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5 Ergonomic Office Chair Accessories You Must Consider Buying

Autonomous Autonomous | Dec 14, 2018

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If you are in the process of buying an ergonomic office chair you must be trying to improve your work environment so that it doesn’t impact your health. Getting an ergonomic chair is a good decision because the chair is designed to offer extreme comfort while you’re working, therefore minimizing the chances of you getting health problems like back and neck pain due to uncomfortable sitting.

Ergonomic Office Chair Accessories You Must Consider Buying When Getting Your Ergonomic Chair

According to the US Center for Disease Control over 35% of individuals who sit for 8 hours, which is the average time spent sitting by most people with a desk job, risk developing musculoskeletal disorder and the use of an office chair that is not ergonomic increases those chances. Investing in an ergonomic chair is, therefore, an investment in your health but what exactly makes a chair ergonomic?

Ergonomic chairs are specifically designed to ensure you maintain the correct sitting posture throughout the day. Offering features like lumbar support your back and spine are positioned well to ensure you are comfortable. An ergonomic chair also has to have the capacity to adjust its height, backrest, arms and more. This adjustable options which can be as many as 14 help you customize the chair to fit your needs. If you are comfortable as you work you will be more productive which means you get more work done which could increase revenues for your business something that is definitely welcomed by any business owner.

Because there is a wide variety of ergonomic chairs out on the market you should take time to research which one will give you the most comfort and keeps you as healthy as possible. Autonomous has several seats you can choose from with the latest being the OsmoChair.  This ergonomic office chair is elegantly designed and is one of the best ergonomic seats available on the market today. The chair guarantees users of all sizes comfort so that they can put all their focus on their work and not what adjustments to make to their chair to stop a recurring back problem. Check out the video below showcasing the OsmoChair features you will absolutely love this seat and should consider getting it for your home or company office.

Office Chair Accessories You Can Purchase Along With Your Ergonomic Chair

Purchasing an ergonomic chair is a good first step to making your long hours behind your office desk as comfortable as possible. You, however, should not stop there they are several other products you can buy with your ergonomic chair to make your workspace more health and ergonomic this include:

1.    Ergonomic Back Pillows

Ergonomic chairs can offer you enough comfort even when you regularly seat for long periods of time. With an ergonomic chair, you don’t have to worry about back and neck injuries, eye and leg pains and so on. However, at times you may feel you require some extra comfort to make you work better especially when you work for prolonged periods of time. To get some added support for your back, for example, you can purchase an orthopedic seat pillow that can be easily strapped to your chair and adjusted to give relief whenever need.

2.    Ergonomic Seat Cushion

You bottom supports a lot of weight when you're seated it is only fair that you give it some extra support in return. With an ergonomic seat cushion your bottom will have just that and with the cushion, you will also be taking care of your lower back. The cushion will reduce pressure on the lower spinal discs and tailbone ensuring you suffer no aches when you sit for long periods.

3.  Chair Pads

Like the ergonomic cushions chair pads add a layer of comfort to your chair. These products are soft and you simply need to strap them to your chair to provide an extra support base when seating.  They come in a range of colors, designs and sizes which you can choose from to match with your ergonomic seat or office décor.

4.    Chair Mat

Another awesome accessory you can get with your ergonomic chair is a chair mat. As you work you may be moving from one corner of your desk to another. Making this movement with your chair while on a carpet floor may not be smooth because the carpet may resist the movement of your chair wheels. With a chair mat you will easily move back and forth without a lot of effort which means you will not have to stress you muscles when moving with your chair.

A chair mat can also protect your hardwood floors or carpet from getting damaged. A chair used without a mat may leave hideous scratches on the office floor and to get rid of them you may have to incur a huge cost of redoing your floor. Avoid that by getting a quality office chair mat.

5.    Ergonomic Footrests

Ergonomic Footrests

When seated your feet need to be properly supported. Proper leg support ensures good blood circulation which can be affected by poor posture causing long-term health problems such as blood clots which can cause a stroke. That’s why we recommend getting a footrest with your ergonomic chair. A footrest can come in particularly handy if you are short because it will ensure your feet are firmly flat on the ground and not dangling in the air when you're seated. A footrest is also designed to offer more comfort than when resting your feet on the carpet or hard floors.

Other Ergonomic Accessories You Should Consider Buying To Make Your Work Station Ergonomic

1.    Ergonomic Monitor Arms

Having your monitor correctly positioned will make sure you don’t squint when working on your computer. Squinting while working can cause you to have headaches after work something that you want to avoid. To make it easier for you to adjust your monitor so that you don’t strain your eyes get an ergonomic monitor arm. Attaching your monitor to it will make your desk flexible and you can move the monitor easily and fast when you need to.

2.    Ergonomic Adjustable Keyboards and Trays

Getting an ergonomic keyboard will allow you to customize its use if you are left or right handed. This type of keyboard also provides additional comfort than a normal keyboard which can help you type your work faster. To work better with your keyboard match it with an ergonomic keyboard tray which you can adjust to your liking. The keyboard trays which are anchored on your work desk can be adjusted in height and angle to make it easier and more fun to work on your computer.

