5 must have essentials for pro gamers
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5 must have essentials for pro gamers

|Jun 5, 2018

Nowadays there’s becoming an increasing divide between amateur gamers and pro-gamers. While a PS4, X-Box One or Nintendo Switch are commonplace in living rooms across the world, pro-gamers will usually choose the more powerful and customizable Gaming PC set-up.

A console gamer is happy with a good bean bag chair and a nice big TV, but the PC gamer has a few more things to consider. We’ll take it for granted that you have your Gaming PC sorted already, but here is our list for those extra accessories that will really improve your gaming experience.

PC Gaming Desk

Not all PC desks are created equal, and more importantly not all are created with gaming in mind. It’s important to get yourself an adjustable PC Gaming Desk that will let you both sit and stand. The Autonomous Gaming Desk has a silent electric motor and 4 pre-set heights, meaning you can seamlessly change between different heights without affecting your gameplay. That way you can keep your blood moving and keep your brain active through even the longest gaming sessions.

Surround Sound Headphones

There are a plethora of options for headphones these days, from inexpensive in-ear to top of the range Bluetooth over an ear. We recommend splashing out for something special. Nowadays wireless is a must, as the last thing you want is the headphones flying off as you accidentally tug on the wire. We would also recommend using over-ear headphones as these will better create a surround sound effect, which will be far more immersive. The last point is that they need to be comfortable, as you’ll be wearing them for a long time. This is especially important if you’re a glasses wearer as this could create extra discomfort if the fit isn’t right.

Gaming Chair

When you’re not standing, it’s important to have a good ergonomic gaming chair that will offer you the support that you need when sitting. A good chair will complement the natural curvature of your spine and help you to sit up straight with your ears in line with your shoulders. However, no matter the quality of the chair, don’t forget to stand up from time to time.

Cable Management

Odds are you’ll have a large number of cables in and around your PC gaming set up. Having all of those cables scattered about, tangled together and just generally untidy not only makes it more difficult when you need to plug/unplug things but will also just add unnecessary chaos to your gaming station. If you’re on a budget you can use plastic cable ties, but the problem with this is that you always need a pair of scissors on hand should you want to change anything. We recommend using Velcro straps or sleeves to nicely tidy away your cables and reduce distractions, whilst still leaving easy access to change things as and when necessary.

Gaming enhanced hardware

The vast majority of gamers are really comfortable using a normal PC mouse or keyboard, but the reality is that these weren’t designed for gaming and may not be the best option. We’re not suggesting that you move to gamepads, as many PC games weren’t designed for this, but it may be worth investing in a more comfortable ergonomic mouse and a computer gaming keypad. Although a traditional keyboard is fine for most circumstances, if you’re a hard-core gamer a specialized keypad will reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury over time, make your gaming experience more comfortable and also make it easier to access all of the buttons you need on demand. In our experience, once you are used to it, some gaming optimized hardware will really up to your performance and make you stand out against the competition.

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