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5 Essential Tips on How To Utilise Small Office Space
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5 Essential Tips on How To Utilise Small Office Space

|Jan 28, 2021

Every remote worker should maximize small office space. There are several reasons for this - due to limited space, workers need to use everything to their full potential. From their desk to their chairs, it’s important to figure out small space office solutions. By doing so, you can increase your work efficiency and effectiveness.

If you have difficulties finishing a project on time, consider your work environment. From darkness to a lack of creativity, these can negatively impact your work mentality. Before you know it, you start to lose concentration on your assignments. Utilise small office space solutions to prevent these problems!

Importance of Small Space Office Solutions

Small office solutions

Whether you work alone in a studio or share an apartment with several family members, it’s important to think about small space office solutions. No matter how small your space might be, you can still make it feel larger without actually making it bigger. You can achieve this by following a few simple steps for ergonomic design.

If you want to maximize small office space, try to use small office space utilisation tips with this helpful guide. There are five in total, so try to study them so you can improve work productivity. From furniture setups to creative use of lighting, you can flex your artistic skills to make a small area feel much bigger! Here are the five tips you can learn:

Tip #1 - Use a Proper Desk Setup

Autonomous Desk 2

In order to maximize small office space, consider a standing desk with a minimalist setup idea. The Autonomous Desk 2 is a good place to start. Autonomous offers a fully adjustable standing desk with easy-to-control settings. You can customize your workspace using the Autonomous Desk 2. It can perfectly fit within any particular space. There is a wide variety of desktop colors and frames to choose from, so you can be creative with your workstation.


  Boosts your energy levels.

  Robust lifting system with dual-motors.

  Heavy-duty steel frame is strong and durable.

  Allows you to alternate between sitting and standing.

  Nicely fits your home office décor.

  High-quality manufacturing materials.

  Affordable monthly payments.


  Lacks cross leg support for extra stability.

Tip #2 - Consider an Office Stool

Ergo stool

Most office chairs tend to be big and clunky. However, small space office solutions do allow for smaller stools. Autonomous provides the Autonomous Chair Move, which you can stand on while you work. It works perfectly with the Autonomous Desk 2, since both are height adjustable to fit your specific needs. You can select navy blue, evergreen, cool gray, or black as your color schemes.

The main benefit is you have the space to sit and stand when you need to. It also provides a healthier alternative to sitting in your chair all day. The Autonomous Chair Move is lightweight, so it doesn’t take up much space.


  Comfortable seating conforms to your body.

  Promote healthier sitting posture.

  Allows for better blood circulation.

  Accessible price range.

  Affordable monthly payments.


  Avoid using the Autonomous Chair Move on carpets.

  Don’t overuse it for longer shifts.

Tip #3 - Lighten Up Your Room

Light up your room

Lighting is a big mood changer since different types of light give off unique ranges of emotion. For example, intense bright lights can exponentially increase your emotional spectrum for both positive and negative results. If you want to know how to maximize office space, try using specific lighting to set a more relaxed mood.

According to research, warm lighting invites you to feel at ease instantly. As you design your workspace, consider how much light you want it to have. Autonomous offers an Ultra-Wide LED Lamp, which you can select several different lighting atmospheres. Find yourself a comfortable setting so you can feel right at home while you work.

Tip #4 - Strive for a Creative Approach

Creative approach

Creativity is one of the more exciting small space office solutions. If you want to know how to maximize working space, try personalizing your work area with an artistic touch. Try painting your walls a certain color so you can capture a relaxing mood.

Remember, color psychology varies between each person. However, most people consider cooler colors like blue to be the calmest. Make sure you choose a lighter tone for your colors since they also affect making your space seem bigger. By contrast, darker colors absorb light and make it seem much smaller.

Tip #5 - Rearrange your Cables

Cables tray

You need to properly organize your cables within your workspace. If you are using a computer connected to a wall, you need to be mindful of the wires. The more cluttered they appear, the more likely it distracts you. After all, no one wants to be stressed out over the prospect of having to tangle a mess of cables.

Try using a cable tray. If you want to make your space bigger, use a cable tray to organize your wires. You can limit the excess amount of clutter, which allows for more room to move around. Use it to your advantage! Organized cables also give you one less thing to worry about.

Utilise Small Office Space to Your Advantage

Even if you work in a small work area, you can follow these tips to make it seem bigger. All it takes is a few changes to improve your work efficiency. Take the time to figure out what works best for you and your needs.

Reconsider how you arrange your ergonomic furniture, such as a standing office desk and ergonomic office chair. You can utilise small office space with the Autonomous Desk 2 and Autonomous Chair Move since they have a minimalist design. Maximize your small space office solutions using a creative arrangement of light and colors to alter your mood positively.

Utilise narrow office space to allow a more relaxed and open atmosphere! Use the five tips above, and you are good to go. Maintain a higher level of concentration with a proper workstation and use the space to your advantage.

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