5 Non-financial Incentives for Employees During Hybrid Work Era
Hybrid Working

5 Non-financial Incentives for Employees During Hybrid Work Era

|Mar 19, 2021

Last year was a big turning point for many companies and businesses. As a response to the global crisis, many companies shifted towards remote working or hybrid work arrangements to follow government guidelines. Managing a team in such a situation is challenging, as it is necessary to maintain the employee’s motivation and productivity as they work from home.

Although some companies choose to offer rewards to their employees, some opt for non-financial incentives to keep them motivated. Many smaller businesses with limited budgets favor the latter option as they prefer to squeeze their finances to try and kick-off their company. Regardless, non-financial rewards for employees are great for any company, whether the work is done on-site or remotely.

Why Is It Important to Support Your Employees During This Time?

Why Is It Important to Support Your Employees During This Time?

Your company can get many benefits if you offer support to your employees throughout this hybrid work era. There are many ways to back your employees, and most of them revolve around establishing a relationship of mutual respect.

When you form links with your employees, you can grow and foster a strong work relationship and build a strong virtual team culture where both parties are content and loyal to each other. This also improves the work environment, whether it’s a virtual workplace or the company’s office.

A pleasant work atmosphere can increase your company’s productivity, leading to higher revenue, as the employees feel more motivated and work with improved morale. When employees are happy, they tend to give their utmost effort in every job they perform, which in turn builds a healthy work culture.

It also leads to higher job satisfaction, giving them plenty of reason to stay with your company for the long term, considering that they feel more valued within it. Companies that frequently manage to retain their workers can save money on recruitment and training. These companies also have an easier time doing their business because their employees generally have more experience.


Non-financial Incentives to Keep Your Employees Motivated

While some employees can keep working productively by themselves, others may have difficulty doing their job effectively. Offering non-financial benefits to your employees is an excellent way to hack productivity while keeping them motivated. It’s an attractive option for companies that have a hard time giving their employees financial support during this hybrid work era, even more so if the present situation has reduced their revenue.

Fortunately, many employees prefer non-financial rewards. Workers who have a job that pays above-average usually prefer perks that can make work-life easier or more meaningful. Lower wage employees might like cash rewards, but that doesn’t mean they don’t find value in non-financial benefits.

There are several ways to support your employees and drive them to perform better in their jobs. Here are five non-financial incentives that can let you help your employees stay motivated and encouraged during this hybrid work era:

1. Personalized Rewards

Personalized Rewards

Some employees may like personalized benefits that vary depending on their preferences and achievements. Offering them customized non-financial rewards can be more meaningful than giving them other standard bonuses or financial support, and it can motivate them to keep working earnestly.

You can work with your individual employees or teams to create personalized non-financial benefits based on their preferences and interest. It can be a little time-consuming, but it’s a highly motivating option for employees that let them do their best and keep working towards their desired goal.

Some employee reward tools give your employees the option to choose from various gifts which depend on your budget. Using these tools allows you to set these milestones quickly and provides you with many other possibilities that can further motivate your employees as you move away from cash incentives.

2. One-on-one Meetings with Managers

One-on-one Meetings with Managers

Maintaining open communications with your employees is necessary, and so is scheduling private meetings with your employees. It is one of important non-financial incentives in the workplace. While it may seem strange, having one-on-one sessions with your employees is an excellent option for some workers that would like to move up in the company.

You can schedule these meetings virtually or in person. Meeting with employees face-to-face is the best way to make them feel recognized, but some companies employ remote workers from all around the globe, making it an unrealistic option, then they should do virtual meetings. Regardless, virtual conferences can also motivate your employees to continue working hard.

3. Bolster Professional Development

Bolster Professional Development

Offering your employees an opportunity to develop their professional careers can keep them engaged with their work while improving the company’s bottom line at the same time. Even something as minimal as giving them more responsibility may let your employee know that you feel they may be ready to take on a more significant role.

It also gives your employee a growth mindset, letting them focus on their goals, improve their abilities, and reach out to new opportunities, both personal and professional. This is especially motivating in hybrid work environments, where many employees feel their careers stagnate, then increase productivity.

4. Recognition and Praise

Recognition and Praise

An effortless way to keep your employees motivated regardless of their work arrangement is to show appreciation for the work they do. You can introduce a recognition program if you want to do it formally, but you can head over to their desk or send them a personal message to achieve the same effect.

Being consistent with your praises and recognitions, whether you choose to implement a recognition system or do it case-by-case, highly motivates your employees. It’s a non-financial reward that makes them happier and more productive while encouraging them to contribute more to the company.

5. Workstation Support

Workstation Support

Providing your hybrid workforrce with the best equipment, whether they are at the office or working remotely, can improve their motivation and productivity. Although it’s technically a non-financial incentive, it still requires an investment on your part.

Giving them the furniture required to build an ergonomic workspace can significantly improve their comfort while working, letting them perform their jobs more efficiently. These workspaces tend to incorporate ergonomic solutions such as adjustable standing desks and ergonomic office chairs.

It’s an easy way to support your employees, improving their health and reducing their work absenteeism.

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