5 Reasons a Standing Desk for Gaming Takes You to the Next Level
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5 Reasons a Standing Desk for Gaming Takes You to the Next Level

|May 31, 2020

Now more than ever, serious gamers are looking to standing desks to maximize their potential and take their gaming to the next level. It’s a relatively new phenomenon for an industry in which seated gaming has long been taken for granted. But why should gamers have to only sity when they play their favorite titles?

With the advent of the Nintendo Wii, kinetic gaming became a mainstream concept that first introduced non-sedentary gaming into the imaginations of mainstream gamers everywhere. While not everyone enjoys the motion-controlled gimmicks of kinetic gaming, it’s undoubtedly that just changing positions adds another dimension of interest to what would otherwise be standard, controller-based gaming.

These days, most gamers stick with the tried-and-true gaming setup, a reliable mechanical keyboard and mouse, or a svelte gaming controller such as the Xbox or Playstation controllers (or even the Steam controller if you’re a little more...adventurous). But that doesn’t mean they have to merely sit in the same position all the time. While you can’t stand freely with a keyboard and mouse, an adjustable-height standing desk could be the perfect solution.

Why is this growing trend catching on so quickly? It all comes down to comfort, flexibility, convenience, and ergonomics. We’ve done the research and gone in-depth on 5 of the top reasons gamers are increasingly choosing standing desks.

1. Boost your energy

This is probably the most obvious point and it applies not only to gamers, but anyone who spends long hours starting at a screen. Standing up gives you a great energy boost.

In general, experts agree that a sedentary lifestyle is bad for our health, causes fatigue and can even make us feel more depressed. One simple way to combat this is by changing our position, whether sitting or standing, periodically throughout the day.

Changing from sitting to standing, for example, can help keep your blood pumping and give you a new vantage point that livens up your surroundings and gives you renewed focus. Speaking of...

2. Stay focused naturally

standing desk setupThere are lots of ways you can stay focused during an intense gaming session. Many gamers turn to sugary energy drinks, coffee, or the right soundtrack to keep them honed in on their mission. Everyone has a different approach (and perhaps some guilty pleasures), but having a standing desk could be enough to give you that boost in focus without needing to consume anything else!

If you’re looking for the perfect excuse to cut back on snacks and sugary drinks and stay focused naturally, a standing desk for gaming could be the perfect solution for you.

3. Ergonomic height

ergonomics with deskNot only can sitting and standing be a great health boost to your gaming sessions, but sitting and standing ergonomically can make a huge, long-lasting impact on your overall health as well. 

Long hours of gaming can put a lot of pressure on your spine, which in turn leads to a ripple effect and can actually affect lots of your motor function and your nervous system—which are of course, critical to maintaining the quick response time often necessary in intense gaming. 

A height-adjustable desk ensures that your arms rest at a right angle when you’re sitting down or standing, protecting your wrist from cerebral palsy and helping you stay seated straight with a properly-aligned posture.

4. Helps you game longer

What happens when you’re comfortable, energetic, focused, and feeling healthy? You can game longer of course! You’ll be better suited to endure those long gaming marathons thanks to the flexibility and comfort afforded you by an adjustable-height standing desk.

If you need to grind it out or complete several quests in one session, having a comfortable and ergonomic setup will help keep you going for longer periods of time. Maximize your free time and stay gaming in comfort and style with the right desk!

5. Minimalist aesthetic

minimalist setupThe SmartDesk 2 is a popular option for gamers and working professionals because of its minimalist aesthetic. It’s also highly customizable, which means you can change the color and finish of the wood top to suit the aesthetic of any space. 

An all-black stealth look is a great way to keep the focus on your accessories and really make them “pop,” while a lighter, or more neutral color scheme can lend a sense of levity and brightness to any gaming setup. It really depends on you!

Keeping things looking minimalist and subdued is a great way to make your decor and multicolor gaming accessories take center stage. 


Whether you’re a casual gamer just starting out, or a seasoned professional who takes their gaming time seriously, a standing desk is a tempting upgrade. The power to stand and sit, while enjoying an ergonomic boost with long-term benefits, is something your body will surely thank you for many years down the road.


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