5 Most Stable Motorized Standing Desk Legs for DIY-Lovers
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5 Most Stable Motorized Standing Desk Legs for DIY-Lovers

|Mar 8, 2021

As remote working becomes more mainstream, setting up an adequate home office also becomes a priority for people joining the trend. If you’re one of these people, whether you’ve been working remotely for a while or not, it’s essential to choose the right office furniture. Your office’s desk is an integral part of your office, and, understandably, you would prefer one that provides you with many benefits. However, if you’re a handy person who enjoys doing things by yourself, what might interest you the most would be setting up a desk with motorized standing desk legs.

Why Should You Build Your Standing Desk

Building your workspace with a motorized standing desk frame more often than not is the most advantageous option. Motorized standing desks provide significant benefits to your health and productivity, and you miss none of them when you’re building your own standing desk using a frame. You might find the experience of building a standing desk to be a gratifying one if you’re a DIY enthusiast.

For starters, It provides every feature that a regular standing desk would offer you while also giving you a couple of other advantages. You can highly customize the top of the desk’s frame using the materials you want, such as wood, steel, plastic, or any other durable one. A motorized standing desk frame is also friendlier to your budget compared to a fully equipped standing desk.

Why Should You Build Your Standing Desk

Things to Consider for Your Motorized Standing Desk Base

As with many DIY projects, there are many things that you must consider when you’re setting up your standing desk frame. When you’re purchasing a motorized standing desk base, the more you’re willing to spend, the better the frame’s features can be. Lifting capacity, warranty, height range, length range, the material it’s made from, and the desk’s stability are some things the price can affect.

Of these characteristics, the most crucial ones are the height range, which is also called stroke, and the desk’s stability. For the former, the larger it is, the easier it is for taller people to adjust the standing desk to provide proper ergonomic standing desk position. It’s also important to know ahead of time the equipment you want to put on your desk and the tabletop you would like to use when building your standing desk. These aspects are relevant to the lift capacity of your desired motorized standing desk parts.

Things to Consider for Your Motorized Standing Desk Base

If you’re using a heavier tabletop, it’s essential to get a frame that can hold the tabletop material’s weight along with your equipment. Of course, you can also compromise on the material you want to better adapt to the frame’s lifting capacity. Most desktops need to be at least an inch thick to avoid any possible warping. This thickness also reduces the chance of encountering any side loading issues for the desk’s actuator motors.

Another crucial point is that you shouldn’t forget to take some measurements. If you don’t do so, you may end up with an unstable standing desk. Although the motorized standing desk legs material and shape of its legs have a significant influence on the stability of your desk, failing to consider your tabletop’s width and length can also affect it.

If you take measurements and have a little bit of foresight, you can get a motorized standing desk frame that best adjusts to your ideal tabletop and your ergonomic workspace.

What Are the Most Stable Motorized Standing Desk Legs That You Can Get?

There are many different motorized standing desk frames available, making it a relatively challenging choice. Some excellent factors you can consider when purchasing your frame are its price and stability. Regardless, that doesn’t mean that the frame’s other characteristics aren’t relevant.

It’s more than likely that your budget heavily influences your choice. Low-end model prices begin at $250, but they tend to lack features. You can get a motorized standing desk base with excellent characteristics if you have a budget slightly higher than that. These models offer warranties with more extended periods and are usually better built, which is a significant factor in the frame’s stability.

One thing you can do is check for any frame model reviews across multiple outlets when you’re viewing a DIY standing desk base you like. This can allow you to see some honest feedback about the products. Regardless, we made a list of the most stable motorized standing desk legs you can get to save you from the hassle of searching.

1. Autonomous Desk DIY Kit

This DIY standing desk frame kit comes with a sturdy steel frame and a unique dual motor system. The frame has four different programmable height settings, letting you adjust it with the press of a button. It enables you to make various configurations to suit multiple sitting and standing needs. The Autonomous Desk DIY Kit is easy to assemble and has a lift capacity of up to 300 pounds.

It has a couple of frame color options that are adequate for a modern home office aesthetic, but it can complement any tabletop you use with your standing desk. The frame has multiple models with a slightly varied height range, going as high as 25 inches for the Premium DIY model and as low as 20 for the Home Office model. There is also a modular L-shaped frame for corner offices, featuring a triple motor, a 20-inch stroke, a cable tray accessory, and a slightly increased lifting capacity of 330 pounds.

Autonomous Desk DIY Kit

Every Autonomous Desk DIY Kit model produces less than 45 decibels when lowering or raising its height. It’s considerably quicker to assemble as it comes with easy-to-follow instructions, and if that isn’t enough, there are plenty of video guides available online. There isn’t a model that features a crossbar. The design and materials of this motorized standing desk frame give it plenty of stability.

