5 Most Effective Home Desk Setups for Long Term Productivity
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5 Most Effective Home Desk Setups for Long Term Productivity

|Jan 13, 2022

Your home desk setup is one of the most crucial elements as you work from home. It's quite the privilege to not have to travel to the traditional office space, but it becomes disadvantageous when not done right. 

For example, you must be able to compartmentalize well to have the most optimal experience. Unfortunately, as people work in their own space, there's a sense of relaxation associated with doing so. 

This leads to two major problems. The first is a lack of productivity, and the second is an inability to separate work from personal time. 

For the latter, one of the best things to do is to utilize a calendar app that indicates when it's time to start, go for lunch, and end the workday. 

For the first problem, one of the most effective ways to tackle it is to implement some very iconic home desk setup ideas. The more your space feels like a dedicated area for work, the more likely you are to take things seriously. 

So, you may need some information and inspiration to put together the best home office setup. This is going to require several fixtures and office accessories, which are going to be covered below. Additionally, you get a brief rundown of some of the setup styles associated with certain lines of employment. Without further ado, why not jump into the good stuff? 

Setup Ideas for Different Work from Home Jobs

Setup Ideas for Different Work from Home Jobs

It's essential to understand that the idea of the “best home office setup” is not something that's set in stone. Different job titles require different equipment, just as they require different skill sets from those who get the jobs in the first place. 

Therefore, the set-up ideas that you are going to see below are purely based on achieving the optimal results for the specific job being spoken to. Note, however, that you may find that some of these ideas are incredibly cross-functional. 

So, if there is a job title that doesn't match yours, but you see where the equipment and layouts are appropriate for your needs, feel free to pull the inspiration from it. 

On that note, you're also encouraged to make tweaks to the information presented to allow it to seamlessly fit into your style. 

Customer Support Representative

Customer Support Representative home desk setup

A customer service representative must ensure that customer queries and concerns are handled effectively. These people are arguably one of the biggest parts of any business's brand and they help to tie the business experience together for the consumer. 

A minimalist desk setup is typically recommended for these persons, as they must be able to work from just about anywhere. Therefore, you want to ensure that you can metaphorically pick up your desk and run with it at a moment's notice. 

If you travel across the country or the world, this should not affect your ability to work. So, your desk should consist of nothing more than a laptop and a very reliable headset. If you'd like, however, feel free to throw in an ergonomic keyboard and mouse combo to seal the deal. 

Legal Counsel

Legal Counsel home desk setup

As a legal counsel, your profession comes with a lot of research and review. Going multi-screen is a huge plus, as it allows you to have a larger number of windows visibly open at the same time. 

Naturally, you are likely going to be sifting through pieces of information across different areas, so this is a big plus. 

You may also find yourself reviewing paper-based documentation, so a desk lamp is a wonderful idea. As you are purchasing one though, ensure that it is adjustable in both position and placement. 

Lighting is a huge part of ergonomics, and you want to complement natural light when possible and supplement it when there is none, so you can do your job effectively.  

Once you have the multi-screen setup recommended above, then opting for a laptop or a desktop is your choice. 


Podcaster home desk setup

The home desk setup here is a little bit different from some of the other standard ones. Podcasters find themselves doing a lot of audio or visual productions. Some people are even doing both. 

So, treating your room for proper sound quality is important. For example, you may want to ensure that your walls are effectively padded so you don't have sound bouncing around and ruining your productions. 

First, you are going to need at least two screens. Recording, monitoring, and processing require quite a bit of screen real estate, and if you don't meet the mark, you are going to have a rough time. 

Next, ensure that you have a boom arm or ground-based stand for your microphone. A shock mount is also recommended in the same breath. What you don't want is your sound getting disrupted from the vibrations made by your desk when you type or move. 

Remember a microphone covering or pop filter to prevent plosives from making it into your final product. 

If video is a part of the package, you are going to need a reliable camera in your work from home desk setup that can process things in HD quality. Lighting is a part of the package too. If you are on a budget, some camera types have lighting built-in. 

However, if you can utilize external lighting, then you should do so. If there are many sound bites and special effects that are also meant to be a part of your productions, then a stream deck is also recommended since you can bind various actions to single key presses. 

As you hear all this, it sounds like a lot of equipment. The truth is it's going to be a bit difficult for you to have what would truly be considered an aesthetic desk setup. It's not impossible, but with all the equipment and wiring, it may present a bit of a challenge. 

Similarly, you would be asking much if you were determined to have a minimalist desk setup in this kind of industry. 

Application Developer

Application Developer home desk setup

The most important thing for a developer is the ability to visualize the required elements, move around, and type. Regardless of if a laptop is being used, it's highly recommended that your home desk setup includes a dedicated keyboard and mouse. 

