5 Must-Have Home Office Accessories for Productive Workplace
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5 Must-Have Home Office Accessories for Productive Workplace

|Feb 2, 2021

The secret to a productive workplace is getting the right home office accessories. A computer, office desk, and office chair are basic equipment you use, but what about potential add-ons to enhance your experience? For example, what if you want to use multiple screens at once but lack the space to do so? You need to find yourself must have office accessories for your workstation.

What to Look For In The Best Home Office Accessories

Desk accessories should mainly focus on a clean environment that allows you to do multiple activities simultaneously. The more space you have, the more likely you can clear your mind and eliminate potential distractions. You can also use accessories to store items and set up an ergonomic work area. Some accessories are designed to reduce back pain, which is a major problem for several remote workers. As a result, consider getting your home office accessories for a cleaner and more relaxed atmosphere.
The best home office accessories

Below are five essential home office accessories every remote worker should own. Each of them is listed with detailed descriptions, alongside a pros and cons column. Without further ado, here are the best desk setup accessories you need to improve your work productivity.

1. Filing Cabinet

Autonomous offers a 3-Drawer Filing Cabinet for you to organize your documents. One of the more useful workspace accessories, this filing cabinet lets you put all your paperwork in one easy-to-find place. You have three drawers to manage your entire workload. It has four different color schemes to choose from - baby blue, evergreen, red apple, and cool gray.

Filing cabinet

Due to the minimalist design, you have plenty of space for your workstation. It’s among several must have office accessories for this reason alone, since you need to find everything rather easily. Every remote worker relies on easily accessible storage for their workplace needs.

Filing Cabinet

  • icon checkBetter organizes important documents and paperwork.
  • icon checkMinimalist design allows for greater space.
  • icon checkGood selection of color schemes.
  • icon checkAnti-rust steel is highly resilient.
  • icon checkThree drawers for smarter storage.
  • icon checkAffordable monthly payments.
  • icon timesIt’s a relatively basic product

2. Ultra Wide LED Desk Lamp

Ultra wide LED desk lamp

Lighting is among the more effective desk setup accessories. Your overall mood is important to your work productivity, so brighten up your area with this LED Desk Lamp from Autonomous. It uses an LED strip that is 31.5 inches long, put on a 35-inch stem. Depending on the time of day you work, you can alternate with any of the four different lighting temperatures. You can customize the light settings as you see fit. From bright levels to the coloration, you have complete control over how you want your work area to look.

Ultra Wide LED Desk Lamp

  • icon checkFour light temperatures for each time of day.
  • icon checkLED light allows for complete illumination.
  • icon checkFlexible stem enables you to move the lamp.
  • icon checkNo glare within the ‘flickerless’ lamp setup.
  • icon checkFive brightness levels and 20 light settings.
  • icon checkAffordable price range.
  • icon timesLack of color options for the lampstand.

3. Monitor Arm

Monitor arm

Autonomous offers the Monitor Arm as one of their home office accessories. If you need multiple setups for your screens, this is a great accessory for your workstation. You can multitask between different computer screens using the monitor arm. It’s fully adjustable with rotations, tilting, distance, height, and positioning. You can declutter your work environment due to the monitor arm, which allows better work productivity. It’s also easy to set up.

Monitor Arm

  • icon checkAllows for multi-screen setups on your desk.
  • icon checkFully adjustable to any fixed position.
  • icon checkPromotes focused productivity.
  • icon checkSlim design lacks bulkiness.
  • icon checkIt saves you plenty of space.
  • icon checkAffordable price range.
  • icon timesIt only allows for two separate monitors.

4. Cable Tray

Cable tray

Cable Tray is one of the many desk setup accessories you could use. Autonomous offers this product to ensure you don’t tangle your cables underneath your desk. The cable tray is simple but effective in its usage. You can install it quickly, so you don’t have to worry about messy cables. If you want a clean work environment, consider the cable tray. It can make a positive impact on your mental health since clean space is important for remote workers.

Cable Tray

  • icon checkIt lets you prevent tangled wiring.
  • icon checkInstallation is quick and easy to do.
  • icon checkSteel material is relatively durable.
  • icon checkAllows for a cleaner workstation.
  • icon checkLight yet strong, nonetheless.
  • icon checkOnly $25, which is considerably cheap.
  • icon timesLacks color options.

5. Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti fatigue mat

Autonomous offers workspace accessories as Anti-Fatigue Mats to reduce your back pain. In terms of comfort, these are some of the best home office accessories. You can massage your insteps while you stand, making it a perfect complement to a standing desk. The mats use materials such as PVC leather, along with an anti-slip layer of SBR. Your body can get the support it requires for long hours of work. Increase your energy levels with these anti-fatigue mats.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

  • icon checkGreat synergy with standing desks.
  • icon checkReduces back pain by letting you stand.
  • icon checkHigh-quality materials make it durable.
  • icon checkLightweight and easy to pick up.
  • icon checkComfortable for your feet.
  • icon checkAffordable price range.
  • icon timesLack of color options.

Get Yourself The Best Home Office Accessories

Autonomous has you covered with some of the best home office accessories. Remorse workers rely on productive workplaces to complete their projects quickly. Otherwise, they might be prone to various distractions such as back pain and lack of focus. With these accessories, you can increase your concentration while you work. From the monitor arm to ultra-LED lamps, you can create yourself an efficient work area.

With the proper desk setup, you can work productively. The filing cabinet organizes your documents, while the cable tray untangles your wires. Use the ultra-LED lamp to illuminate your entire workstation, while the monitor arm allows for multi-screen setups. Last but not least, the anti-fatigue mats give you comfort. Go ahead and try it for yourself!

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