5 Interesting Ideas For Purple Office Decor You’ll Love
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5 Interesting Ideas For Purple Office Decor You’ll Love

|Nov 19, 2022

Working while being surrounded by your favorite color is enough to make anyone feel slightly better. As office work is absolutely tiresome, even being a little happier will make a difference. Research has proved that happiness is proportional to motivation and productivity. What more does one want than to be surrounded by their favorite color if it makes them work better simultaneously? 

This idea does sound really enticing and simple in theory. But what if your favorite color is not considered very professional? What if it's purple? How, then, will you adapt your workspace according to it?

You don’t have to worry, for this is exactly what today’s discussion is all about. We present to you 5 ideas for purple office decor. 

The Color Purple

Before we get to how you can style your office in purple, let us review some facts about the color itself. Purple is one of the best colors for productivity. It has numerous shades, and all of them will bring out different results. For example, a brighter purple can energize you, and a deeper purple can have a calming effect on you.

Purple Office Decor Ideas You'll Love

You can select the right shade for yourself once you figure out what you aim to achieve through the color. Once you do that, given below are some interior office design ideas you can look through as you contemplate how to add color to your workspace.

1.  A Purple Office Chair

An office chair is a piece of furniture that is essential to almost every workspace. So why not add a purple chair as purple office decor? Nowadays, almost every type of chair comes out in a variety of colors. There are many ergonomic chairs in the color purple. Even big and tall chairs for bigger than average people are available in different colors now. We are sure that you will be able to find your favorite chair or a similar model in purple.

As you will be working from your chair all day, purple being the color of your preference is bound to have an impact on your productivity.

A Purple Office Chair for Purple office decor

2.  Purple Bookshelves

Adding a bookshelf is a great small office design idea. These give your office an overall aesthetic and elegant look and also help with the storage of books and documents. Another purple decor idea is to add a purple bookshelf to your office.

You can get one of those fancy bookshelves with drawers and designated places for paintings and pictures if you want to. You can store your office accessories in the drawers and display your books on the shelves. On the other hand, a simple bookshelf with just a couple of racks will also be enough to add class to your purple home office.

3.  Purple Wall Décor

Another great purple office decor idea is to add purple wall décor to your workspace. Wall décor is usually one of the first things someone who walks into your office will look at. It tells a lot about the personality of its owner. Furthermore, it helps add texture and color to your walls and also impacts your mental health.

In most of the modern home office design, wall art is a must. So, if you want to add a specific color to your office, you can do that through wall art. A benefit of doing this is that you will have a lot of options. There are hundreds of thousands of paintings you can choose from. You can even get customized wall décor made just for your office according to your preferences.

Purple Wall Décor

4.  Purple Flowers

We have a solution for you if you don't want to take drastic measures to add color to your office. A common office design idea is adding flowers to make a minimal change. As they are not a permanent change, you can even put some in your office just to see whether they work for you. If they do, you are in luck, for adding flowers to your workspace has dozens of benefits. These include a better mood, lower stress, and simply more beauty.

This minimal addition might just be what was missing in your office. This purple office idea is one of the best as it comes with a lot of variations. You can choose whether you want to put a huge vase filled with large flowers in your office or if you want to put a small artificial purple plant on your desk. Even if you don’t like them after adding them to your office, you can just remove them. There are unlimited options for you to select from.

Purple Flowers

5.  Purple Walls

With all these ideas discussed above, we must not forget to talk about the best color for home office walls. Painting your wall a different color is fun. It can change the whole vibe of your workspace. However, if you're not careful while choosing the color, it can cause eyestrain. It might not even go well with the rest of your office.

Hence, it is important that you select the right color. As already discussed, different shades of purple can affect your work environment differently. A bright purple wall can cause you to feel more energetic every time you step into your office. On the other hand, a pale purple can make you feel calmer and reduce your stress. 

Purple Walls

You can never go wrong with adding a little color to your life. Human beings are visual creatures. Colors have the ability to make us happy, sad, calm or stressed out. The purple office ideas listed above are aimed at helping you select how you want to add purple office decor to your workspace. You can also explore other options, such as purple curtains, desks or desk accessories. There is absolutely no limit to creativity!

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