For someone who is going to be using peripherals heavily, there is a bit of mobility restriction in using what the laptop offers by default. If you are worried about maintaining a minimalist look, then you may want to consider buying a short keyboard that eliminates the number pad. 

Screen real estate is also essential here. it could be argued that a developer should never have a single screen. Additionally, at least one of those screens should be a wide one, as there is probably going to be a lot of text present as you work. 

Content Writer

Content Writer home desk setup

As a content writer, you probably go through several phases before your client gets your final piece. There is the preparation phase, the written piece planning phase, the writing phase, the review phase, and then the eventual submission. 

Preparation and writing planning are the two most time-consuming, and they probably require the most in terms of screen real estate. This is another profession in which two screens are recommended, particularly because of the kind of research you must carry out as you plan. 

You're probably going to have a sticky note or notepad window where you record URLs for various resources as well as important information.

Additionally, if you are using the Microsoft or Google office suites, they have both implemented text-to-speech typing, which is very friendly on the wrists.  

However, if you are going to make use of it, you need to sound very clear. 

Therefore, it's in your best interest to grab yourself a decent microphone. This doesn't mean that your work from home desk setup is going to look anything like a professional studio. While you can get yourself a dedicated microphone, integrated microphones that are built into quality work-from-home headsets can also do the trick.

Speaking of headsets, you want to ensure you have one, as they help you to block sound out around you. Of course, this means you should opt for a noise-canceling option. Additionally, if you are the type of person who benefits greatly from listening to music as you work, then the headphone is a good addition in that way too. 

Detailed Home Desk Setup Checklist

With the home desk setup ideas for different professions out of the way, it's time to take a very brief look at some of the items that you can bring together to create such a setup. 

1. Standing Desk

Standing Desk

A standing desk is arguably the centerpiece of this kind of discussion. The Autonomous SmartDesk series is the definitive experience where this is concerned. You're going to be getting an electric standing desk which is a highly recommended purchase. 

The human body is made for movement, which means you don't want to be sitting or standing consistently. Having a powerful and quiet adjustment mechanism makes this barely an inconvenience to pull off. Of course, the build quality that you need is also present.  

Tabletop space is also essential in your home desk setup, which is why you can purchase the Autonomous SmartDesks in standard and extra-large sizes. Note that the standard size is pretty large and is suitable for most home office applications. 

2. Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic Chair for home desk setup

An ergonomic chair is the second piece of the puzzle, and for this, the Autonomous ErgoChair series is recommended. As is the case with the desk line, there are different chairs under the name that you can choose from, depending on your unique needs. 

Though you're not going to be sitting the whole day, when you do sit, you want it to be a comfortable and supportive experience. A good ergonomic chair should bring adjustability features including seat height adjustments and lumbar support. Of course, the Autonomous line of chairs brings these and more. You can visit their website and pick the best for your working from home office setup.

3. Monitor Arm

Monitor Arm

Until you purchase a monitor arm for your home desk setup, it's hard to explain the sheer improvement in the working experience that you get to enjoy. First, you reclaim the tabletop space that monitor stands would typically consume.  

Next, your monitors are suspended in the air and can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to be at any position you desire. Autonomous has a tremendous monitor arm, and like the best ones, it also allows you to rotate your screens to take advantage of both portrait and landscape orientations. 

4. Ergonomic Wrist Rest

Ergonomic Wrist Rest

An ergonomic wrist rest is designed to keep your wrist in a neutral position, preventing repetitive strain injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. You can typically purchase well-designed ones in left and right-hand options for your specific needs. 

Apart from reducing injuries and keeping everything neutral, you find that it does not negate your ability to effectively move your mouse around or type.

5. Topographic Desk Pad

Topographic Desk Pad

A topographic desk pad adds a wonderful aesthetic touch to your tabletop, while protecting it from scratches or wear that you or your peripherals may cause. Of course, the surface is very comfortable to work on, and it's not going to affect the sensitivity of your mouse in any way. 

6. Network Connection

Network Connection

This one goes without saying. You need to have a decent Internet connection in your working from home office setup if you are going to be working remotely. This is especially true if your job includes live streaming where you must output high quality over a live feed. 

If you have a substandard connection and you get the job, you must be prepared to invest in yourself over time to improve the experience. 

Final Remarks

Unfortunately, people tend not to put too much thought into a working from home office setup. However, that is one of the most crucial mistakes that can be made when working remotely. 

Not only do you want to achieve optimal productivity, but you also want to remain in the right frame of mind as you get your tasks done. Much of this has to do with the aesthetic and quality of life you give yourself as you work.  

It has been proven time and time again that output is a byproduct of comfort, meaning wherever the latter is absent, the former is going to be lower than you'd like. 

You have gotten a ton of tremendous work from home desk setup insights above that should go a long way in helping you put your workspace together. What's the first change that you intend to make?

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