5 Innovation Tech Startups We Should Follow In 2021
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5 Innovation Tech Startups We Should Follow In 2021

|Apr 30, 2021

Technologies have become one of the most important parts of human life. Technologies surround humans in the modern era. From households to big multinational firms, you will not find a single spot without the presence of techs. Moreover, the tech industry is also becoming one of the most growing industries around the globe.

These technologies save time, make work easier, and enable employees to work more efficiently. That’s why workplace technologies are becoming more common, especially with the COVID’19 and employers moving the workforce to work-from-home. The use of these technologies has become much more efficient. The companies and innovative tech startups are adopting various technologies like digital security, storage backup software, and much more.


This article has listed the five best and innovative tech startups that we should follow in 2021, like INK, solo funds, cockroach labs, Cohesity, and confluent. The details of these startups are discussed below.



INK is one of the most efficient technologies and a very innovative tech startup. INK is specifically developed to optimize content and make it easier, faster, and much powerful. Through INK, you can optimize content performance on search engines. It increases user engagement. It helps you to improve the quality of content and improve performance.

INK has a self-editing principle that allows its users to have higher control over the changes. It also works great for offices with a hybrid remote work model because it does not require the physical presence of employees to work effectively.

INK has a wide range of writing editors that includes various tasks to optimize the content for a better search engine appearance. This software also tells your rank after the completion of tasks. This software was also nominated for the US Search Awards and Content Marketing Award in 2020.

SoLo Funds

SoLo Funds.jpg

The SoLo Funds stands second among the list of best tech startups in 2021. This Los Angeles-based startup is a technology-oriented financial platform. The SoLo Funds started with the mission to provide quick access to under $1000 loans with the lowest interest rates. It can also be used as a smart office device in financial offices as an efficient data collection method.

Moreover, SoLo also has an iOS lending exchange. This app connects borrowers and lenders in a single platform. SoLo can also be used for assessing the creditworthiness of individuals. It uses machine learning and data points to access the data of the borrowers.

SoLo is considered one of the most efficient techs for the people associated with finance. People from all over the world find this tech to be highly efficient. It has also won the startup of the year award in 2020.

Cockroach Labs

Cockroach Labs.jpg

Cockroach Labs is another wonder in the innovative tech companies. It is a software firm that is the developer of a cloud-native SQL database. It is used for the modern applications of the cloud. In simple words, Cockroach Lab is a commercial database management system. Through CockroachDB, you can get a high level of consistency, easy data location, and ultra-resilience. Some major and renowned companies worldwide like Bose, Comcast, and Lush also use the Cockroach Lab platform to manage their data.

Moreover, Cockroach Labs are also effective for companies with hybrid work models. It ensures effortless growth with its highly elastic architecture. The unique functionality of this database can distribute data automatically. It also manages workload as per the employee demand. It is super easy to operate because it is free from complex workarounds.



Cohesity is also a big name among successful technology startups. This startup was founded in 2013 by the cofounder of Nutanix named Mohit Aron. During the beginning days, Cohesity was pitched as a platform for storing secondary data more cheaply. It enables enterprises to back up their data, files and monitor them through a simple cloud platform.

However, today Cohesity offers much more than just secondary data cloud management. Modern cloud management also includes data security, analytics, and rapid recovery. It offers high security and easy access to your data. Moreover, with the disaster recovery of Cohesity, your data will always be safe and secure.

Cohesity has become one of the very famous tech startups and has gained a good name in the market. In June 2015, this startup was also launched publicly, and now it is considered among the big companies offering cloud management services.



It is one of the innovative tech startups worldwide. Confluent is another major and innovative tech startup among the new tech startups. The founders of open-source Apache Kafka initiated this startup. Confluent is also referred to as the commercial version of open-source Apache Kafka software. This software helps developers manage high-volume systems and application messaging.

Confluent also enables users to add real-time streaming data to their apps. It has been designed to process real-time data more conveniently and easily. Some people also refer to it as the company’s central nervous system because it enables them to connect different applications. Confluent also helps businesses to respond to various business scenarios more efficiently and conveniently.


With these innovative tech startups, business work and operations are becoming much easier. From small data management apps to big tech companies, they serve a good share in ensuring employee convenience.  Along with the complex cloud management websites, other apps like the hybrid working app also improve human work to a great extent. Without these technologies, humans would be continuously stuck with files and papers, and the chances of data loss would have been higher. But thanks to all these technologies, otherwise, human life would have been much complex and slower.

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