5 Custom Desk Ideas for Any Space with Any Shape
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5 Custom Desk Ideas for Any Space with Any Shape

|Nov 28, 2021

Ever wondered if you should build your own desk? Why not? No one knows what you need better than you. What's more, if you don’t know how to build a desk, you don't have to build it yourself. You could outsource the job to a desk maker and give them the design you have in mind. 

Customized office desks can transform your entire interior décor. You can have one made in any shape to fit any space. People may ask, why make your custom computer desk instead of just picking out a nice already-made one at the store? Well, for one, unlike store-bought furniture, custom-made desks meet specific requirements and dimensions. Also, you get to work hand-in-hand with the manufacturer to tailor your custom desk design down to your specifications. 

Top 5 Desk Ideas for Any Space

These are the top five custom desk ideas for any space of any shape for anyone who wants to build a standing desk

1. Autonomous SmartDesk Core

SmartDesk Core custom desk

DIY lovers can get a custom version of the SmartDesk Core. The standard SmartDesk Core is a standing desk designed for increased well-being and all-day productivity. 

It measures 53 inches by 29 inches. The frame comes in color options of white, black, and grey. The top comes in seven different colors. These include white matte, black matte, walnut, oak, bamboo, dark bamboo, and Autonomous x Artesian. 

This desk has a generous height range that goes from 29.4 inches to 48 inches and four programmable settings. This table could carry 265 of weight with ease and comes with options for regular or XL desktop sizes. It also provides a generous office desk surface

It has a solid steel frame, an electric-dual motor, and a 5-year warranty. Almost anyone can sit or stand comfortably on this desk, thanks to its adjustable height range. It has simple controls which let you save up to four custom heights, making it quicker and easier to move from sitting to standing. 

The Autonomous SmartDesk Core is durable and has been satisfied by the BIFMA, UL, and EMC. Autonomous offers customers a chance to order a customized version of this desk. Anyone is free to add their touch to the SmartDesk Core; this could be anything from adding your company logo to demanding a different shape to fit your space. 

Customization happens in three simple steps. First, you select the size of the desk, i.e., classic or XL. Next, upload your requirements. After this, you get three designs to choose one. Once you approve one, they start to work on your project. 

2. Autonomous SmartDesk Corner

SmartDesk Corner custom desk

The concept behind the Autonomous SmartDesk Corner is to create more space in the office. With this product, if you’re not satisfied with the standard version, you could order a customized version of any shape to fit into any space. 

The standard version of the SmartDesk comes in an L-shape that allows you to utilize your space more effectively. An L-shaped desk easily fits into office corner spaces and that is one of the most rewarding benefits of this desk. It has adjustable desk legs that permit people of different heights to be comfortable while working on it. 

The corner adjustable desk has more desktop space than most traditional L-shaped desks and it's durable. This custom computer desk is made with a high-quality MDF wood desktop and allows you to set it up the way you love. It's easy to assemble because it comes with a simplified instruction guide and a set of screws and tools. There's also an additional video tutorial available on the website for people who need a visual guide. 

The custom desk design includes a sturdy, triple motorized SPCC steel frame that makes it a lot stronger. This frame allows your desk to transition from a standing to a sitting position with no noise. It bears a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs, which means that you can place all your office equipment on this desk without having to worry about the weight. If you prefer to build your own desk instead, Autonomous offers customers a chance to personalize the SmartDesk by giving it a more professional look, requesting a different color, including your company logo, etc. 

3. Autonomous SmartDesk Frame

SmartDesk Frame custom desk

The SmartDesk Frame has an electric adjustable height and is a kit that allows you to build your desk affordably. Some of its features include a frame, memory pad, and dual lift motors. It comes with no tabletop, which means that this design expects you to create your own desktop. This DIY computer desk provides a healthier way to work. With it, you can easily change positions from sitting to standing and back to sitting, thanks to its adjustable height. 

Once you get your SmartDesk frame kit, the next step is to DIY your computer desk. This is a very simple process. First, you bring together the tools such as screws and screwdrivers and other materials you need for attaching the top. The base of the table is the Autonomous SmartDesk frame kit. Next, you make your own desktop. To do this you need plywood or any other material of your choice. 

Don’t decide on your desk size until you’re sure of the number of workplace gadgets you intend to place on it. After you’ve decided the desk size, measure out the plywood, cut, trim and smoothen, then apply wood polish to make the wood look good. After this, use a drill to make some holes through which you can join your desktop to its surface.

4. Custom Floating Desks by Etsy

Custom Floating Desks by Etsy

Etsy creates custom wall-mounted furniture that comes in various sizes and colors; this makes it easy to fit this custom desk in rooms of every size, shape, or décor. The wall-mounted computer desk is made with real wood and is foldable. It's a convenient buy for anyone who needs to save space. The desktop can be made in varying levels of thickness, too. 