The materials used in the manufacturing process are of the best make and can effortlessly withstand constant use and abuse. It comes with a five-year warranty for the Home Office frame and seven years for the Premium frame. Multiple global safety inspection bodies, such as BIFMA and EMC, have certified the product. If you’re looking to build a DIY creative tabletop using a sturdy, strong frame without going broke, this is one of the best products you can get to create your workspace at a low price of $339.

2. Jarvis Standing Desk Frame

The Jarvis motorized standing desk frame has a lifting capacity of 350 pounds, making it one of the best bases in that aspect. It has two height range options: mid-range and an extended range. Although the mid-range option doesn’t have too much height variance, it still can accommodate most adults with a 20-inch stroke. On the other hand, the Jarvis extended range frame has a considerable height range of 25.5-inch to make up for it.

This product uses custom-made components that make it stable, durable, and easy to assemble. The reason for its stability and durability is its heavy steel feet and a thick lifting column that’s wider at the bottom, giving it a grounded feeling. It also comes in four different color options, including a choice for an automotive-grade coat that gives it a smooth texture and a semi-reflective raw steel surface.

Jarvis Standing Desk Frame

The motorized standing desk legs come with rubber grommets that reduce noise and vibration. It has adjustable foot leveling studs that let you adjust the frame on slightly uneven flooring. With a low operating noise of 50 decibels and a somewhat higher price of $564, this electric standing desk legs is an exceptional choice for DIY lovers if you extend your budget slightly. It comes with a 10-year warranty on every single one of its components.

You can include many optional accessories on your purchase, such as handset options, wire management kits, and monitor arms, to complement the Jarvis frame and the tabletop you decide to use.

3. UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk Frame

If you want a motorized standing desk frame that provides many benefits, then the UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk Frame is the choice for you. This sturdy steel frame complies with every ANSI and BIFMA durability and stability standard. It has two models available, regular frame and commercial frame. Both use the highest quality materials and components available, but the latter is more stable thanks to its crossbar. They also have a vertical height range of 25.5 inches.

This desk frame has one motor attached to each leg and an advanced collision sensor technology that gives it an edge over other standing desk frames. The anti-collision system works whenever the desk’s height rises or lowers, and you can adjust its sensitivity to consider any differences in usage.

UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk Frame

You can change the frame’s height with the touch of a button thanks to its advanced keypad, allowing you to adjust its height smoothly. The frame features an extensive vertical range that enables you to switch between sitting and standing positions throughout the day frequently.

It also has an accessory mounting system that lets you attach desk accessories quickly without the need to drill a hole in your tabletop. The system gives it a significant amount of modularity and customization options, allowing you to adjust your desktop to your heart’s content.

There are other configurations, such as an L-shaped frame and a four-leg standing frame, but regardless of the model you choose to acquire, it’s made with excellent materials. The UPLIFT V2 motorized standing desk parts gives you an extensive amount of features with an approachable price of $439, a 355-pound lift capacity, and a 10-year warranty.

4. iMovR Vigor Heavy Duty DIY Standing Desk Base

The iMovR Vigor is one of the strongest, sturdiest, and most stable electric standing desk legs in the market for DIY applications. It has a quiet motor that only produces 42 decibels that can slow down slightly depending on the weight the frame sustains. The frame features a height control paddle with four adjustable height presets and a 26-inch stroke.

Although the frame’s lifting capacity is rated at 180 pounds, it has a maximum capacity of 490 pounds, making it an exceptional choice for heavy tabletops. When the motorized standing desk legs exceed the lift capacity of 180 pounds, the motors slow down to compensate for the weight.

iMovR Vigor Heavy Duty DIY Standing Desk Base

This frame is quick to assemble as it nearly comes entirely built. While most other motorized standing desk bases only reach about 55 inches apart, the Vigor model can expand to 75 inches. Most of these features make it an appropriate choice for treadmill desk applications. If you want to build a standing desk that allows you to exercise and keep healthy at your home office while working or doing any other task, the Vigor heavy-duty frame is a great pick.

The steel frame has a lifetime warranty, while the motors and electronics have a 10-year warranty. It's only downside is the high price point of $750. Other iMovR frames such as Lander and Freedom have excellent characteristics and share a similar price but aren’t as stable as the Vigor model.

5. NewHeights Elegante XT Electric Standing Base

This motorized standing desk frame is the most stable one on the list. The base is entirely unwavering at standing height and doesn’t sway even a tiny bit in any direction because of its molded legs, making them more rigid. It even has the option of enhancing its stability further by adding cross support.

NewHeights Elegante XT Electric Standing Base

Like other models on this list, you can adjust the frame’s height by pushing a button, and it has a 27-inch stroke. The motorized standing desk legs each have their separate motor, letting it make swift adjustments even at the 325-pound maximum lift capacity. It has a warranty of 12 years on the frame and electronic parts that you can extend up to 20 years.

You can highly customize the NewHeights XT frame with accessories before purchase to make it the perfect fit for your workspace at home. If you can afford the incredibly high price point that begins at $1,355, you get in exchange what is probably the most stable standing desk frame available.

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