5 DIY Wood Standing Desk Ideas to Build
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5 DIY Wood Standing Desk Ideas to Build

|Nov 23, 2020

Standing desks are all the rage these days, especially when used in moderation. People love to use standing desks in today’s era because of the health benefits associated with it. Even major news publications have covered these benefits!

Outside of its health benefits, the main reason people want a standing desk is to reap the primary benefit of increased productivity. Allowing all of the blood in your body to flow more naturally can make more blood flow to your brain as you’re thinking of your work. Not only that, but you can also do several exercises to stay active. Some people wonder if they can make their own DIY wood standing desk. Autonomous even has a set-up challenge for DIY hobbyists capable of building their own desk!

How to Build a Wood Standing Desk

How to Build a Wood Standing Desk

A DIY wood stand up desk can have several forms and variations. Some of these designs look absolutely brilliant in your home! Autonomous’s article on these designs also plays a role in some of the DIY wood standing desk ideas in this guide. Before discussing how to build a DIY wood standing desk, it might help to know why you might consider making one in the first place:

Wood Standing Desk

  • icon checkHighly customizable.
  • icon checkYou can measure it to your exact likeness without worrying about height adjustment.
  • icon checkSome people find DIY projects to be fun.
  • icon checkIncludes any benefits a normal standing desk has.
  • icon checkPlenty of ways to approach a DIY wood standing desk.
  • icon checkYou know all of the materials of the desk; therefore, it may be more reliable.
  • icon timesMay require additional tools.
  • icon timesCan be challenging for novice woodworkers.
  • icon timesIt takes time to build.

Tools Needed to Make a Wood Desktop Standing Desk

Tools Needed to Make a Wood Desktop Standing Desk

If you don’t own the tools necessary to create your own DIY wood standing desk, you need to buy some. Some useful tools include:

  • Power drill
  • Table saw
  • Strap clamps
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Wood lacquer or a finish

1. Using the DIY Standing Desk Kit

Autonomous’s DIY Standing Desk Kit is an excellent starter kit for those new to DIY projects. If you’re looking for an accessible DIY wood standing desk to build, this standing desk kit is one of the best available. It can handle all of the ergonomic activities you associate with standing desks, while allowing you the benefit of using any type of wood on it. Remote workers can rejoice knowing that they can build anything on top of this kit and it can work functionally!

Using the DIY Standing Desk Kit

2. Bookshelf

A bookshelf isn’t an ergonomic idea, but it is a brilliant idea for a standing desk. The design is simple: you build a bookcase of any style that has enough room for your computer and monitor. You can opt for a modern design or go for a traditional bookshelf look.

The main limitation of this idea is that it isn’t adjustable like idea #1. However, this has more uses outside of your computer, as you can store books, games, and anything else within the bookshelf. As it’s a bookshelf and a standing desk in one, you have a ton of freedom for planning its design.

3. L-Shaped Desk

If you understand how a good desk layout should look, you need to know how valuable space is. A DIY wood standing desk doesn’t need to look rectangular so that you can be more creative in its shape. That’s where the L-shaped desk idea comes into play. This type of desk is essentially two desks pushed into one. Whether or not it’s ergonomic is up to you, but it can significantly help with layout problems.

L-Shaped Desk

4. Use Pipes as a Base

Using pipes as a base may seem strange at first for a DIY wood standing desk, but it’s surprisingly brilliant! Sometimes, a DIY project needs creativity to stand out. Recreating a standing desk that other people make isn’t inspiring but making something distinctly your own is. Pipes are sturdy so that they can make an excellent base for your wood standing desk. If you’re particularly talented at crafting, you can even use the pipes to create an adjustable height for your desk.

Use Pipes as a Base

5. Modify the Cabinets

There are plenty of ways a standing desk should look like, yet some are distinct from one another. A common complaint some people have with standing desks is that there are no cabinets! No cabinets mean less space to store items. Fortunately, as this is a DIY project, you can choose to create your cabinets and attach it to your wooden desk. The cabinets can be made out of wood or any other material and can significantly help your productivity!

Modify the Cabinets

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