 It comes in sizes 16 by 20 inches but can be made in bigger sizes if needed. This custom desk design also comes with a pair of heavy-duty wall mounting brackets and a drill bit for wall drilling. It also comes with some special screws, a drill bit for tightening screws, and a 3.2'' heavy-duty dowel. 

The brackets come with a latch-locked that prevents them from moving up or down when touched, unless when they are unlocked. 

5. XDesk Custom Exclusive

XDesk Custom Exclusive custom desk

XDesk shows a dedication to providing customers with a chance to DIY computer desks. It offers customers a chance to pick features they like to see. Such custom desk features include autonomous movement, a stronger wider frame, three programmable memory presets, a LED display that shows height selection. Other features include an elegant design, architectural frame, etc. 

XDesk is known for its maximum stability, silky smooth movement, digital memory control, and genuine and solid materials.  You can make a DIY standing desk that is strong, fast, and quiet. For any level of customization you prefer, you can work with the XDesk Exclusive to make the appropriate design. The team can customize every square inch of wood and metal and take note of each fine detail in your design. It doesn’t matter if you know how to build a desk; this brand helps you make a custom desk that fits your taste and your space. 

These custom designs are a lot more spacious than standard designs and offer up to 50 percent more surface area for work. However, they can be made to be smaller if you are working with a small space.   

Benefits of Having Custom Made Desk

Benefits of Having Custom Made Desk

Some benefits of having your desk custom-made include: 

1. Custom Desk Designs Fit Your Space

Sometimes you have an office so small that none of the desks at the store can fit, or so big that every desk just looks lost in the space. You can avoid this problem by making your own home office furniture that fits into your space no matter the space or shape. 

2. Distinctive Style

Sometimes it’s difficult to find furniture pieces that match each other. You can show off your distinctive style by creating your own furniture. One significant pro to doing this is that your furniture gets its unique style. Additionally, sometimes a company might want to create branded furniture to give their workplace a uniform appearance. 

On top of this, you can make custom desks to suit your taste much more than a store-bought desk ever could. You could order in any color you like, unlike in the store when you’re limited to buying the colors in the store. Custom furniture permits you to predict exactly how you want your office to look. 

3. They are Practical

They are Practical

It’s unarguably easier to just walk into a store and buy an already-made desk but taking the time to design your own desk is more important in the long run. Custom-made desks come with specific useful features. You could ask for an additional drawer or to have your desk made in any shape that best suits your space. You can ask for specific dimensions and demand any material of your choice to make a custom desk. 

4. Fit Your Furniture to Your Workflow

The more involved you are with the design of your desk, the higher the chances that it may be perfect for your space. When you design your own desk, you can make one that's as functional as possible. A desk should help improve your workflow and not slow you down when you’re at work. 

5. Custom Desks are Likely to have Better Quality

Custom Desks are Likely to have Better Quality

If you’re part of the design process when making your custom desk, then there’s a chance that your desk is made of superior quality materials of your choice. Mass-produced furniture could sometimes have a shorter lifespan than DIY computer desks. If you decide to build your own desk, make sure to invest your time and money into the project. The result of this investment is a high-quality office desk that lasts as long as you need it to. 

6. Include Features that You Love

Your desk plays a critical role in the office space; particularly one at home. If it’s not functional or and comfortable, then there’s a chance it may be limiting your productivity. Having a customized desk made to fit your specific taste is one of the best decisions you can make for your office space. You can DIY any custom desk of your choice. Some great design ideas include the following:

 These are a few features you can add to your custom desk design to make them just right for you. 

Digital Height Controller

Digital Height Controller

Most electric desks come with a button that controls the desk's height to any height range you prefer. But the height of these tables only adjusts to a limited range. If you need one taller or shorter than the standard height range of electric desks, you can have yours made in a different height range. When you're making your electric office desk, you can include a feature that lets you store your personal height preferences. The feature makes it easier to go from sitting to standing positions when working.   

Customized Weight Capacity

Some store-bought electric desks begin to shake and wobble when raised, but with a custom desk, you get to choose how much weight it can carry, based on the work gadgets and items you have to place on your custom computer desk.

Custom Electric Desks are Pre-assembled to your Specifications

If you're someone who loves to DIY a computer desk, you can ask for your custom-made electric desk to come in parts and then assemble it all after it arrives. However, if DIY isn't something you enjoy, you can ask to have most of the parts pre-assembled before they are shipped. This way it can’t take more than a few minutes to set up when you receive it.



You can design your custom desks to have as many desk accessories as you'd like. These include frills such as cable trays, power strips, power adapters, and even a special office chair for your desks. Even if you don’t know how to build a desk, these accessories can be added by desk makers at your request.

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