5 Beautiful and Minimalist Monitor Stand Risers with Drawers
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5 Beautiful and Minimalist Monitor Stand Risers with Drawers

|Sep 22, 2021

A minimalist monitor stand riser with drawers enables you to work with utmost efficiency. This is because a stand riser for your monitor will make for an ergonomic environment in your workspace. The minimalist design can uplift the look of your desk space with its sleek design. In addition, the drawers will offer an area where you can keep your keyboard and other essential items.

Benefits of a Monitor Stand Riser

Prevents chronic conditions and injuries

When you are using a minimalist monitor stand riser, it will prevent any chronic conditions. This is due to the fact that it allows you to align your entire body. So, there is not any unnecessary strain on your eyes, back, and neck. Therefore, it acts to prevent both workplace injuries and chronic conditions.

Helps fight against stress

A desk monitor stand riser with organizer drawerS helps you store your laptop and keyboard. This creates a sense of order in your workspace. So, in case you have to work for long hours, these monitor stand risers can reduce your stress. As it will not hamper your productivity rather increase it.

Improves Posture

When you have a monitor stand riser with drawers whose height is non-adjustable, it can affect your posture. Hence, it is vital to look for monitor stand risers that are flexible. In the former, you will be able to adjust not only the height but also the angle. Thus, it improves your posture by aligning the entire position of your monitor stand riser with your body. 

5 Minimalist Monitor Stand Riser with Drawers

1. Twelve South Curve Riser Monitor Stand

Twelve South Curve Riser Monitor Stand

If you are looking for something which will not take much of your desk space, then this is the monitor stand riser with organizer drawer for you. It has a compact design and comes with a simple look. This monitor stand riser works as well as a monitor arm.

There is a drawer where you can store most of your things. For instance, you can keep your mouse, mobile phone, and various other things. Hence this will be the best desk drawer for you.

2. Marbrasse Riser Monitor Stand

Marbrasse Riser Monitor Stand

Marbrasse Riser Monitor Stand offers you additional storage along with a place to keep your monitor. You will find two different drawers in this riser monitor stand. In these, you can keep your office accessories, pens, as well as important sticky notes.

This metal desk monitor stand riser with organizer drawer will provide a minimalist look. Its mesh framework has a sturdy finish with a beautiful black coating. Therefore, you will be able to see through the drawers without opening them while carrying on with your work.

3. Coogou Monitor Riser Stand (Wooden)

Coogou Monitor Riser Stand

We all know that wood always brings a vintage look to any place. However, besides the material, this monitor riser stand has a length similar to a triple monitor setup. It comes with three levels of storage that make for great storage space. 

This monitor riser stand allows you to maintain a clean look by keeping your keyboard inside. It can withstand a weight of one hundred pounds. Moreover, it is a very simple tool, and you will not require much time to get used to it. Also, you will see this riser monitor stand in two different sizes of 31.5 inches and 29.5 inches.

4. Bambloom Monitor Stand Riser

Bambloom Monitor Stand Riser

Bambloom has a monitor stand riser that will enhance the function of your normal desk in various ways. At the front, it comes with two drawers where you can keep your wireless mouse, additional HDMI cables, and a notebook. Another advantage of using the Bambloom Monitor Stand Riser is that it comes pre-assembled. 

It is sturdy with a solid build and can hold a weight of up to eighty pounds. Among computer desk ideas, this is the best minimalist monitor stand riser for you. There is a lot of space between the tabletop and the drawers to store your keyboard and compact laptop.

There are grooves present to hold pens, coffee mugs, as well as smartphones. You can find this monitor riser stand in different kinds of colors to suit your aesthetic taste buds. In addition, you will get the option of choosing between a natural wood color or a complete white look.

5. Lifekrafts Monitor Stand Riser

Lifekrafts Monitor Stand Riser

This monitor stand riser from Lifekrafts is one of the best home office tech essentials. It is a sturdy desk with durable strength. Its H-shape construction can withstand weights up to sixteen kilograms. Also, you can raise your monitor by four point seven inches to get rid of shoulder, neck, and back pain.

It keeps you healthy by guarding you against any chronic conditions and injuries and improves your posture. You can keep most of your office supplies in there, like your documents, notebooks, paper, and smartphones. This will keep your workspace completely clean by eliminating any form of clutter. Besides, it is a great way for you to save some space.

It does not require any form of assembly. This is because you only have to take the drawer out from its box. Its pre-assembly enables it to be always ready for action. The overall height, width, and length are four inches, eleven, and fifteen inches.


Monitor stand risers with drawers are an ergonomic take on the older desks. It, therefore, comes with a lot of benefits that will enable you to have a productive workspace. You will not go through inconveniences such as shoulder, back, and neck pain. It will allow you to improve your posture and guard yourself against any kind of chronic condition.

The drawers help provide additional storage. You can store keyboards, laptops, and essential documents. Therefore, you can save your space.

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