5 Items to Bring Some Calm and Comfort into Your Office

5 Items to Bring Some Calm and Comfort into Your Office

|Sep 21, 2020

Employees spend a lot of time in the office so it only makes sense if you make this space as welcoming as possible. A healthy working environment results in happy and more productive employees. 

Your team members should enjoy being in the office, or else they will take frequent breaks to go to the bathroom to warm their chilled hands, or stretch their sore backs after sitting for long hours. Here are some awesome items to ensure your office is a comfortable space and everyone is content.

1. An office thermostat

The right office temperature is important for employee comfort and it also has a direct bearing on efficiency. When the temperature is too cold employees focus so much on how to keep themselves warm and this hinders workflow.  On the other hand, very hot temperatures can be distracting. 

Warm temperatures have been found to provide the employees with needed comfort for more productivity and results in fewer typing errors. The U.S Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommended the office thermostat to be set between 68 and 76 F.

Office thermostatA warm office temperature ensures your employees feel comfortable and focus on performing their duties. Of course, it’s also important to be flexible when setting rules regarding the office temperature based on factors such as gender, the body mass of employees, and the number of people working in an office. Research has shown that women feel colder than men so be kind enough to follow individual preferences while giving room for future modifications.

There are three main types of thermostats you can choose for your office:

  • Manual thermostat: you will manually control the temperatures and decide when to switch the AC on or off.
  • Programmable thermostat: the temperatures are automatically programmed. The main advantage of this type of thermostat is it helps you save on energy bills.
  • Wi-Fi or remote access thermostat: It is also called a smart thermostat which allows you to control the temperatures from any location. An app on your smart devices connects you to the thermostat, allowing you to make adjustments wherever you are.

2. Music player with in-built speakers

Music has a tremendous effect on it. We cry to the tune of a sad song and dance when we hear joyful music. The right office soundtrack has a lot of positive benefits such as keeping your employees happy and healthier.  Listening to music in the office helps employees reduce stress and anxiety, thus boosting their performance. 

Individual employees may choose to listen to their favorite playlist through headphones or you can use an in-built system to play background soundtrack throughout the office.  In the latter case, of course, you will have to ensure the music being played matches the task.

Music player with in-built speakersIf your team members are writers, they need to focus and heavy metal rock might not be the best option as it might create an overload. Try playing classical music which has a calming effect on the mind. Many companies have realized the effect music has on the productivity and comfort of their employees, and are now adding music to their workplace.

Good music can make your employees feel more relaxed in the office and enable them to focus more on their work. It brings life to the workspace.

3. Ergonomic lumbar support neck pillow

Since office workers spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer, they are susceptible to neck pain, and discomfort which can be detrimental for health.  At the end of the day, workers go home with an achy back. An ergonomic neck pillow is a great addition to your employees’ office chair to provide them with extra comfort on the shoulders and neck area. It also ensures proper sitting posture and helps prevent workplace fatigue.

Ergonomic lumbar support neck pillowThe best neck pillow should fit perfectly beneath the cervical spine and be firm enough to ensure consistent comfort and pain relief to your neck. You should also choose a neck pillow with adjustable straps to fit any size of office seat or chair.  

4. A Laptop stand

Laptops are preferred over desktop computers because of the convenience they offer; they can be carried anywhere without having to connect wires or cables. However, without a laptop stand a user cannot position his body in a comfortable position while working. 

A laptop stand brings the screen to eye level while working. There would be no room for unhealthy sitting postures such as slouching, or a forward bending position because the whole body will be upright. This reduces strain on the neck and hands.

A laptop standThe folding model table models can be used in standing desks which makes it possible for alternating between sitting and standing. Employees will not be in the same position for lengthy periods.

5. Mug warmers

You come with your mug of coffee or tea to your office desk. But the office is buzzing with activity; you need to read the emails coming in, a colleague wants to talk to you and the deadline of a project you are working on is overdue. By the time you reach your coffee or tea, it is cold as ice. 

Mug warmersA mug warmer helps to keep beverages hot as your staff attends to many duties in the office. 61% of employees feel their employer cares about their happiness and well-being when coffee and other beverages are served in the office. It promotes a relaxed environment.

An office mug warmer is an electric device that is plugged into a wall socket. It has heating coils that keep the beverage warm for hours. It just makes drinking coffee an enjoyable experience.

Final Point

The office can be a stressful place both for employers and employees. With the right tools, it is possible to make the workspace a comfortable place and bring some calm into the minds of employees. Of course, personal preferences also come into play, so it is important to keep this in mind when introducing these tools. Working in a comfortable environment boosts employee mental health and ensures everyone stays productive.

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