is available in an array of colors to seamlessly compliment any setup or color scheme you have going on. One point to note is it is kind of pricey, which is something you must keep in mind when looking for a decently big and tall office chair in Canada. 

This chair supports over 300lbs, is easy to assemble, and offers great back and lumbar support.

5. Office Hippo Ergonomic Chair

Office Hippo Ergonomic Chair

Simplicity is key and this next big and tall office chair in Canada is all about that. The Office Hippo Ergonomic Chair is a top-notch contender for the top XL office chair in Canada. While it lacks a few ergonomic features when compared to other office chairs, its relatively lower price tends to attract people. 

Additionally, it can help with alleviating back pain and is available in various color choices (depending on the model and year).

Autonomous Chair Ultra - First 3D-Printed Chair

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