3.    Ergonomic Mouse

Just like the ergonomic keyboard an ergonomic mouse is designed to give users more comfort. Unlike the standard desk mouse, this mouse can adjust to your hand removing any form of strain caused when using it. With an ergonomic mouse, you don’t have to worry about injuries caused by strains on your wrist due to repeated non- natural movements.

5.    Ergonomic Desk

An ergonomic chair will definitely go a long way in ensuring that you don’t put your health at risks despite long sitting hours. However, sitting for long hours is not recommended no matter how comfortable you are. Sitting has been termed the new smoking due to its huge impact on the personal health of employees. Sitting should, therefore, be reduced as much as possible.

To help you not spend so much time seated you should consider getting a smart desk together with your ergonomic chair. Smart desks are revolutionizing the office space and a lot of companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook are using them to make their employees more productive.  A SmartDesk 2 from Autonomous can monitor how many hours you are at your desk and of those hours how many are you seated. From the information recorded by the desk, it will calculate if you are over sitting and if so it will occasionally prompt you to stand up and continue working on your feet or suggest you take a break.

Standing while working can reduce stress, burn calories and improve your mood. If you decided to continue working while standing the desk will also monitor time spent standing and tell you when you need to get back to your seat. This way you will have a good balance between the time spent sitting and standing. 

Ergonomic Desk

How to Create an Ergonomic Workstation

Having an ergonomic chair and other accessories is good but you need to organize them well to ensure you reap the full benefits of an ergonomic workspace. Below find some tips to help you adjust your workstation and equipment to meet your needs.

Start with your ergonomic chair. You ergonomic chair will come with several adjustments use this to ensure you have the right sitting posture as follows:

  • Your feet should be flat on the ground or on your footrest this will ensure they are well supported. Ensure the feet are not hanging when you seat.
  • Your knees should be at a 90 degrees angle and your thighs parallel to the floor.
  • You back should be straight on the chair's backrest. The chairs lumbar support should adjust to the curves of your lower back
  • Rest your forearms on the armrest with elbows at approximately a 90-degree angle. With armrest support, your shoulders should be relaxed.

Position your mouse and keyboard correctly. You don’t want to strain your wrists when using the keyboard or mouse to avoid this your elbows should be at a 90-degree angle and relaxed. Your forearms should be well supported by your chair's armrests. Ensure that your keyboard is directly in front of you.

Avoid neck pain by placing your monitor correctly. Where you place your monitor will determine if you suffer from neck injuries or eyes pains after a day at work at. To have an ergonomic workstation your monitor should be positioned directly in front of you at about an arm's length distance. If you have two monitors you may have to push them a bit further than an arm's length. The two monitors should be angled in such a way that they form a “V” shape,

Properly hold you the telephone. If you receive numerous calls throughout the day you should place your phone within arm’s reach. If you place it far from where you are seated you may cause your self-injuries due to the constant overstretching of the body as you try to get to the phone.  When answer the phone also avoid holding it between your neck and ears. This is something a lot of people do as they want to continue typing while talking on the phone. This habit can cause neck pains and should be avoided. Consider using a headset to answer calls if you call are frequent.

Keep office supplies close. Have your pens, writing pads, stamps and any other frequently used items close by to avoid constantly reaching out to get them. Having them close will make it easy to reach for them when needed. Also, use office supplies that have an ergonomic feature like pens with cushions or staples that are low pressure.

Have a filing cabinet. If you use a lot of paper documents you should have a place you can properly store them. Having all your documents on the desk may make your desk look overcrowded and clumsy which can cause you to be distracted and less productive. A proper filing cabinet will make you easily access your documents because you know where to find them when you need them.

Frequently take breaks. Once you have your ergonomic workstation setup incorporate good working habits daily.  Good working habits will help you be more productive and ensure good blood flow. Some of the habits you can try are

  • Having short breaks after every hour or so. You can, for example, walk to the water dispenser to get some water during the break. Some people work over the lunch break but you should always try to be away from your computer at lunch hour.
  • Try not to do the same task for several hours straight. Change tasks for at least 5- 10 minutes during the day to avoid mental fatigue of dealing with one issue.
  • Avoid overstraining your eyes by periodically taking them off your monitor. For a few minutes try to focus on something in the distance then resume your work. Also, try covering your eyes with your palms often for about 10-15 seconds to rest them.
  • Ensure you maintain proper sitting posture at all times.

We spend a lot of time at work so we should take as much time as we do to make our homes comfortable on making our workspace a place we enjoy working from. Remember an ergonomic space will make you more productive and most importantly ensure you minimize the health risks associated with long sitting hours. You don’t want to work hard to deliver great revenues for your business only to spend all the profits made on a medical bill due to health problems created by a poor work environment. Be smart and get an ergonomic chair and its accessories!

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